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A mother is always the beginning. She is how things begin..!

We all take our parents for granted, mostly our mom!
I remember I used to try my best to impress my mom. I used to do things that I was sure will bring smile on her face. Those days there was no Mother's day in India and impressing mom or to do something for mom or dad was not restricted to any day or time of the year.

I remember I used to clean and keep the house tidy because my mom loved that. Another thing I used to do was to cook some snacks by the time she comes home from her work, I used to look at the recipe in the Women's Era magazine and for the evening snack time when my parents come home from work I used to serve tea and snacks.

The happiness on my mom-dad's face was priceless, even today I remember that moment when mom used to say good girl, did you made all that? And, I can't even express my happiness at that moment because to make mom give that kind of a compliment was very tough.

My mom always supported what I did but it was always to push towards next level…


There was a time when we had a bifurcation between professional and personal life. Then eventually the fast pace caught up in such a way that the bifurcation line started fading away and probably the 'work-life' balance kicked in.
It's interesting how life long humans get groomed for a job - when you are a kid, you have to go to school to study well to score good in subjects that will help you to get admission in good colleges and from there to professional ones so that you get a good job which is well paying huh!
When you do get into the job, for the growth in the company one goes through so many training. This could be training in communication skills, behavioural and managerial skills, crucial conversation and if you're a manager then to enhance your people's manager skills one will go through unconscious bias training etc. 
All this effort is to have a good communication skills based on your audience, build relationship with your colleagues or manager by having th…