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Dad, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown

On this day, I want to wish every father a Happy Father’s Day!These days, due to lot of lack of time, space, work, personal issues, ego and what not…we tend to move away from the concept of unity, family and togetherness.
Everything is a race! People either live in the family saying they are there for kids sake or they get separated and come together on certain occasions only to make kids happy!
But I have only one question, ever the kids are asked what they want? Ever those kids are given the freedom as what they want to do? I am not saying giving freedom in other ways…but only to spend their time with whom they want to!
Father or mother, they have ego the moment they see their kids love the other parent than them…I say why?There are parents who have separated and the mother will not allow the father access to meet his child, OR the family lives together yet the mother will control the kids as whom they should love more?
I am thinking where are we heading to?“The greatest gift …