Sunday, January 18, 2015

“Life is a long preparation for something that never happens.”

I was just thinking the other day, when we are growing up, you read so many things about certain personnel and then they become role model for you.
Yes, I also felt the same about Kiran Bedi. I admired her so much that I personally feel the strength I got from powerful ladies such as the queen of Zhansi, Kiran Bedi, Phulan Devi - the strength, the courage to call a spade as spade and being passionate about achieving things in life - all from these women.

Queen of Zhansi is still an inspiration for me - thats the face of women when I think of one. Phulan Devi, I felt she died too early - damn those killers. Kiran Bedi, I always hoped for more and more from Kiran Bedi. As we grow up and read things - it so clear that if you are in the system then be part of the system or be out of the system. Kiran Bedi is one of them who finally decided to be part of the system and It hurt me to see her playing politics.
Its not that she cannot be in politics. But I always admired her work and her administration style and hoped drop by drop things will change. My passion to read Competition Success was ONLY because of Kiran Bedi. I learned a lot those days so thanks Kiran Bedi. 

Today she is going to be part of this politics. I feel there is nothing as great or role model. Everyone is human and they adapt as per the needs. Kiran Bedi is also one of them. I had a desire to meet her when she came to Bay Area in 2013....but I guess its good I didn't get to meet. The event organizers said no kids and I went their mainly to show my daughter and meet her Kiran Bedi who inspired her mother i.e. Me.

Today no regrets, everything happens for a reason. If I am writing this post in this manner it is for a reason. Only a kid who all his/her life cared and brought her hiding in the heart can feel the pain as I did felt Kiran Bedi as the purest fighter against all evils - has become part of them today.

I feel I am grown in this case though the child is still inside who is sad.

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” 
― Alexander Pope

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