Sunday, November 06, 2016

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” - Maya Angelou

It was a mesmerizing evening and an emotional one too. Being emotionally connected to dance and music it has always knocked me out by reminding my roots. Probably that was the reason that I got opportunity to support Sangam Arts, which believes in Arts and Music that will bring every human close and be in harmony.

I had an idea about Mosaic America, more over working closely with Usha Srinivasan the founder and president of Sangam Arts, I know her dream is to bring multicultural arts together on one platform. But to watch the performance really gave me goose bumps. I felt it's so beautiful that no matter which part of the world you come from, music is alway soothing and it brings out your emotions very well no matter what language you speak, what kind of food you eat or for that matter what color your skin is. 

For the first time I felt human civilization is so rich in arts and music and if we use this for our benefit this world would be a better place. I feel more proud to be connected with Sangam Arts for this one reason that it's not only about dance forms and music but it is also about people, culture and oneness.

To feel what I am talking about one must watch these performances that Sangam Arts brings to the valley. Its not only a dance and its performance, its about the costumes, its about the cultural impact that these artists bring live into performance when they all are local here. It brings joy when you see a kid who is growing up here, going to American school and yet when she performs Bharatnatyam she understands the expressions and then she brings it in her performance - I felt thats commendable for a kid to grow here and still bring that impact of Indianness while performing Bharatnatyam and if I say this was the same for other performers as well. The Flamenco team made me feel like dress up like that and do some dancing if not a complete one at least the tap on the floor with those shoes that they were wearing. Even before my desire go further, I see Chinese Dancers, such cute girls with their gymnastic moves and dancing with their props umbrella - made me feel like dolls dancing around. I was mesmerized by the Contemporary Dance where the costume were so good and flowy that it did bring that empathy feel and for a moment I was lost. 

There were many moments when I wanted to take pictures and I didn't want to. Because I was getting lost in there somewhere the dance, thinking of those countries, people and the places out there and then my eyes filled up with emotions - what are we all here expecting? Only love and peace then why its so important to know what color, cast or creed we belong to?
Not to mention Folklorico, Bharatnatyam, the musicians on Sitar, Haitian Drum, Pipa, Oud, Mridangam and Dandiyaraas...! It was a meet and greet of culture, music and arts - all on one platform bringing people together across the globe.
Does it matter what we do or how we do as long as it brings a smile in everyone of us? I felt for the first time as human we can do so much with the talent around and be proud of what we can do than whatever is currently happening around the world.

If you believe in peace and harmony and if you believe culture, arts and music is what brings us together then you must support the vision of Sangam Arts. Please do like this page and supports us.
Lets be the example and lets make this contagious around the world.

"I think.. if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts."

~ Dawn

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