Friday, February 02, 2024

We are all different. Don’t judge, understand instead!!!

This year, right from its inception, has unfolded with a profound sense of intrigue. My surroundings are bustling with noteworthy events – tech companies initiating layoffs, a palpable reluctance among individuals to return to the office leading to protests, the ongoing Israel-Palestinian conflict, and the heart-wrenching atrocities, particularly the senseless killing of innocent children. These occurrences compel me to reflect on the state of humanity. It seems as though despite the passage of time, our species has not evolved much from the days when small nations engaged in destructive wars, questioning what fundamental changes have truly taken place.

We appear to be creatures losing touch with our dignity and humanity with each passing day. It's disheartening to note that animals, often overlooked, exhibit a kindness that we, as a society, seem to disregard. In the face of these challenges, I strongly feel that this year should be a turning point where we assertively declare 'STOP' to what needs to be halted. We must find the courage to say 'No' when we sense that enough is enough.

As we navigate through life, gaining new perspectives, we realize that our existence revolves around the people in our circle – family, friends, colleagues, and teammates. It's imperative that we express love and support to one another, sharing happiness, peace, and a compassionate ear. My personal journey in people management has reinforced the significance of personalization in business, emphasizing the need for a personal touch within the team.

I recall a valuable lesson from my childhood – my father's advice to hold onto good people rather than wealth, as money is transient, but genuine individuals endure. Embracing this wisdom, I am gratified to witness its fruition in my life.

Love for our neighbors, people, and teams forms the foundation for a harmonious existence. By embodying the qualities of empathy and understanding, we can create positive change. In my role, I find fulfillment in allowing others to lead, as true leadership lies in empowering those around us. It's a gratifying journey of learning and growth.

Let us be the advocates for the voiceless, elevating our concerns to a global understanding. If we, as humans, do not stand up for what is right, then who will? The key to overall well-being lies in spreading happiness, and as we move forward, let's make a sincere promise to be authentic and cultivate love among ourselves.

"Compassion required only one thing...To step outside ourselves long enough to embrace another."

~ Dawn

Monday, January 01, 2024

Happy New Year 2024

And here we are, stepping into the realm of 2024!

I don't subscribe to the tradition of crafting New Year's resolutions. If there's something I need to tackle, it's best addressed in the moment, irrespective of the year. Our goals shouldn't be contingent on a calendar flip.

Life is brimming with dreams and ambitions, requiring meticulous planning and strategic steps to navigate the path toward both minor milestones and grand objectives.

Personally, my life's aspiration centers on fostering a serene existence for myself and others. While injustices persist around us, I believe in striving for a life that is fair and reasonable for all—a basic human right.

We find ourselves on this Earth without any say or expectation. It's only natural to yearn for a tranquil and fundamental existence that brings joy to all.

Though it might seem like a utopian notion, achieving this is plausible if we eliminate one thing: the pursuit of power. 

The relentless race for power often leaves those without it vulnerable. From the microcosm of poverty to the macrocosm of nations like Palestine, the consequences are deeply poignant.

My sole wish for the coming year is simple: peace. May tranquility grace everyone's lives, allowing individuals to toil for their sustenance while coexisting peacefully.

I harbor no specific resolutions for the new year, but I aim to strike a harmonious balance between work and life, easing the stress that often blurs the distinction between the two.

In the months ahead, I aspire to enrich my life with more travel, music, and continuous learning—whether it's mastering an instrument, understanding a process, or acquiring a new skill.

I hope each of you carries expectations for yourselves and for the year unfolding.

Wishing you a joyous, healthy, and serene New Year in 2024!

~ Dawn

Sunday, December 24, 2023



Life is yours, live it in your own way,

Never should one adopt someone else's path!

Issues are often straightforward,

So much is left unsaid in mere gestures!

Decisions made in the course of time will endure,

In reality, there's no need for excuses to escape!

