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Communication is a knife !?!

What is communication? We all talk about this word whether its in office with our team, in the company or even in the family and in relationship as well.

What in reality communication means? Is it only to convey a message? Is it only to listen and don't give your opinion? Or is it a selective listening strategy which one expresses that yes we communicate well.
My thought process and belief about communication is that between two people, or many people such as in a company - it is to openly communicate, share and discuss. During this one can share what they know and others don't, they can discuss if there is a question or solution that they are asking from others or to even to a next level where you can challenge someone if you don't agree with their discussion or point. Many times in stead of creating a healthy discussion, and communication between two people or a group, it ends up in an argument.
Have you come across such a situation ever in life? Many times this comes out w…

Not all those who wander are lost ;)

Ohio Cleveland here we come ... ;)
Kids were very happy to meet their to be six month old second cousin. It was a bit relaxing moment. Once the meet and greet was done the journey took the ride towards Kentucky. 
Many people do not make this as their part of visit to Lincoln's birthplace and boyhood place - thats what we realized when we landed the place.
It was an amazing feeling as we drove down the lanes where you see lush green corn fields and soya bean crops and the only road in the center which takes you from Lincoln's school to his boyhood place to his birthplace and memorial place. It was a place where for a moment your heart wants to reside and live there.
Reading the history and knowing Lincoln more closely was kind of literally living Lincoln's life. What I felt proud about that anyone in this country become a president irrespective of his class, status as long as he is a deserving candidate.

The hardship he went through something that I am sure the new generation wi…

Life isn't meant to be lived in one place ;)

Drive from New York to Buffalo was with a mixed leaving New York and then Buffalo where I used to drive from Toronto quiet often to meet friends - it was good and bad kind of!!! As we reached Buffalo, it was kind of flashback and nostalgic moment. It literally felt the other side of the bridge is to walk towards home - Toronto.

I think by the time I reached here New York was no where in mind. I was more or less going through each and every minute of my days in Canada and the Niagara Falls. People might think what it is about Niagara falls but one who has seen the falls in deep silence has spoken many words which are speechless and soundless. It's mere an understanding and spirituality that exists with nature. It was a blissful moment for me. It always gave me strength. In my lonely days, I used to drive to Niagara every weekend and just come and stand in front of the fall and I forget also who's in my surroundings. It was getting one with nature - a mutual zeal to ta…