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Until when is it called as discrimination?

Until when is it called as discrimination? These thoughts have been creeping in lately and the reason is my children.

As part of learning and sharing, I often discuss how things were when I was of their age and the main reason to share this with them is to give a glance of the era. How things were different and yet we survived and how things have changed and we see how the generation is all about.
Definitely, we all agree with the change and the generation being much smarter than what we were. At least, there is more awareness and technology that is a big blessing.

The other day I was telling about how I was helping mom in the kitchen even when I am in 10th grade and how the responsibilities increased from there. When I walk-thru a day’s chores that I used to do besides my studies and games, my 9-year-old son starts sharing his feedback. He said, mom whenever you tell about how you were told to do things by your mom I feel your story is just like the Cinderella ... the very thought and hi…

Don't Let Your Fears Win.....

There is a saying, if you really want to kill someone then kill the fear inside you. My goal in life always had been around this.
I have been always scared of water, even though as a child I used to play in the Pamba (holy river in Kerala) river, which was near my grandma's home. Every other summer vacation we used to be at grandma's and the best part of visiting there was that I used to go to the river with everyone from the house that goes to take a dip. Playing inside the river with my brother and cousins, throwing stones and then dive to fetch that same stone and what not but those days fear was not there. I realized as a kid when we don't know much we just take a step and move forward. Fear is not there of anything as its unknown but the moment we grow up and knows a hell lot or even little it builds that fear and then we try to pull ourselves backward. I had a long time wish to do snorkeling even though I don't know how to swim. My aunt used to teach me whenever I u…

Who was an ugly duckling with a crown

There was a time, when I was not so fine Friends whom I thought were mine, Never appreciated or liked me that time Some called me a skinny or a stick  Even the leafy vegetable for my thick hair Some made fun by blowing me off like a feather And with a husky voice being dusky in color Few defined my future calling a housewife Cooking sambar and rice One called me coolie said, why not am angry? All this was said I never knew the word 'racism' then! I feel so good that I was only aware of what I want  Not what others said to me or wanted me to be I always thought am alone that did a lot good Walked in my dream and caught few of them  Some landed me in paradise and some in dice  Never expected anything from anyone  Never cared for so called society Lived an independent life Figured out a way to lead in time Got engrossed in the chores of life And didn't realize when lined up All the good things in life called family As the time was running ahead of me Motherhood made me pink and bright Those who calle…