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In art as in love, instinct is enough...!

Music and dance has always fascinated me in many ways and I am very passionate about these two art forms.
Many concerts and dance shows I have attended to fulfill this desire of mine. One evening was today where I got to watch Berkeley Bollywood 2017.

I had heard about it but only today I could go because my friend's daughter was participating in the dance competition from her university UCSC and I was here for supporting her.
If you have visited the Paramount Theater of Arts, in Oakland you will love any art that is performed in this theater. Its very beautiful and I really admired for Berkeley to organize such an event where inter-universities get to participate to compete with each other by performing bollywood dances.

All the dances were great and some were really great. It reminded me of my school days where students from different schools would participate and compete and in doing so we used to make so many friends. That's the exact feel I got from this evening. Berkeley'…

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin...!

The weather in America has changed drastically after my birthday, yes after Nov 7th things changed. I can say whether it was here in USA or in India things changed. But then mother nature has its own way to cheer you up by showering all that love through rain.
I kind of feel that I revived and getting back to things that I love to do. Right now, the time is for a long drive with music around. It always reminds me of my lone time when I was in Canada. I always feel I connected with people and the city more when I was using the public transportation and after couple of years when I bought a car, it completely made me car-bound and the car became my comfort zone. Today, I hesitate to even use the public transportation or if I should use it then I look for a companion – what have I become?

I am sure in one or the other way we all are stuck in our comfort zone; hence we falter and dither. This attitude can be looked at in many ways if we do not know the story behind. A person is easily assume…