Sunday, April 30, 2017

However long the night, the dawn will break ... ;-)

These days there are so many waves in my heart that I resist to express any. Why? When I was born to express and move on! It's true we change, sometimes the time brings that change in us or sometimes people and incidents. But if we change, then we are not who we are...we are someone else!

It's been a while and I see how my writing has reduced not because I don't have anything to write. But because, I resist. I am often scared of myself and not others and hence I resist because I don't know what I will write which may be truth and yet hurt someone.

"Truth never damages a cause that is just" ~ M.K. Gandhi

Friends who know me call me sometimes free-spirited or flower child. And even if time may change me as a person the free spirit is the foundation that came by birth and hence let's live and let others live is something that is fabricated in me.

" I have danced too deeply in my shadows, to ever fear the walk of my sunshine" ~ Nikki Rowe

Life has always been good to me and I am very thankful for that because I have seen both side of life - the good and the bad and I do feel that there's nothing called as bad because it taught me about life. An experience that you don't gain by reading books or watching movies or even listening to stories, one has to live it, feel it and experience it. After that what decision you take that's the turning point.

I believe there's nothing good or bad decisions or things as right or wrong. It's your own belief that you create and rely on which may support you to survive in your own way without a guilt. After all Newton's 3rd law comes in place even if you don't believe in science you will believe in myths or philosophies where you will agree that things happen for a reason!

"There's nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so." ~ Shakespeare 

I believe in this life whomever I have met and crossed my path with, it was necessary and part of this journey where I had to learn something or the other from them. We all learn from each other and that's the reason we are always inquisitive and excited because we are in a journey like a tourist in this world.

As we all know nature's way in fall where it's either the late stage of maturity or early stage of decline but the sooner we understand and adapt the better transition we can expect and to pass that phase it becomes easier than difficult.  But everything is not so planned and channelised as well because we are human and we think from heart and our mind comes in the way.

People say living on their own terms. I believe its living by listening to your own heart and things happen for a reason and I also believe that the soul that you come with in this body is not created by any society or cult. So why one should live by the society and their frippery rules? Why even you try to be someone that fits in that cult, when you're of your own kind?

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring" ;-)

One life dropped in here then just live and enjoy the ride because when your station comes you will be dropped and won't be allowed to be here - so make it to the fullest!

~ Dawn

Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Revolution introduced me to art, and in turn, art introduced me to the Revolution!

Today I went for March for Science in Silicon Valley San Jose- a peaceful protest against the current administration in USA.
The moment I joined the march, I became very emotional and tears filled up in my eyes.. I questioned myself, why? am I so weak? There was an inside voice which was showing gratitude and was thanking to be able to participate in the protest and be part of this democracy movement.

"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom." ~ Isaac Asimov

Yes, I want to ask how many people have the freedom in their country to resist?, to give a message across? to even protest and convey their opinion? This was a march that was happening where people of all nature, caste, creed, religion, race, gender you name it and the cops were supporting too as they were doing their duty of maintaining the law and order during this march for science event at downtown San Jose.

I grew up asking lot of questions and the answers which didn't have any logic, I found my own answers for those with logic. People said, I am a rebel, they said am the black sheep but today I feel good that I didn't live based on some assumptions that someone else had thought of.

While growing up, I thought teaching is a tough job - indeed it is as one needs lot of patience and one needs to be on top of everything when it comes to knowledge. Besides, this I alway felt a teacher is always learning and that would be tough! 
Today, I realize that we learn every day and every minute  - it never stops! Hence, I believe that as we learn let's educate and share with others because many times people's ignorance is what make them believe in something called Trump.

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." ~ Marie Curie
Let's not think too much instead, let's teach and share with people around us that science is the truth and without logic there is no truth and there is no true solution to anything. Years of practice and researches has got us so far and the climate change and other catastrophes are also part of researches and science which is telling us resist and save this planet from those who doesn't understand the value of the comfort and peace that they are enjoying.

Love Science, Love Human Beings, Love Nature, Love One Another

~ Dawn 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy 8teen !!!

Today Rhea is 18 years old, for some reason I never noticed how fast time is running. And why should we?

This day, I want to remember my 18th birthday. I was in college and my celebration was with my college mates. I took my friends for a lunch and a movie. Those days birthday person has to treat others, my brother used to get upset on such celebration because he used to feel that my friends should treat me and not I throw a party for all. In all this I used to invite my brother too ;).
18 is a big number or I became an adult - no idea! But one thing I knew and was sure of is that I can vote and that was a proud feel for me.

