Sunday, February 23, 2014

The most COMMON way people give up their POWER is by THINKING they don’t have ANY…!!!

It’s really a crazy world, when you think of women going through the abuse and other physical and mental torture in life… there is more to it when things are all fine as you think to be!
Which woman doesn’t dream to have a happy life with her prince charming? Some get lucky to have that prince in life and some don’t. Those who don’t they have real challenge as to exist in that situation or to exit and make a new entry into life.

But imagine, a woman who has everything in life and is happily planning to grow her family by having kids and she realizes after many years of trying she is not able to conceive?
I mean when I used to think of such situations, all I used to tell to self is, if such things happen then you better both go and get checked by a specialist or infertility doctor. But, it’s not that simple as I used to think.
What women have to go through is worse what I heard today. I literally wanted to hug my friend when she said her friends were avoiding her because she was considered as bad omen because she had issues with infertility.

All of a sudden, I thought of my friends. Will they be like that? Did education bring anything to anyone? Or rather I ask are we even a HUMAN?

It is so sad that a time where a woman should understand another woman, you see a woman ill-treating and hurting other woman’s feelings only because they are not in that situation. That is so selfish and inhumane.

I pity such women and feel ashamed. If a woman, who is supposed to be that nurturing, loving and caring human – is behaving like this then I can’t think anything good from anyone. Today’s story about infertility really made me think of – what is the importance of women on this planet? Only to provide…. Either yourself to your man, provide kids to the family, make sure you have a son so that your man’s legacy will be carried forward and then you keep providing everything till you can. Because the moment you stop providing, you are useless!

“There is no tool for development more effective than the EMPOWERMENT of WOMEN” ~ Kofi Annan

All these thoughts and upbringings have made the mentality of people such that if a woman doesn’t become a mother, she feels humiliated and horrified. Where as in a normal situation, she should get it checked and if even medical treatments cant help she should just go and adopt a kid who is in much need of love, a home and a family who can take care of that kid.

All this can be changed only when we can flush the selfish thoughts from our mind and add some human values in it which teaches to love and support each other.

“Ekla Chalo Re”, is that platform which not only lets everyone to share their stories that they have gone through in their life, but also how they chose that path to break it and change it for their goodness and better life.
It is not about one woman, or one woman’s story – it’s about everyone. Whether you are a man or woman, help people who are going through such situations of infertility, or any abuse support them and guide them. “Ekla Chalo Re” is the program where we all women have taken that decision to help and support everyone to get up from his or her fallen situations and rise up and be confident in life. We only get one life and we must not waste it in some or the other taboo that our society or community live with. We all have to be part of the society and being in the society we have to bring that awareness and strength to people to be empowered.

Let’s live and Let Other’s Live too happily!

~ Dawn

Friday, February 07, 2014

Love is the key message spread it across and let it be epidemic ;)

This morning it was one on one with self.

Someone inside asked me this question, "do you believe in god"? Why do you go to all these puja's?"

Me: I go to enjoy the celebration part. Not because I have to impress anyone there so called God.

Inside ME: So you think there is no god?

ME: I mean I somehow feel there is some supernatural power who created us BUT then at times I also feel it could be like we are left alone after our creation. Similarly, how one makes a product keeping a vision in mind and then later period of time the vision is lost and then the product is left alone as the creator don't know what to do with it. 

And, we are doing what we can do within our reach. So where is God? and Who is God?
I have been induced with these thoughts from my grandparents, relatives, parents. Yes, my parents never forced me to believe into anything forcibly. I think I started respecting others belief and be that be my dad or my close friends and often I say those names of gods but then that's kind of you learn after being listening for ages and it's in your breath.

Thinking towards all this, I feel we are much more capable of what the creator also didnt think of!!! We decide how we want to live and we follow that path. Some follow what others follow with the hope that what others got probably they will also get a share of it.. be it peace, nirvana etc.

My strong feeling after what I hear everyday suffering be it a soldier who is suffering alone in the battlefield or be a girl who visits her parents and become a victim of rape or people going insane and killing their own kids at the age of 7 and 17 - We are God. I strongly feel because, be it Rama or Ravana - it is inside us.

I feel very strongly that in my life People have made a bigger impact. Today what I have is because of everyone's blessings and best wishes. I love that and hence I love people.

We are God then let's be one who can save someone's life, or make someone's life by doing a good deed or by even bringing a smile on other's face.

This is no ad for a charity but think about it in deep, how many people do you really know and meet in person? What impact do you make in their life? Think about those who are your friends through social media yet you haven't met even once in life and your thoughtful gesture can bring that big change to them as well… for which some may call - There is GOD :)

With all these thoughts my INSIDE ME, got shut and as always I win this time too ;)
Love is the key message spread it across and let it be epidemic !!! 

Love selflessly and you will not lose anything in return!!!!

"if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." ~ Mother Teresa

~ Dawn

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