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Sweet childish days, that were as long As twenty days are now. ~William Wordsworth

A short story slam week 37 at Bluebell Books for Happy January...!

Due to global warming everywhere things are upside down. The seasons have become ill-mannered.  In short, summer in California has turned out to be monsoon season and New York where snow has to embrace the earth, its hot out there.
As I remember my childhood days, summer used to be so soothing. The school summer vacation used to start and mango season – wow! The thought brings back the memories of those days when there was no timetable and no schedules. You wake up when you want to and just plan your own ways how to proceed the day ahead. There were times when school vacation used to be at granny’s place in Kerala and when we were not going to Kerala, it was at home playing whole day with friends.

Morning till evening I used to play carom board with friends and each time we play it used to improve me as a good player. The goal was to learn best of the best techniques to focus and to aim in such a way that I was able to put …

Promises are to be broken..!

He promised long time back And he was caught many times Even now he promises He breaks it yet tells the truth Each time he quits Each time he promises Each time he tells the truth Yet he forgets that he lies To himself when he promises And the world remains known for Promises are to be broken!

~ Dawn