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“Every moment is the paradox of now or never.” ;)

VMWorld is an annual conference for IT professionals, focusing on virtual server environments, put on by VMWare . It is the largest virtualization-specific event. It is held in San Francisco, California, and in Europe.
I had attended some of the expo-events of other high-tech companies in the past and yes I wouldn't say that I didn't enjoy. But attending VMware's event that too being an employee of the company it was not only a sheer pride but also an excitement of the  announcement of the products that they launched and the celebration of all was the cherry on the cake.
I have never thought I would get an opportunity to attend even a single day but thanks to good friends that you never know where they come from and make you feel so special.

I had the opportunity to visit the VMWorld's 10th Annual 2013 Defy Convention event on the day where the discussion was on Solution Exchange, Training and Education and the VMware Time Machine - I missed the game but it was fun to kno…

Is man merely a mistake of God's? Or God merely a mistake of man?


I'd rather die my way than live yours....

Independence Day ... yes my memories that can go as far as I remember is we had to be in our best uniform, be early to school and perform well in the programs that we have participated such as drill, lazhim dance, group songs singing all patriotic songs, recite great people's speech and then listen patiently to the long speech given by the chief guest. We used to patiently wait for the sweets distribution. During that time in class whatever we studied about pre-independence struggle made by our leaders and the struggle that they had in their life. The sacrifices that they made by not limiting their thinking for their family but for the nation. All these stories used to make me think why would they do such a big sacrifice and then I used to fall asleep with those thoughts. I am sure for me it was a story recited and to some extent I could feel and figure out the pain and the sacrifices that they made at young age. Frankly speaking what is independence? Only those who have…

Life is worth living as long as there's a laugh in it... ;-)

When I heard about Chennai Express movie, I was kind of skeptical and made up my mind that I am not going to watch this movie. My reasons were that someone who is so from North and the movie mostly will be shot in Chennai and I could relate the settings, locations and the extras in the movie and my summary of the movie was a disaster and hence not to waste my time.
Accidentally meeting with friends and quick plan to watch this movie was on plate and nothing could tell me to say - "No". The best part was that irrespective of my presumption about the movie, I was quiet open to face whatever is being shown and to tell you the truth it was hilarious. I mean I don't remember the last time that I was in a theater and laughed out so loud that my neighbors could also join in me with it.

Good things about the movie, SRK who didn't show anywhere as King Khan in the movie... he easily let go himself in the hands of Chennai folks and that really made it more hilarious an…

Parrot and The Man ...

He was lonely and so he used to go for a walk Everyday he used to go to the market Saw a parrot very beautiful and attractive One day he decided to bring home this parrot He named 'Beautiful' and he kept reciting his love He used to play when he wanted and kept away as he felt Things were going good for him, until The parrot 'Beautiful' learned few things from him The day Beautiful started demanding the time He became angry as 'how dare you'? The parrot looked and waited for his company He neglected and went to find his space The parrot who was happy in the market lost all here Today the parrot is still their with him But only sitting quiet and lonely. The parrot learned the lesson for life Never give company to a man They are selfish born.
~ Dawn

You only get better by playing... ;)

Power to woman, has always inspired me and thrilled me somehow. Not to be prejudice or so but growing up in a society where you keep seeing men dominating most of the part of the fields...some of these women such as Jhansi Ki Rani - Laxmibai, Phulan Devi, Kiran Bedi all these women are an inspiration for me in one or the other way. The sheer courage to face their issues and deal with it has always taught me to be up there. You wont get any help, unless you take that first step to help yourself or to anyone else. But at the same time power and freedom are such sweeteners that anything extra or less will have its own effects and consequences.

 But the power and freedom Cindy Blackman Santana has can never ever do any damage but only bring it more spiritual and energetic.
The first time when I saw last year playing drums with Jack Brice, John Medeski and Vernon Reid - it just thrilled me.

I have seen men dominating in this field and when a woman showed up - boy that was it fo…