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You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life... ;)

Today we as few friends of Wen Hui, went to give a surprise lunch. One of the friend Szu made sure that she reached out to all Wen Hui's friends to make this a success.
The reason to meet and greet was to honor our friend Wen Hui, for the fight that she started a year long with Cancer.
Yes, I had mentioned about her courage and willpower with which she actually did a project manager's role to make sure the hospital doctors and staff are on their toes to work towards getting Wen Hui's cancer out of her system.

I feel so proud to share this success story of my friend, who not only went through a tough time but she faced it very profoundly and gave a tough challenge to the disease 'Cancer'.
We all know that one day we will go from this world to another one which we call as death, yet where we are now, we should live happily to the fullest where you should feel at the end that you did challenge the one that gave you tough time whether its the situation or the time in l…

“I am a part of all that I have met.” ;)


It used to be Onam when I was a kid. Yes, many such stories you get to read or hear today. But the fact is that our parents tried to induce those elements in us by celebrating it the way it was celebrated in their native land. I grew up in Pune, Maharashtra yet my parents celebrated Onam like a true Malayalee. I remember it used to be a school day but my parents would take a day off and mom will prepare all the vegetable items along with 3-4 different types of curries. Since this festival is celebrated for the reason of King Mahabali and how he took care of his people, dad used to tell the story and the reasoning behind celebrating Onam. Dad also used to tell about the feast consisting of 56 vegetarian dishes and besides that the dessert payasams will be of 6-7 varieties. My dad used to tell us his growing up stories and Onam celebration was one of the scenes which would make us imagine how it would have been for them. 
However, being in a place where both parents were working an…