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“Life is a long preparation for something that never happens.”

I was just thinking the other day, when we are growing up, you read so many things about certain personnel and then they become role model for you.
Yes, I also felt the same about Kiran Bedi. I admired her so much that I personally feel the strength I got from powerful ladies such as the queen of Zhansi, Kiran Bedi, Phulan Devi - the strength, the courage to call a spade as spade and being passionate about achieving things in life - all from these women.

Queen of Zhansi is still an inspiration for me - thats the face of women when I think of one. Phulan Devi, I felt she died too early - damn those killers. Kiran Bedi, I always hoped for more and more from Kiran Bedi. As we grow up and read things - it so clear that if you are in the system then be part of the system or be out of the system. Kiran Bedi is one of them who finally decided to be part of the system and It hurt me to see her playing politics. Its not that she cannot be in politics. But I always admired her work and her adminis…

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds...

Today I am going to share a story here which I believe is for everyone. People who have kids or who don't have kids still we all live around kids.
Many times we as adult assume we are too smart in front of a kid and hence we ourselves sometimes prove that how dumb we are.

I have a friend who recently approached me to discuss about her teenage daughter and she was confused as what to do? Should I take her to a doctor?

I asked about the reason because I thought the teenager is sick or may be she has some issues where some consultation is needed. I was told by my friend that her teenage kid says she hates herself. When asked why?, she said I hate my body because I am thin and everyone says that I am thin and skinny.
The mother got worried and wanted to know if she should show her to a doctor. The moment I heard this, I really felt angry for those who must be telling this to the daughter. I literally felt like meeting the daughter immediately and help her understand what should be her foc…

The Wandering Thoughts....

Everyone is talking about the Monday blues... yeah! I get it after long Christmas and New Year holidays everyone is feeling lazy to go to work or to school... but then there were some who had no holidays and were working during those days.
I had my christmas holiday and new year holiday spent at home, though I did attend the new year eve's party yet that was in the neighborhood. 
I took the advantage of Saturday and Sunday and probably I guess I slept for more than 10 hours. It is kind of a meditation for me where I didn't feel hungry and neither I feel like getting up or rushing for anything...totally in bliss.
When my Sunday is about to dawn on to Monday, my mind has become a wanderer... it is going to all over the places that I visited in 2014 and I am literally seeing people whom I met. The zeal to meet them again is trickling inside... I want to fly again high...and high in the sky!

The moments I spent last year Is haunting me this year I had my meet and greet Yet, the thirst ha…