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Never let go of a good thing without a fight. Especially if that good thing is Life

I remember meeting her at work, discussing some project and I was part of the conversation and ... I dont know how and when but a friendship had already began..!

A very strong and caring one. Our hearts are always tuned in though we never meet everyday or chat everyday or even not text everyday... but the thought and love for our friendship is always there.
When you think of a person and that brings smile and sometimes laughter... It's hilarious too...yes that is one of the person Wen Hui that I have ever known in my life.
It was fun to talk to Wen, in the beginning when we used to talk about our country and culture and people. It was easy to understand each other's culture. Later it is all fun and frolic... I mean a woman with substance and strength is what I have seen in Wen.

It was so much fun when we all friends met to celebrate Wen Hui's birthday, it is a great milestone and we had so much fun. She talks to you in such a way that you will not feel that there is anyth…

Happy Happy Day ;)

Life is full of surprises Get amazed at each one As you sail through Make sure you live While you make through It’s about all about You Your happiness reflects In your surroundings When the glow falls on you There will be storms And many hurdles See them as challenge And surprise them Cause whether you live or die You face it and fly
Happy Poetry Day to All!!!
~ Dawn

Happy 7th Birthday My Chico ;)

It seems like just yesterday when  We all were playing with you like a toy,  Nothing much changed since then for us,  Yet when you come and tell me  "Mom, I am not going to be 6 anymore because I am 7 now,  My eyes try to look within you wondering when did this happen?  As for me you are still the same when you were born and  I was holding you in one arm because you could fit in!

Today I see you growing like a handsome guy,  Yet your innocence makes me protective towards you and  My heart wishes the best for you,  May you be happy and giggle all your life with  Life's happiness and goodness to spread around…  Happy Birthday Son !
With love,
~ Dawn