Monday, February 29, 2016

There is a place for everyone

Everything has a perspective
Good or bad, happy or sad
In one way its a place for kids
Clothes with latest fashion
No need of any tension
Yet when you see it
Everyone is in same attire
Sometimes a prestige point
When one see and ask about
Yes, this is from Children's place
Where we shop around!
The name sounds so cute
A place for the kids 
But the prices is what makes
Feel, 'gosh' where am I?
Yet when you go in there
The children's cheer and gala 
All over there...
There is a place for everyone
And there is this called ~ Children's Place

~ Dawn 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.....

Theater is such a dreadful disease. Its dangerous than even cancer. Cancer at least lets you leave the body but theater doesn’t even allow that as it goes with the soul too.
Being a native of Pune, arts, music and theater are kind of part of your breathing. I have memories of watching plays on television with my dad. Those days I didn’t know what it is that me and dad used to watch a lot of plays, movies and musical events on TV but now as I reflect back its the interest that made both of us to sit and watch things that we both enjoyed.
Dad a vivid reader and close to arts, music and play, did gave me the exposure to these and it has always given me the feel of being in my space.
As a kid I have watched Marathi playwright Kusumagraj’s iconic Marathi play "Natsamrat" which was first staged in 1970. Dr. Shriram Lagu has acted in the Marathi play in the role of Natsamrat for a very long time and I think it was one of those moment when as a kid I saw this on doordarshan black & white tv. For me ‘Natsamrat’ was always Dr Shriram Lagu and why not because as a kid I saw him in it and have loved and thought for myself there wouldn’t be one other than him.

I think as time changes actors also change but what I loved the most is that this time its Nana Patekar – one of my favorite actor and he has done justice to that role which I have always remembered as Dr Shriram Lagu. 
The story freshened up the memories of Pune, a city with culture reminded me of my association being a maharashtrian, in culture, in dressing, cooking and living by all cultural associations and celebrations.
Theater and its association taking a common man to a level where no one can touch, no one can even give comments as for discussion – its a total different aura altogether. I always believed to be in that world as that gives a different solace and peace of mind.

The actor says he lives all great people’s life as he plays different characters written by the great writers and I believe very few get to do so as rest we all live our own life and yet we see and learn so less. 
Nana shows what is life, the materialistic world, the expectations that brings heartaches and what happens if you really detach from all of this. A man who earns the name, fame and money and trusts blindly his children and gives away everything to them and it is really what I always say that ‘ you are always alone’ !
Yes, Nana says no mater what you are alone whether you have kids or you don’t. 
Theater I find is like that journey touring the world where you learn a lot about life, experience and about people and much more…

A good marathi movie after a long time and it was my favorite actors such as Nana Patekar and Vikram Gokhale – feels proud that I met both of them in Pune.
Jai Maharashtra ;)

~ Dawn 

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters...

A journey to grandma’s home.

There was a time when the journey was through train from Pune to Kerala. All strangers in one train get in and the journey starts from Pune touching the borders of Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh to Coimbatore to the lush green Kerala with coconut trees all over… ! Takes me to those days when as soon you get in the train its full of strangers whom you don’t know and yet look to grab the window seats and evening the upper berth to sleep. Those moments to look for stations where the train will stop and you notice people and the fun you see around the people on the station who have very little from materialistic way yet the funny leg pulling and smile made it look all okay and fine.
As the train proceeds from one station to the other so does the people inside the train gets comfortable with each other and become friends. It was fun to watch the culture of the city with its food speciality, people, language, dressing of the locals and mother nature…! I always loved the change in which you can see in by traveling in that train Jayanti Janta Express. The bedsheets of Sholapur and the tea, coffee, vadas different in different cities..had its own flavor and feel. Three days and two nights journey makes everyone so friendly and close that no one feels anyone is stranger in the train.
Afternoon time some taking nap, some exchanging books, magazines or newspaper to read, some playing cards. Those days smoking was fine anywhere and people used to exchange cigarettes and when any seller comes in everyone gangs up to bargain and purchase. Its like a fair with fun.
As the mountains and dry land shows up people starts saying the name of that state and city – I always wondered how cool to identify the city with its nature.
And then a time comes early morning when the train enters into the state of Coconut – Kerala…the smell of coffee is so different here… and the food..smell itself tickles the mind to imagine the taste of that food… and then you will see how the sellers get in the train to sell their products …each station has its style and language – this variety that too in one train you will enjoy and cherish for lifetime. As the passengers get down at their destination it was kind of group hug and send offs to them from the rest of the passengers… that was life in Train then!

