Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you… :)

Today my blog has a special person about whom my heart said to write about.
People know this person based on her work and passion. She might be a celebrity.

However, I met a human today and I am only going to write about that element which touched me the most.
I have seen many people in life and it always made me wonder that there is something more in them. I happen to meet this lady whom I felt very humble and polite - mainly a motherly touch.

Being in media and the kind of things you deal with it will always have a rough and smooth sides of it and people might have come across in many ways and can make a judgment accordingly. In my life I have seen and met many celebrities and there is a story behind their success and/or failure. All this is good as it teaches everyone and it’s learning to all.
Papiha Nandy, is a person that I met today where I didn't feel she is from a TV program or a Radio program host. I found a lady made of blood and flesh just like you and me and have the heart of goodwill and blessing words. The lady has gone through a lot physically in her life at a very young age, which is 16. A rare disease which I don't think so I have ever heard of it but its called "Takayasu Aorto Arteritis" which means a disease that affects the main blood vessel leaving the heart and it branches to the pulmonary arteries. When I heard this, it took me back to my science class where we have studied about heart as organ and its function and I was totally shocked to believe something like this had happened to Papiha ji. One can Google it and read the details about it but here it is not about to sympathize but rather I was amazed that a woman who always have to go through lot of struggle in life to reach to a successful strata; Here it is a physical fight which is always 50-50. 

Papiha ji went through couple of bypass surgery at Stanford and got that cleared. She takes medication and makes sure she is up and running with her mission and goal in life and that is to reach to her listeners and viewers and make that effort to touch their hearts and make that difference in bringing the positive element in everyone's life.

I am sure we all want to do good to others but when it comes to physical illness or so one often gets discouraged and many times the person is more engrossed in their thoughts and try to be aloof. But what I admired about Papiha ji was that even though she went through so much pain and tolerance with the disease, she gained all the strength and added into her activity and made sure she is part of people's life. I have heard people calling her for help due to domestic violence or other and she patiently advises them, motivates them and helps them to look at the bright side of life.

When yourself, you are going through issues, you want to seclude yourself but here the case wasn't that…and I admire that courage in the woman. We all must learn in our life's there will be many kinds of disease which might be physical and which might be from outside events yet, never leave that spirit to fight back.

Through this blog post I want to send the message to my readers that life is indeed beautiful and be thankful for what you have and try to be happy in whatever situation you are because many don't even get that in life… a moment to think and ponder!!!

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it" ~ Edith Wharton

~ Dawn

Monday, November 25, 2013

It looked like rainbow to me.. ;)

The day was so dull 
with traffic so null
Loved driving full
One place to the other
I got to be still
When I saw the trouble
The database was chill
And Server on top of hill
The restart did the kick
Login worked like a stick
Day was slow and steady
When I thought of getting ready
As I drove by
The sky was clear and high
A rush of fire like clouds
Like a rocket in the sky
Some said stormy 
Like a tornado on the way
But when I looked at it
It looked like rainbow to me

~ Dawn

Monday, November 11, 2013

I am riding with the moment… :)

The clouds are crazy
And the wind very breezy
I see the sun a bit fuzzy
As he can’t come out so easy
I love the hide and seek
The clouds and the sun playing!
As the season changing
As the years are passing
I feel a bit of tingling
The happiness is clinging
The friends and the loved ones
Holding me so near
The joy for togetherness
Have no end in the universe
Each birthday passing
Gives me a satisfaction
The journey of life
I am riding with the moment
Taking them along with me
Not worrying about tomorrow
Yet living in the present
Embracing my kids
Who make my life worth
With the man whom they call dad
It’s beautiful to live this life
Where I am still a passer-by ;)
Waiting for each station to pass by!!!

~ Dawn

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light...!

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