Monday, April 06, 2020

Think and reflect upon!

No matter where we land
No matter what we hand 
There is a way of expression
One can look and feel around
A speedy racing time-bound
Like a machine human kind
Went so far that recent times
Covid and it's game surrounds
In no matter of time in sea or land
It kept everyone isolated and
Made them slow-down
Making everyone wonder
And think and reflect upon
No matter where you come from
No matter who you are friends with
No mater who knows you and
What you carry in stock or hand
Rich or poor, Big or small
No matter what you eat or wear
Covid has nothing to care
Not even country you belong
Treats all as one and embraced beyond
Telling to stop and think hard
A moment it gave to reflect upon
Small things that could bring peace
Small place that could keep you safe
A place to shelter and eat and live
But look at the bad luck haunts there
What the homeless do to deserve it?
He has no shelter, no home to stay
But to wander for safety like a caveman!

~ Dawn 

Sunday, April 05, 2020

The window with a restriction

The sky is blue and glee
The trees look fresh, green
Water is sleepy in the canyon
Flowing in its own direction
The birds chirping and playing
The sun coloring the sky
Everyone has their freedom 
And I am privileged to see them
For me staying at home looking at
The window with a restriction
One can feel and be rebel too
But then think of the one 
That is inside four walls yet 
Has no window to see this all
Sometimes, nature as its way to tell
It's time to reflect upon self!

~ Dawn 

Saturday, April 04, 2020

Keeping the vibes positive

The days can be gloomy
The time may be canny 
Keeping a calm mind 
Stay within the boundary
Social distancing from all
Near and Dear ones yet
Connecting with everyone
Keeping the vibes positive
Time will heal everyone
As nature has its own way
Humans need to find a way
Until then we just be in 
Our homes quarantine 
For nature has to heal 
And make a deal with 

~ Dawn

Friday, April 03, 2020

Time is such a player

Things are not as 
We think it would
Be good, bad, ugly
Things don't remain 
As- is all the time
We can reach to good 
But don't forget that
Sometimes we can be 
Shocked too!
Time is such a player
It can keep you sad
For long time and 
May surprise you 
With great news
But sometimes the
Surprise could be a
Shocker too!!

~ Dawn

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Things changed

In a very short moment,
things changed for me,
and for you!
The wind that touched 
me and you are now 
keeping us away,
They don't want us to touch
neither they want to touch us
The sunset and sunrise
I used to see across 
The mountains and 
rivers on hikes are 
now only through 
my windows!
I can see but can't touch
I can see but can't feel
A game that nature 
playing with all of us
either to tease or 
teach us about us 
our deeds and our styles
Can we change?
When calendar changes
Nature changes to the season
But can we change 
To keep the earth healthy?
Or even to keep ourselves 

~ Dawn

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

We are only human!!!

It may be day or night,
evening or morning or
even afternoon may be
we try to pass by each day
as a conqueror and yet fail
or sometimes we succeed
but with those success we 
often fail to understand that
we are only human !
We can to some extent but
We are not immortals yet
And sometimes some nature
shows us the ways to reality
That we are only human!!!

~ Dawn

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Spread love like those clouds

Spread love like those clouds,
Show compassion like the Sun,
Nature gives you so the time
Why not we learn and be like one
The tough times are always there
But you and me can make it through
Only if we stand together and fight it
Love one and love all is the motto
Spread love like those clouds
Show compassion like the Sun!
~ Dawn 

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Rahi turns Thirteen!!!

Dear Rahi,

It's again that special day of the year - March 8th - when you were born but guess what it's the 13th year.
Being a mother no matter how many birthdays you celebrate you're still a kid to me. Every year I go through this memory lane on your birthday because I really wonder how these times are flying with a blink of my eyes.

The journey is exciting and a beautiful learning for me as a parent because each time I am cautious and protective for you, each time you surprise me with your answers and your way of handling things. 
This year, I was nervous for you as you stepped into middle school. I felt you are naive and the world is not so my worries were how you would adapt things and to my surprise when you shared how kids bully you in the school for your height, for you voice because you're yet to hit puberty and I started worrying how these kids do like that in school even though there are so many programs for 'not to bully' or 'stop bullying'! 

