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Happy Father's Day...!

A dad is the first guy in the life of any girl. The more he loves and teaches her to be independent, the more she loves him.
I grew up in such a way that I always felt I am the lucky child on earth and I am sure every girl friend of mine from school also must have felt the same.
My dad spoke few words but gave a deep wisdom and insight to me and probably thats the reason I always had a deeper thought about things that happen around.
One good advise that I got from my dad, which I give to my kids also and that is, to enjoy the present and live in the present. Tomorrow we are not sure of though we plan but don't spoil your present for a tomorrow which you don't know about.

This live in the moment philosophy was ingrained in me by my dad and I am so thankful to him for teaching me about the values of life.

It's my dad because of which I learned my mother tongue Malayalam, it was him due to which we used to watch Malayalam movies and poetry that he used to play so that we can liste…

I felt it was a walk back to my childhood days...!!!

Growing up in NDA, was so much fun. I was raised more close to mother nature and we as kids always tried to connect with nature whether its through plucking berries from the wilderness or the curiosity to see different birds - hike was never like what we see in North America.

Hiking was part of a daily routine. Whether we are going from school just with friends or being the part of scouts and guides - climbing mountains, playing in the water, plucking wild berries and eat them with an excitement as if we earned it.

I have often felt that I wish my kids were raised in NDA so that they could have also enjoyed what I got to enjoy as a kid. But then I realize they got to be born at that time because now even in India it has become like an event.

Summer has started and kids are off from school but then parents don't get such summer time-off unless you are planning for vacation.
Weekends are the best time to spend time with kids and that too if you can't drag them out they will sit on t…

Papon - the musician and the human that I know !

Music is soothing and spiritual when the musician is putting his/her talent and art in it rather than being forced for few extra pennies or for fame.  Being a music lover, I have always loved world music and the musicians who don’t compromise their art for money, fame or any other reasons. Luckily, I have had opportunities to listen to some of great musicians from around the world and some of them were such that they struggle to bring food and peace in their country. One can imagine how heart rendering it can be when you hear they say, "when I get hungry I sing”. I have seen one of the artist so closely who sings, writes, composes and plays instruments too. Papon being one of those artist, I have always loved his music and I think after 4 years of listening and following him on Twitter, I finally met him in San Francisco in 2014 when he came for Assamese Bihu festival time and it was a dream come true. After meeting him I am not only in love with his voice and music but more I love hi…