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This year I will go again to see Ganpati Bappa at a new place with same old feelings ;)

Growing up as a child in National Defense Academy, Khadakwasla Pune is the best thing that can happen to any child and this is not only me saying because I was raised there but anyone who have been in Pune would vouch for this. When I landed in Canada first and met few Indians they always said you lived in the best part of India so US or Canada is not different for you. What I remember from my childhood is about people and only people. They would be from all parts of the country who will be your neighbors for 2-3 years and then a new neighbor from new state with new language and tradition and the saga goes on. Ganpati Bappa is one event where no matter what religion or caste you belong to, everyone is excited to see the small pandals (shrines) or the big everywhere some or the other thing is happening. Either people are decorating the pandals or the Ganpati Idol is being created there itself. Late night lights and music, which many times strict dads used to complain about as kids are no…

Happy Birthday Accha!

A man who always taught me 
To live and enjoy the present,
Who very casually asked once -
Whats tomorrow and where is yesterday?
Nothing is constant and nothing as concrete
What is today is what you have
Enjoy the moment and forget it all.
A lesson he taught which I never forgot
My reason to smile and be happy is his advise 
Good or bad I always thank for the present
That my dad gave me stays with me all my life
A man who taught me not to worry
As worrying will waste your present too
Tomorrow if its comes, we will see it then
Live your life for your loved ones
As money you can earn anytime
Its like that dust which comes and goes
But the people whom you love
Will stay with you forever.
On his 79th birthday, I thank him
For being that guiding lamp in life
I only have one wish for him
Think of the best moment of your life
And celebrate that moment every breath of your life
As no matter where I am in life
You are always there with me!

Happy Birthday Accha!