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

And you would say, "Mom I told them don't worry it will happen when it will happen. I am not worried so why you're worried for my height and my voice".

I was amazed at your response. I am sure you face such things everyday in different ways and you're facing these changes and learning to cope with it. There might be things that you may not like or may get hurt with and you face it so maturely. I really don't know when did you grow up this big to adapt to the changes in your surroundings and manage the new change in your life.

On this day when you're officially a teenager, I want to say thank you for being who you are! For listening to us and for understanding our chaos with work and home front and being patient with us.

I wish you all the best for your passions and your interests in ventriloquism, singing and animation. I admire your creative mind and the ways you think which I often see through your songs, and animation stories. World may not be all that good as you think but I like that you carry the goodness for this world.

"Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value". ~ Albert Einstein 

Keep it that way because some day this world will understand and learn from you, to spread love to all living beings.

Happy Birthday my Son!

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." ~ Lao Tzu

~ Dawn

Sunday, February 09, 2020

The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all....!

This post of mine took two days to sink in as I wanted to feel what I felt and didn't want the entire essence of it to be poured in here in my post.
Friday -Feb 7th, 2020 I was invited for a lunch at one of my friend and colleague from work. A little background about this friend.
A very ambitious, young dynamic woman who is fearless when it comes to talk about technology and product enhancements. I have had a couple of tiff with her when I joined the company but one thing you should understand and that is when two people are talking about improving things whether its process, software development or its methodology it can begin with a tiff until you understand each other and I think that is what happened where she accepted my idea and we together worked as a team.
This friend of mine was diagnosed recently with cancer in multiple organs while she was visiting India to visit her Mom who is suffering from cancer. Yes, how common this word has become in our daily life that it also scares the hell out of all of us.
Knowing this friend I always tell her to kick ass as I know she is strong but its always easy for us to tell sitting at this side of the fence.
The first time I went and saw her in her house that was after her first chemo. She was doing good other than her deep breaths in between our talk she was doing good. We had our chats and jokes from work and then holidays came and I went for my vacation trip to India. Before leaving I had wished her and said will see her in new year. I am a believer and I always feel if our will power is strong nothing can stop us from what we want. I always tell this to her too.

"Ones you become fearless, life becomes limitless".

After I came back from my vacation I sent her messages but there was no response. Anyhow, I thought she might be in her chemo or the initial days of chemo because thats when they are more tired and under the impact of that strong medicine which also has side effects even though it might be killing the cancer cells.
Finally that day came when I was invited for a Friday lunch. It was an auspicious day from a Hindu calendar perspective as well I believe because I heard there is a puja (prayer) at her place. I went to her place with some oranges from my garden. We were few ladies from work who were invited. We knocked the door and what I saw was a well decked woman in 9 yard saree, her confidence had no less spark than what she had earlier except her hair everything was oozing with life.
Our friend invited us inside and she started doing things in the kitchen as if everything is normal. She also expected us not be there like a guest but get in the kitchen and help her with making the lamp for the puja with flour mixed with ginger, and ghee. Once it was done she asked us to be in the puja room that she has in the house. A small room enough for four people to sit and perform the puja.
The puja started with chanting Vishnu sahasranamam (chanting 1000 names of lord Vishnu) though none of us remember other than her so we took the help of internet and good the pdf on the phone and started chanting. As she was performing the puja, my mind went back to my childhood days where I had witnessed and been part of these and look today it was all new to me!

Faith, is something which differs from people to people based on where they find their strength in ~ Dawn.

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase" ~ Martin Luther King

After the puja we all went to the dinning table and started helping setting the table with plates. Everything was cooked from scratch and nothing we did as she had done it all. Like any Indian host she was serving us and we were telling her to sit down and we can help ourselves. She said, I am fully energetic and doctor has asked me to be rough with my leg as the chemo has its own side effects and she was on the roll.
After listening that, I felt she know what she is doing because otherwise she would be more cautious. This is after her 4th chemo and waiting for two more!!!

