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There is more to life than simply increasing its speed

After 5 to 6 years of gap, I was visiting India. The eagerness is always there as what is changed and how well the country is progressing as we read about it all the time on the net.All this makes real sense when you actually land in the country and observe things closely. As I was passing by from one city to the other, I felt if I had started blogging daily (provided that I had the net accessibility all the time), I had so many stories to tell but then in mind I had thought of one liners which I will make a list of to express what I observed and felt about the New India and its people.As we all know that growth and its diverse impact goes parallel and hence there might be justifications for many things but then at what cost? I will make the list and would like to hear from others too as these could be one observation and comment but it could vary from people to people. Let’s dive in…The speed of progress is going so rapid that at the other end if anyone is dying there is no action to…