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Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you… :)

Today my blog has a special person about whom my heart said to write about. People know this person based on her work and passion. She might be a celebrity. However, I met a human today and I am only going to write about that element which touched me the most. I have seen many people in life and it always made me wonder that there is something more in them. I happen to meet this lady whom I felt very humble and polite - mainly a motherly touch. Being in media and the kind of things you deal with it will always have a rough and smooth sides of it and people might have come across in many ways and can make a judgment accordingly. In my life I have seen and met many celebrities and there is a story behind their success and/or failure. All this is good as it teaches everyone and it’s learning to all. Papiha Nandy, is a person that I met today where I didn't feel she is from a TV program or a Radio program host. I found a lady made of blood and f

It looked like rainbow to me.. ;)

The day was so dull  with traffic so null Loved driving full One place to the other I got to be still When I saw the trouble The database was chill And Server on top of hill The restart did the kick Login worked like a stick Day was slow and steady When I thought of getting ready As I drove by The sky was clear and high A rush of fire like clouds Like a rocket in the sky Some said stormy  Like a tornado on the way But when I looked at it It looked like rainbow to me ~ Dawn

I am riding with the moment… :)

The clouds are crazy And the wind very breezy I see the sun a bit fuzzy As he can’t come out so easy I love the hide and seek The clouds and the sun playing! As the season changing As the years are passing I feel a bit of tingling The happiness is clinging The friends and the loved ones Holding me so near The joy for togetherness Have no end in the universe Each birthday passing Gives me a satisfaction The journey of life I am riding with the moment Taking them along with me Not worrying about tomorrow Yet living in the present Embracing my kids Who make my life worth With the man whom they call dad It’s beautiful to live this life Where I am still a passer-by ;) Waiting for each station to pass by!!! ~ Dawn