Each grain of food as I ate was thanking her and her effort to get back. She looked like one of those Tamil woman who just came back from the pilgrimage (Tirupati) where she might have given her entire hair as an offering to God. She was as graceful as she was before having cancer.
After having a long chat with lots of laughter we had the evening tea and left wishing her all the luck for two remaining chemo and looking forward to see her joining back in April, 2020.

The amount of time we spent and the laughter we had, no one wanted to leave neither the friend was ready to say bye!!! Thought we left with the plan to meet her often on Friday's when she is out of her chemo effects. We got out with a little goody bag with the offerings that was given to the God during the prayers and a little gift.

Through out my return to work and then back to home and my weekend was with full of thoughts for her and the look forward for her come back!!!!

I have faith in her!

"Let everything happen to you,
Beauty and Terror,
Just keep going 
No feeling is final" ~ Rainer Maria Rilke

You can make anything happen in your favor if you will is powerful!!! Face everything and rise - thats FEAR!!!!

~ Dawn

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Humanity runs on coffee ... ;)

I found it so amazing while I was having my favorite black coffee in the morning. No matter where I am, my bed coffee is black coffee and its special when I come to my hometown at my parents place.
This coffee is actually organic which is from our own backyard at my Mom's place. They pick the coffee seeds, dry them and grind them at home and they also add fenugreek seeds. Believe me the flavor it adds to the coffee and the important part is the benefits of fenugreek, all this adds up an extra love to the coffee.
My Mom knows when I come home she makes this for me all the time without asking me as she know that will make me happy :).

"You are what you love, not what loves you." ~ Charlie Kaufman 

It's so amazing to see that Kerala as a state has its own uniqueness within being North of Kerala and South of Kerala, the way they eat certain things and the names that they have for, even though it is the same thing and funny part I find is that in south of Kerala people are more inclined towards coffee and on the north side its more of tea. This is all about the crop that they cultivate and they get used to that side of the place... similar to what we have in California - the south cal and north cal :) - people's language usage of vocabulary, food habits etc differ and based on that people identify which part of the place one belongs to! 

"Perhaps it is our imperfections that makes us so perfect for one another." ~ Douglas McGrath

I always took pride in the traditions that our ancestors carried and things that I have seen my grandparents practicing those such as these making your own coffee powder, spices, snacks out of crops that grow in your own farm or garden - I always treasured those memories and felt proud of these. Today I see that my Mom specially brings this coffee powder from her hometown for me and when I talk about these to cousins they probably like the today's coffee latte, cappuccino etc... and what we miss is that after all these processed items consumption, we hunt for organic products...which was our basics that we were using for our well being...!

I feel sorry for even thinking that this will slowly with the generation of my parents will end too. Because earlier these coffee beans were powdered at home in the special equipment such as stone grinder which is a physical hardship but that's similar to what people do today at the gym lifting weights. 
Soon this changed, now these coffee beans and fenugreek seeds are added and taken to the mill to grind it...and then probably the coffee beans will be just sold to the companies and then it will go with that tradition.

"Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition." ~ Jacques Barzun 

It's better to enjoy while it lasts...and hence this coffee is a special for me until I am here!

"We must not only obtain Wisdom: we must enjoy her." ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

~ Dawn

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin...!

Happy New Year to my readers!

Also, I don't believe there's anything as new year and let things begin because its new year!
The dates on the calendar keeps going and it will do so. What we do and when we do is what our new beginning starts so, start thinking about that purpose of yours that is driving you each day and night. Without you taking that step nothing is going to change, not even the new year! So, get set and go!!!!

"Delay is not a help-mate. The cemetery is full of people who thought they could Do It tomorrow. Do It Now!" !~  Israelmore Ayivor

My last post was about my Europe trip and my personal experiences and this year 2020 kickstarted with another journey and this time it's to the homeland - Mother India.

