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Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible ;)

I am in Pune... probably my last day I would say as I am writing this blog.... its already a day ahead which means today I am leaving Pune when it will be noon on this part of the world....but yet am asking myself - Is This For Real? Was I really here for NH7 Weekend Bacardi Music Festival? I am not sure... though I saw all the 50 plus artists playing on the stage...  aTERRIFIC and MESMERIZING moment of my lifetime.....
I have to say that its possible and only possible because of my FAMILY, my BOSS and A great friend... and I mean it every bit of it.
As I was attending every day of the festival, I had the bands in my mind and thought in my mind as what I would say about their performance and them and each night it was a moment that my mind wants to enjoy it rather than writing it on the posts.
I still believe that I will do justice for each one of the bands that played at NH7 and the ones that I witnessed.... one got to be there to witness it as telling and writing about it only conveying…

A journey to the dream world... ;)

How many times in life you have come across where you desired for something and you have got it exactly the way you wished or desired for and on top of that after getting what you desired for it gave you the exact feeling that you had thought about?

Yes, too many questions in one sentence but imagine your answer to the questions are all positive - its heaven. Believe me or not, my desire to be part of this Bacardi NH7 Music Festival in Pune was one of the dreams which came true this year in November 21, 22, and 23. A city where I grew up and to connect there with music 7 hours of continuos music for three days with different musical bands from all over the world - its a blissful moment.

Music, cool people and artists, food and drinks - what else one need to live :). I lived my life as if there is no tomorrow, enjoyed the music, danced and rocked the place Laxmi Lounge in Magarphatta, Pune - met strangers and smiled and took pictures with. Life is just beautiful as there is only music an…