" Now that you're 18, you're responsible for covering for your own mistakes. Unfortunately, those don't stop at any age"

Today everyone says Rhea is 18- she is an adult and is independent. She can go out and live of her own and no one can say anything. I feel at 18 what do we know? Nothing! We only have seen life through the window that our parents kept it open for us. In my case, Rhea has seen more than what I had seen in my life, probably that's my learning what to do and what not to do while I raise my kids :).

I believe in life,  awareness of reality is important. Life is not complicated yet we can make it one and at times life is not that simple also as we might think. I remember my dad used to tell me "if you study well then it's good for you probably you will fetch something that will make you financially independent and if you don't study still it's for you because parents are not going to be there with you all the time." Scary isn't it? Yes, at the age of 10 when my dad said that it was scary for me because I never want to lose my parents, never! 

But then I am not thinking that I cannot be a burden on them even though they are my parents. So, study well and be financially independent because when you are financially independent you can think properly and make wise decisions for yourself. Many times we are stuck in life because we are dependent on others and then we are under lot of obligations. Sometimes in such situations we live someone else's life.
One advise to my kiddo is that study well, do what you want to be and follow your heart. I am sure as long as you're not hurting anyone, not disrespecting and not letting any ego get inside you - you will be a happy soul. Live life, help others but make sure in helping you don't get hurt yourself.
Life is like a two sides of a coin. You will have both good and bad, happiness and sadness walking side by side - it's up to you how to balance both. People are good, yet sometimes people also go through different situations and in that they may hurt you, they may become mean to you but don't let all that make you weak. Gain your strength from those people and rise and shine, always!
Be strong and try to defeat all your fears only then you will rise with shine :)

Remember, I am always there until I am around here ... A Very Happy Birthday to a Big Girl 

"You're an adult now, but don't let it go to your head. Seriously, the younger you think the younger you'll stay" ;)

~ Dawn

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Let your memory be your travel bag...!

For the first time in my life I became a chaperone for my son's school field trip. I have two kids and believe me work has always kept me busy and I used to feel guilty if I ask for a day off to go for a field trip.
This year I have decided to give time to my kids and making sure that I be part of their activities, thanks to work-life balance concept :)
My son was so excited that he had been looking forward for this day since his birthday which was last month.
The fact is that I took a day off from work for this but I was mentally still preparing myself because I have never done this and I was kind of nervous what to expect?
I am sure many would say there is nothing much to do as you will be looking after your kid so two more gets added to you. However, that's easier said than done.

In my eyes all kids are good and well-behaving but I am not sure what I will have to do and not to do because there are rules everywhere.
Hence, my trip was more or less like a student in the bus. We woke up early got ready with our lunchables and reached school on time. I signed up and took the charge as a Chaperone!
Our group's name was Purple and we were three parents in this group with 5 kids and each chaperone was one of the kid's parent so we had really two kids whom we had to keep an eye to make sure we are as a team visiting each place and not getting misplaced.
It was easy to mingle with the kids because I knew each one of them as they have been part of my son's birthday celebration. All kids are well-mannered and well-behaving and I give the credit to the class teacher Mrs Brown.

"The soul is healed by being with children" ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Every kid and every parent is happy with this class teacher and believe me when your class teacher is good and caring then every child is a happy and following rules is just a piece of cake.
This trip was to Sacramento, which is the capital of California. We have friends here hence this was not a new place for me. However, we have never been to these places where I visited today and in fact, I fell in love with Sacramento in this trip.

This was not because of the beautiful place but the history that it carries and made me feel proud to live in this part of the California State.
We visited the Railroad museum, which had long history of coal engine train to today's fastest train and why not? Because during gold rush times Sacramento was the major distribution point, a commercial and agricultural center and a terminus for wagon trains. One can see all the experienced senior members who were giving briefing to the kids about the history and the functions of coal engine trains.

We also visited the John Sutter's fort. The first swiss immigrant who came and built his fort as a pioneer and then to the gold fever. After that we all were eager to visit the Capitol building. The tour guide Richard was very nice and patient to explain us the entire story from 1800s and the true democracy that we exhibit here in the Capitol building when the parliament sessions are taking place and anyone can enter during that session and give their vote based on their opinion on it whether they belong to this country or not. That's called true democracy - for the people and by the people. I felt proud to be a Californian specially after the elections.

