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The raindrop kiss...

The raindrop kiss On my cheek Made me look up Into the creek His glowing face And his look caught me in love Which gave me a kick Who ran after him I was that chick Thinking of him I raised hands to pick The closer I went He played hide n seek
~ Dawn

Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful ;)

It was last summer when I met this person Masood, whom I was introduced at one of the community event.
When I met Masood, I never knew what he must have gone through in the past. True everyone has a past but this person had a daring one and I mean it.
Masood had seen death close to him like an opening door and guess what last minute he got a donor and he got pulled back from getting into that door to this side of the door!

I see Masood -  full of life and many times I have thought myself, what this person would have been before all this happening? Indeed, a person who lived his life to it's fullest.  I believe in that even though I don't know him prior to that incident but I believe he has to be a person who lived every moment of his life or else it wouldn't be so easy for someone to live life so fully and happily after!!
I feel Masood is a good example for today's generation and the older generation or present generation either way, a good example about living life fully a…