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People don't take TRIPS, TRIPS take people ;)

As we hugged and said Goodbye to North Carolina, Washington DC was waiting for us to receive. Going through all the government monuments and historic places, it reminded me of most of the capitol cities such as Ontario in Canada, New Delhi in India and similar many places. Washington didn't grab my heart, neither I felt anything special about it. As a tourist went through places, museums and read lot of history about monuments, world war II events and aftermaths. Even when we are in school we do get connected with the class and the class teacher but here nothing was like that.

My next leg of the journey was towards the happening and never sleeping city - the big apple - New York. As the drive was going through, fantasies were haunting as well. I realized, its good to have fantasy because it keeps you chasing and craving - I like that and enjoy the thirst. Something that is there which is unfulfilled yet the hope is one day it will get fulfilled... !!!  New York, brings back many mem…

How can 'What Happens in Vegas Stay in Vegas'?

Experiencing life in a totally different way at Sin-City. There might be lot of things happening from ages yet as long as you are not aware of it everything is fine. Everything becomes a first time and you wonder what's it for? Some say don't analyze just enjoy and leave it and probably forget it :).
How one gives money to others to touch you, allow to seduce yourself... It's called pleasures of life.. Lol. What is life? The place with full of magic and lights has fun in dark places.

Some says just live what you love and leave the rest. Some says lets live and let others live. Some says just help others and rest will follow you .... all this is tuned and customized as per one's wish and one's suitability. What makes one comfort .. is LIFE :-)
This time again we visited Grand Canyon, and my perspective of geology keeps expanding as I visit there and I remember my professors Dr Sarkar and Dr Pardeshi - who have taught me about the condensation and accumulation of minera…

“Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” ;)

Growing up with music is something you grow attaching yourself with the artist. Its nothing new to me because I love music and when I attend concerts with my concert group LOST DOGS - that is our group called, we all associate ourselves with the artist and the music in our own way.
For the first time I am introducing my concert group to this blog world and blog family of mine. We have Sudhir, Ani and myself - we just love music and the best part is that we love each other's company too. It was one of those moments where we as a group used to share music with each other. Anyone listens to something new they will suggest and share the album in dropbox. I had heard Papon in  "The Dewarist" - The Dewarists is a musical television series on MTV India The series is part music documentary and part travelogue. The show casts musicians from various parts of the world, collaborating to create original music while travelling across India. But I was introduced more formally by my buddy…