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Happy 17th Birthday Rhea ...

A journey even before I could know its you was started in July 1998 and since then I always felt I have a friend inside me who listens to me as I want. The moments of morning sickness when you made me more sleepy and yet for my cravings when I am not able to get to eat, you always listened to me when I said to settle with a glass of milk. Those days were the tough ones when I was experiencing motherhood and no one was there to guide. 
My frequent talks with you while you were still in my womb made that connection, whether you listened or not but you always obeyed me to what I requested. 
I was eagerly waiting for you with the hope to name you Rhea and it happened. 
I was hesitant to tell people that I want my kid to be a baby girl because I felt it could be discrimination against boys. Having you in life I really didn't need anyone beside. I grew up with you as we traveled from Canada to India and then to USA. Many times I let you handle the situation whether it was at school or amon…

Lost, Confused!!!

Lost, confused
State of mind
You wonder sometimes
The very existence of you
When you think your part is done
No one needs you anymore
Selfless or selfish whatever you call
It's about give and not expect
Yet we all live for that day to depart
Waiting is not pleasant
I guess this is the moment
That everything reflects back
Time to say thanks and goodbye
~ Dawn