Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy 8teen !!!

Today Rhea is 18 years old, for some reason I never noticed how fast time is running. And why should we?

This day, I want to remember my 18th birthday. I was in college and my celebration was with my college mates. I took my friends for a lunch and a movie. Those days birthday person has to treat others, my brother used to get upset on such celebration because he used to feel that my friends should treat me and not I throw a party for all. In all this I used to invite my brother too ;).
18 is a big number or I became an adult - no idea! But one thing I knew and was sure of is that I can vote and that was a proud feel for me.

" Now that you're 18, you're responsible for covering for your own mistakes. Unfortunately, those don't stop at any age"

Today everyone says Rhea is 18- she is an adult and is independent. She can go out and live of her own and no one can say anything. I feel at 18 what do we know? Nothing! We only have seen life through the window that our parents kept it open for us. In my case, Rhea has seen more than what I had seen in my life, probably that's my learning what to do and what not to do while I raise my kids :).

I believe in life,  awareness of reality is important. Life is not complicated yet we can make it one and at times life is not that simple also as we might think. I remember my dad used to tell me "if you study well then it's good for you probably you will fetch something that will make you financially independent and if you don't study still it's for you because parents are not going to be there with you all the time." Scary isn't it? Yes, at the age of 10 when my dad said that it was scary for me because I never want to lose my parents, never! 

But then I am not thinking that I cannot be a burden on them even though they are my parents. So, study well and be financially independent because when you are financially independent you can think properly and make wise decisions for yourself. Many times we are stuck in life because we are dependent on others and then we are under lot of obligations. Sometimes in such situations we live someone else's life.
One advise to my kiddo is that study well, do what you want to be and follow your heart. I am sure as long as you're not hurting anyone, not disrespecting and not letting any ego get inside you - you will be a happy soul. Live life, help others but make sure in helping you don't get hurt yourself.
Life is like a two sides of a coin. You will have both good and bad, happiness and sadness walking side by side - it's up to you how to balance both. People are good, yet sometimes people also go through different situations and in that they may hurt you, they may become mean to you but don't let all that make you weak. Gain your strength from those people and rise and shine, always!
Be strong and try to defeat all your fears only then you will rise with shine :)

Remember, I am always there until I am around here ... A Very Happy Birthday to a Big Girl 

"You're an adult now, but don't let it go to your head. Seriously, the younger you think the younger you'll stay" ;)

~ Dawn

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