Parrot and The Man ...

He was lonely and so he used to go for a walk
Everyday he used to go to the market
Saw a parrot very beautiful and attractive
One day he decided to bring home this parrot
He named 'Beautiful' and he kept reciting his love
He used to play when he wanted and kept away as he felt
Things were going good for him, until
The parrot 'Beautiful' learned few things from him
The day Beautiful started demanding the time
He became angry as 'how dare you'?
The parrot looked and waited for his company
He neglected and went to find his space
The parrot who was happy in the market lost all here
Today the parrot is still their with him
But only sitting quiet and lonely.
The parrot learned the lesson for life
Never give company to a man
They are selfish born.
~ Dawn


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