Sunday, April 02, 2017

Live the life that your heart prompts to ;)

I was this evening at Bronco Billy's Pizza place..where kids were singing. It's a gig place where Ms Margo brings her kids to sing and it's a fun place with pizza, drinks and music - believe me, it's fun!
As some of kids are really killer when they sing and you just lose the moment to realize where you are... because I yelled out and screamed encouraging them ... and said, it was too good to them!

Yes, that's when you realize what you need in life is only music. The rhythm that keeps you going and life is good again!
I always go back to when I was alone in this journey for real! Yes, when I say real it means you have no guardians and no friends at all with you and yet,this music and lyrics helps you to swim through and believe me - you don't feel lonely at all. If anyone joins then its merrier but not less!

I had a such evening and why I am not sure but want that my space kind of feeling where, I want to go for a long drive, long trip where I want to be left alone with me, my music and my imagination and me!

I tell ya, live life because you want to live and not because someone is making you to ;)

Be the bird that you are born to fly
Live the life that your heart prompts to
And, if something doesn't fit then yes!
Time to move on, because you are not constant!
Life has to move on and so is you!
Live the life, sing when you want to and enjoy!
When you tend to think, listen to music and yes!
When you are happy, it need not be a rule and you know
You will sing and dance to the tune of love that you want!

Happy Poetry Month To All!

~ Dawn

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