It was a good insight for me along with building a soft corner for Sacramento as a place to live and work. It also gave opportunity for me to be with kids and be myself and meet with few parents.

A day that was full of activity, fun and tiresome... happy to go to bed after a warm shower and a good dinner!!!

" There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story" ~ Frank Herbert

~ Dawn

Monday, April 10, 2017

Life is a game, play it; Life is a challenge, Meet it; Life is an opportunity, Capture it...!!!

It's been twenty years since I left my home for an adventurous journey.
There is a saying that everything is decided for you, it's called destiny. I am not sure how much it is true but the fact that I always had in my mind was that I will never leave Pune - my home town ever!
My experience had been that the moment I say or decide in my mind that I cannot do something - my heart always takes that route. It seems like my heart and mind are two such siblings who are there to tease and motivate each other. Probably, that's the reason that 20 years ago I did leave my home town Pune to an unknown journey in another country Canada.

"What you're missing is that the path itself changes you" ~ Julien Smith

We say one should plan ahead for everything and I have seen many people, who plan their journey, their marriage, kids etc.. but I always had more fun when things were unplanned. Probably that's the reason I enjoy managing IT projects because there is still some uncertainty that remains no matter how much you plan and analyze and still there is that excitement of making things meet no matter whether the project lands as per the plan or not.

"The best part of the journey is the surprise and wonder along the way" ~ Ken Poirot

My journey in Canada and thereafter life was something like a new released movie, where sometimes I have waited to see what will be next as supposed to do something to make happen things for me. When you are alone you take risks and it's like that roller-coaster ride where you have the fear and the pleasure of the highs and lows. As along as you are alive and breathing all is good.

"Some journeys can only be traveled alone" ~ Ken Poirot

My reflection back to all these 20 years outside of my home where I grew up is very enriching, learning and knowing humans from around the world. 
At home, I have contacts to reach, if nothing then at least I can use my parents name and get some reference. Here in Canada, no one knows my parents and no one knows me either. The struggle to create your identity through your unlimited hardwork and determination to do something and not get defeated or discouraged is what kept me going. Do what your heart says and whether you achieve it fully or not yet what you experience while trying is a big reward of learning and enjoyment in itself.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards" ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Even today, my strength is my those days. You look back and say, I survived those struggling days of looking for someone to call in sick where I get the opportunity to earn my minimum wage, those moments when I don't know how to sell and then I have to sell myself (my skills), for the job where 100s have applied, or sell the products which I have never used and probably will not be able to use as I don't know if I ever reach to that level where I can earn enough to buy these products.... from those days to today - it still gives me that kick to take risk.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" ~ Helen Keller

In all these years one thing is consistent with me and that is no matter how the conditions are never miss to LIVE, because when you're fearless then you're life is limitless!!!

~ Dawn 

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Live the life that your heart prompts to ;)

I was this evening at Bronco Billy's Pizza place..where kids were singing. It's a gig place where Ms Margo brings her kids to sing and it's a fun place with pizza, drinks and music - believe me, it's fun!
As some of kids are really killer when they sing and you just lose the moment to realize where you are... because I yelled out and screamed encouraging them ... and said, it was too good to them!

Yes, that's when you realize what you need in life is only music. The rhythm that keeps you going and life is good again!
I always go back to when I was alone in this journey for real! Yes, when I say real it means you have no guardians and no friends at all with you and yet,this music and lyrics helps you to swim through and believe me - you don't feel lonely at all. If anyone joins then its merrier but not less!

I had a such evening and why I am not sure but want that my space kind of feeling where, I want to go for a long drive, long trip where I want to be left alone with me, my music and my imagination and me!

I tell ya, live life because you want to live and not because someone is making you to ;)

Be the bird that you are born to fly
Live the life that your heart prompts to
And, if something doesn't fit then yes!
Time to move on, because you are not constant!
Life has to move on and so is you!
Live the life, sing when you want to and enjoy!
When you tend to think, listen to music and yes!
When you are happy, it need not be a rule and you know
You will sing and dance to the tune of love that you want!

Happy Poetry Month To All!

~ Dawn

The storm is coming!

The storm is coming it's gonna take us all, That's what it says.. At least the image shows, The one who was painting this...