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My First Love Mohanlal :)

Today I am writing this blog as a dedication to my favorite actor Mohanlal. Yes, I have kept my emotions and feelings towards him within myself though some of my friends do know about it. But as I was dedicating my radio-show “Ushas” for Mohanlal, it brought all my emotions, desires and my childhood dreams alive.

Yes, going through his songs brought the movies also in front of my eyes and it makes me reassure myself that – I was not a fool to love him so deeply. It was not a mere craze of a teenage girl, but yes he has substance in him and those elements have made me go crazy for Mohanlal.
Even though I was raised outside of Kerala, my parents raised me as a true Malayali girl. Yes, though I am not beautiful but I had long curly hair which when I used to tie like all other malayali girls and go to temples, many aunties, and uncles have loved me and given compliments to me. Many have told me about the beauty as ‘aishwaryam ulla mukham’. All this when I think of now, it makes me feel that…

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions ... :)

Yesterday I met Sheela while I was filling the gas at the gas station near my work. It was a total surprise as I never expected to meet her or she was no where in my mind either as it had been a long time since we last met.
We both yelled out each other’s name and gave a hug and with big smile we both – How are you my dear?
I paused and answered her first saying, ‘I am doing fine. How about you? It has been a long time.”
Last I remember she was married with a kid and so I went on asking about them too.
Sheela: I am good dear, the best time of my life I can say, but my kid is not with me!
I asked, How come?
Sheela: Long story short, Men are never made for we women. They never understand how we feel and what we go through. It’s all mere words – I know how you feel, I can understand how you feel … etc etc etc but not a single word means anything to them.