Each time I travel to home, I have new experience and new learnings about life. This time we landed in Bangalore and let me tell you that each time I come here I find a new city and new place altogether. May be it is the change, may be it is that so called progress of a city that it keeps changing in its appearance and lets its people to adapt it as well. We decided to travel to Kerala to my parents place via train. 

"Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets." ~ Oscar Wilde

Now, let me tell you when its about trains, it's a nostalgia for me as my school vacation times in train from Pune to Kerala and vice versa was the most memorable time. The little kid in me joined my 12 year old Son and I started telling him the story. I was traveling in Indian Railway after 15 years and I was almost realizing that the dreams can come true even when you may not be exactly dreaming about it.
Last when I was traveling to Kerala from Pune was with my 4 year old daughter and my purpose to take her through this journey was to see the world and see the kids of her age who sometimes are not enjoying the basic rights of going to school but instead, begging in the train for food and water. I was glad when my daughter recently shared this story with her younger brother. We must feel thankful for what we have!!!
Because it was a train journey I was making sure I am taking small suitcases that I can carry and place it under the train seat and it seemed like we packed for the whole village :).

We reached Karmelaram railway station where we got the train to Shoranur. It was an air-conditioned compartment and as usual I got the top sleeper berth to sleep and my son was already excited to sleep on the middle berth as it was all like a bunk bed for him. We both were in out own way enjoying our experiences and I was reliving my childhood. 

"The right train of thought can take you to a better station in life." ~ ;)

Night was peaceful and as usual I used to wakeup and look for luggage if its all safe and then go back to sleep. The usual things we learn as we grow! Around 6 am our train reached Shoranur junction and it was time for us to get down. 
I never got a chance to walk-around on the railway station besides rushing from one train to the other but today we went around to use rest room and get fresh before we head to the next leg of the journey. 
It was nice and clean everywhere. What caught my eyes was the 'Google Station' almost everywhere providing free wifi. I literally thanked @sundar pichai and the railway minister @piyush goyal ! Simple pleasure for this generation :).

Looking around the station gave a different feeling altogether. There were times when we had to carry our suitcases through those stairs and it used to be painful but now there was a lift which was such a great convenience with all that luggage that we were carrying with us. Besides that it was helpful for elders and specially abled people too. I was amazed!
When you say all the good things, you must say things that need an improvement. 
We were first standing in line for lift at the railway station and my Mom-in law who is senior citizen and yet this guy comes and ignores we 7 people standing there in line and stands in front of the lift and as soon the door opens he gets in without any hesitation....!
I was damn upset and I just looked at him and asked my sister-in law what kind of man he is who has no respect for others who are in line, I think there should be a board that should mention about the courteous behavior expectation from people standing in line for the lift.

"Knowledge will give you power, but character respect." ~ Bruce Lee

Getting out of Shoranur station in a taxi ride through the roads of Kerala at dawn was an amazing dream. I am not sure if I can explain in words what it means to be sitting in a taxi where there is no intervention of heavy music or even the taxi driver's annoying questions but the peacefulness of Mother Nature at dawn was a meditative feeling watching those dawn scenes and the Christmas decorations that was still hanging out as a star.

Kids growing in America when they see stray dogs they feel very sorry. My son when he saw a dog sleeping on the platform, he said that's so sad! 
I immediately asked him why sad? He said, look at those dogs they don't have owners, they don't have food and no place to stay. I saw few people also sleeping there and I said look there are people also who are sleeping there. More over, these dogs they get food from people and that's how they survive and this is the place where they stay!!!

But by giving that answer, it made me think and I said to myself - aren't we all supposed to be like that dog? Who doesn't belong here forever! We come here and we stay as long as we can and then we exit because we are mortal. Instead, we build houses, buy luxurious things and get attached to all the materialistic things and surround ourselves with that as if we are going to live here forever!!!!

"You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need." ~ Vernon Howard

~ Dawn

Think and reflect upon!

No matter where we land No matter what we hand  There is a way of expression One can look and feel around A speedy racing time-b...