Who were we? What were we? Proud of ourselves,

Today, looking at oneself, who are we to know!

A woman changes at every turn,

Yet, why does hope still linger in that breeze? Unfathomed!

~ Dawn

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

From Dawn's Desk

It's been quite a while! The urge to write has been lingering, but work has been all-consuming. Whether drafting a brief document or a lengthier six-pager, my mind kept drifting to thoughts of my neglected blog. The inability to find time for writing when the inspiration strikes feels like a formidable punishment.

In these moments, it seems as if time itself is an adversary. There were instances when thoughts of giving up crossed my mind, but the concept of quitting was never something I embraced. I resisted that notion staunchly, determined to keep it absent from my personal dictionary.

Each day brought forth thoughts and topics that urged me to write, yet I confined them to my mind. The frustration was palpable, but I persevered, focusing on tasks with looming deadlines and anticipating reviews that seemed incessant. It felt like an endless cycle.

I couldn't help but think that this was a futile expenditure of time. The desire for clear, straightforward communication, easily understandable and implementable, was overshadowed by the meticulous scrutiny of every word and sentence, requiring constant justification.

There were instances when it seemed like a deliberate setup to ensure my failure and demonstrate an inability to meet deadlines due to the never-ending feedback loop.

I came to the realization that frustration was overpowering me. The workload compelled me to work even on weekends, rendering the notion of work-life balance obsolete.

Engaging with my family and opening up about things at home provided me with a moment of respite. This allowed me to step back and view myself objectively, leading me to consider that the issue might be with me.

Upon revisiting the document, I dedicated time to rework paragraphs, incorporating feedback and attempting to perceive it from a reader's standpoint. Recognizing that impactful words require supporting metrics and numbers, I aimed to let the figures speak the truth rather than constructing a narrative.

This became a valuable learning experience. Initially, negative thoughts surrounded me, and I allowed them to persist for a while. However, immersing myself in the writing process and accepting feedback objectively helped me understand that everyone involved was invested in enhancing the document.

Following this realization, the process became smoother, and the document was prepared for presentation to leadership. Taking a deep breath, I faced the review, which went well with only a few questions—mostly aimed at providing examples to help them connect with the message I was conveying in the document.

To be honest, releasing that heavy burden was a profound experience, and the sense of relief penetrated deep into my mind and heart. I now feel a genuine sense of relaxation. It's akin to understanding sweetness only after tasting bitterness. As the year concluded, I recognized the value of the lessons learned, marking the completion of my second innings at work.

I made it!

I trust that my post will assist you in discovering answers within yourself if you are facing similar challenges in life.

~ Dawn

Monday, April 10, 2023

We are all brothers!

I look at them and I see three people,

It says, 'we are all brothers'!

I wondered what's unique,

Then someone said look closely,

It's Jewish people standing,

I said yes but still they are just people,

And then they asked me to look closer,

Orthodox,  Conservative and Reform,

Alas! religion! it divides them all!

~ Dawn

Saturday, April 08, 2023


There are people, 

there are houses, 

buildings and chaos!

There are temples,

Mosques, Churches,

and then there is more chaos!

Wish people spoke to each other,

And not hide behind the walls

in these buildings and houses,

Not fight for the buildings.

Which they call house of God,

Yet all the drama is about that,

Peace! Let live and Let other live!!!

~ Dawn



I have a path that will lead me to my goal,

But when I look at it, its tough and hard,

The path is made out of stone and is slippery,

How do I go about this? Nothing motivates!

Well, when I see at the end I see a path ahead,

Why not we take the effort to walk at least,

Let's not worry about the goal instead,

Take that first step and will see where it takes,

Let's walk and enjoy the path slowly,

We will reach the goal and many more..!

~ Dawn

[my poem for April 7th]

We are all different. Don’t judge, understand instead!!!

This year, right from its inception, has unfolded with a profound sense of intrigue. My surroundings are bustling with noteworthy events – t...