Yesterday we went in our own car by road except that my brother was missing. The window seat was there but no berth to sleep. The train playing music while running on the tracks was missing. The nature was same as I was traveling from one city to the other within Kerala however each city of this state has its uniqueness. Food might be same but preparation might be different, people wear the same traditional outfit but speak the same language with a difference.
Train makes its way and car always get stuck in traffic. The stop for food and refreshment is not similar. You find a hotel that you feel looks good and clean and you halt for your breakfast and/or lunch. The ride is not longer as in the train for three days yet the shorter 3 hours turns out to be more than 4 hours due to traffic, constructions and road blocks. Watching outside the window looking at nature and traffic… and hence you would doze off without knowing and the sudden brake will wake you and when you see its home.

It was a journey that I went through same like childhood with some touch-ups but when I met my aunt, uncle and their kids and kid’s- kids …felt that time has traveled much far from where we were. The kids who were small and babies are now having their own babies and it just took me to wonder ….wow time, you have traveled much farther than the journey itself… meeting my aunts who took care of me as a baby have still the same thoughts and affection which hasn’t changed with time. Each time I met them no matter after so many years back but I only felt that I am living that moment which I used to during my summer school vacation time.

Then school was in mind and now office, then we were carefree and parents worried now along with parents we also worry! I enjoyed my every moment with cousins and aunts and uncle and was trying to connect with the place same as to the old times. One good thing about this place is that those days people owned the property no matter how small the hut was today their kids have made it into a big house and hence I was only asking if the same family lives even today and felt good to hear a yes answer to that one!

Return journey was always painful, end of a fun moment and back to reality and that was the same even yesterday. Yesterday it was a bit different though as everyone was mentioning the age and was not sure if there will be a next time…put me in deep thought … somewhere everyone is understanding their time and preparing to say Goodbye!!!

Relations not only bring memories but the strengthens the emotional tie-ups…hope our kids will carry forward this trend to next level…for that we need to travel back and forth more with kids to establish that emotional foundation.

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made of” ~ Bruce Lee

~ Dawn

Monday, February 01, 2016

“The internet is where some people go to show their true intelligence; others, their hidden stupidity.” ~ Criss Jami, Healology

What is Anonymous and Why?

The word itself says something like no name or not want to identify themselves. For me when someone comes with that introduction it means two things:
  1. They are shit scared of what they are doing
  2. They are hence shit scared to identify themselves.
I want to say that’s another fake way of living. Stop it! People all their life live a fake life and this really speaks about such people as shady. They use all kinds of vocabulary in the world to spread hatred and animosity but then they know they are doing wrong. A person who does wrong things are like thieves, I have seen in movies how bank robbers wear a mask to hide their face so that no one should be able to identify them.
But there are some who under the anonymity give some good thoughts and suggestions that can be constructive criticism and I appreciate that.

Also when they put a message or their act together with this so called “Anonymous” name, there is no validity also because they become the sister of their own husband at times and become the mother of their husbands too… because they think by remaining as ‘Anonymous’ they will not be identified.. Alas! Amazing vocabulary and amazing disguise as sister … I hope they are not talking about their real brother… then it will be really sad!!!

Thanks for applications that track their IP addresses and their locations and name details along with the time… so there is nothing as ‘Anonymous’ everything is known and identified.

I feel sorry for the person because they don’t even know that they are still living a fake life in fake world of their own. One should accept the truth that they are at fault for all the causes...! Home is made out of love and not bricks!!!

I am sure the Anonymous will read this and will send the anonymous reply too…

Happy Reading..! Some psychological analysis has been made and if needed you can read this as well.. 


~ Dawn

The storm is coming!

The storm is coming it's gonna take us all, That's what it says.. At least the image shows, The one who was painting this...