Tuesday, July 29, 2014

People don't take TRIPS, TRIPS take people ;)

As we hugged and said Goodbye to North Carolina, Washington DC was waiting for us to receive. Going through all the government monuments and historic places, it reminded me of most of the capitol cities such as Ontario in Canada, New Delhi in India and similar many places. Washington didn't grab my heart, neither I felt anything special about it. As a tourist went through places, museums and read lot of history about monuments, world war II events and aftermaths. Even when we are in school we do get connected with the class and the class teacher but here nothing was like that.

My next leg of the journey was towards the happening and never sleeping city - the big apple - New York. As the drive was going through, fantasies were haunting as well. I realized, its good to have fantasy because it keeps you chasing and craving - I like that and enjoy the thirst. Something that is there which is unfulfilled yet the hope is one day it will get fulfilled... !!! 
New York, brings back many memories to me. My usual long weekend and weekday flying from Toronto to New York was always a pleasant one. Professional element always gave a different outlook while working in the financial sector and at the same time my pleasure trips gave me the feeling of landing in Mumbai (Bombay). The NY map, the stores, the city setups, the traffic and the rash drivers and 'I don't care' attitude brings that element of a metro city where everyone is there for a living and everyone is there with the movement. 
As I see people, as I see the NYPD cops - it brings my old memories - a time where I used to fool around with the cops and taking pictures with them and making them feel good was a common knack. 
Many such memories crackled into mind and it was a soothing feeling going back and coming slowly to the present. Life taught me many things - what I enjoyed then is not with me now and what I have now is something which is priceless. Why not I enjoy the present and leave the rest.

Living right in the heart of World Trade Center, reminds one about life and it's uncertainties. A lot to learn and adapt from the past. Be in the present, do what you like and don't just lose the thought by thinking and analyzing it because then it looses its charm and passion. If you love someone, go and express it. Do not worry what will happen or what someone will say or think. It's your thought and if you don't give that importance to it then who would?

Going around the city in the tour bus gave lot of flashback memories from Mumbai - certain shops, certain street setups, the park in the middle of the places all gave a homely feeling to me.
New York once was my city... now am more like a California girl!!!
Saying goodbye to NY was kind of giving me a sad feeling. I tried thinking hard what is it that I am leaving behind that I should feel sad? There is nothing... this city is yours if you are there and if you leave the city nothing is yours. 
The journey continued to Buffalo city.....!!!

"Every hundred feet the world changes"
~ Dawn

Sunday, July 27, 2014

How can 'What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas'?

Experiencing life in a totally different way at Sin-City. There might be lot of things happening from ages yet as long as you are not aware of it everything is fine. Everything becomes a first time and you wonder what's it for? Some say don't analyze just enjoy and leave it and probably forget it :).
How one gives money to others to touch you, allow to seduce yourself... It's called pleasures of life.. Lol. What is life? The place with full of magic and lights has fun in dark places.

Some says just live what you love and leave the rest. Some says lets live and let others live. Some says just help others and rest will follow you .... all this is tuned and customized as per one's wish and one's suitability. What makes one comfort .. is LIFE :-)

This time again we visited Grand Canyon, and my perspective of geology keeps expanding as I visit there and I remember my professors Dr Sarkar and Dr Pardeshi - who have taught me about the condensation and accumulation of mineral and waters and formation of layers in the rocks. It also helped me sharing my knowledge with my mom in law too. She is a good student as much as she is a good teacher.

Moved from the Sin-City carrying lot of things in mind that happened. Landing in Atlanta via flight was like a sleep through. Reaching Atlanta and waiting for the car rentals actually gave lot of insight in people around the airport. The ladies at the counter one by one started praising and for a moment I felt what is all this? Beauty is deep in the skin and not just what you see. Some loved my nose ring and some loved my features and some loved my dusky color - my heart said this is all perishable, with time all is going to fade away. But I liked what the lady said, about my smile. Yet, I analyzed the smile wont be the same if all the teeth fall off ... lol! A way to not let all these go into my head. 

Driving via Atlanta towards North Carolina was an interesting journey. The memories of past kept haunting and new fantasies started taking birth...! A mind that is free and traveling across the east coast has nothing to worry or bother about. It's true, one thinks straight when there is nothing to worry about - Yes, fantasies are to be fulfilled and its always good to have a fantasy. All my life when people asked me about my fantasy I had one answer and that was I don't have any.

Meeting friends as we promised at North Carolina was indeed refreshing and felt like home, until next morning when we decided to part with love.

Now, I do have a fantasy and a wild one indeed.... ;-) .... and the saga continues as my journey continues to east coast.

"There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign"

~ Dawn

Friday, July 18, 2014

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” ;)

Growing up with music is something you grow attaching yourself with the artist. Its nothing new to me because I love music and when I attend concerts with my concert group LOST DOGS - that is our group called, we all associate ourselves with the artist and the music in our own way.
For the first time I am introducing my concert group to this blog world and blog family of mine. We have Sudhir, Ani and myself - we just love music and the best part is that we love each other's company too.
It was one of those moments where we as a group used to share music with each other. Anyone listens to something new they will suggest and share the album in dropbox. I had heard Papon in 
"The Dewarist" - The Dewarists is a musical television series on MTV India The series is part music documentary and part travelogue. The show casts musicians from various parts of the world, collaborating to create original music while travelling across India. But I was introduced more formally by my buddy Sudhir. We shared music of all kinds of musicians because we love World Music. But Papon had captured my heart during that time. I always listened to his music and more of his first Hindi Album - where his lyrics clearly indicated our common interest which is Mother Nature. 
Sudhir always encouraged me saying you both have common interests and you both write poetry that is an amazing thing. 

With the time passing I started communicating with Papon via twitter and his facebook page. It was a total musical connection and it grew up so much that when I started reading that he is performing in UK, India all over - I started wondering whats wrong if he comes to USA., and our struggle started in convincing him. He would communicate through twitter saying yes please talk to my manager.

My sincere effort to bring Papon and The East Indian Company to Bay Area was in 2012. But I got a simple answer, he is not a bollywood singer and so it wont make sense for us to bring him. I guess every artist has to give an entrance exam and so finally after 2-3 years Papon came to Bay Area via AFNA and other supporting groups. He came to Bay Area and performed Chabot College at Hayward and the result was people who dont know Papon also started associating with him. A true performer and artist is who speaks through his music and performance and rest the crowd was left with cheer.

It was a first meet up for me and Papon. Though we had been very good friends in the virtual world. When we met it was something beyond this world - he said to me I feel as if we have known to each other since long time and indeed it is. All we both did was hug each other for long time - it was simply in one word can be put as - CRAZY.

Our eyes spoke and our hugs conveyed the special feelings and message across as the craving for a music lover and for an artist towards his fan.
I had the chance to hangout with him on couple of occasions and the beauty is that his simplicity, down to earth nature is what makes him an ultimate human being. 

Before leaving he told me we have to meet and we met. The meeting was not at all formal. It was Kendriya Vidhyalay (KV) school mates reunion when Papon's sister-in law and brother-in law joined the core - where we sang our school prayers and songs that we learned growing up in KV, anyone who is from this school they automatically connect they dont need any introduction. It was an ultimate reunion with a promise to meet and be in touch.

Life is beautiful when you live every moment because as I always say, there is no tomorrow that we know until we be in that present moment. Life is to live love and let others live. When there is love there is more blossoming of love and its fragrance is contagious, as supposed to the hatred. 

Papon has left USA and as he kept in touch by messaging with final board - my heart is content because its not the end - it just began ;)

"There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment"

~ Dawn

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