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There is a place for everyone

Everything has a perspective Good or bad, happy or sad In one way its a place for kids Clothes with latest fashion No need of any tension Yet when you see it Everyone is in same attire Sometimes a prestige point When one see and ask about Yes, this is from Children's place Where we shop around! The name sounds so cute A place for the kids  But the prices is what makes Feel, 'gosh' where am I? Yet when you go in there The children's cheer and gala  All over there... There is a place for everyone And there is this called ~ Children's Place
~ Dawn 

Love art in yourself, and not yourself in art.....

Theater is such a dreadful disease. Its dangerous than even cancer. Cancer at least lets you leave the body but theater doesn’t even allow that as it goes with the soul too. Being a native of Pune, arts, music and theater are kind of part of your breathing. I have memories of watching plays on television with my dad. Those days I didn’t know what it is that me and dad used to watch a lot of plays, movies and musical events on TV but now as I reflect back its the interest that made both of us to sit and watch things that we both enjoyed. Dad a vivid reader and close to arts, music and play, did gave me the exposure to these and it has always given me the feel of being in my space. As a kid I have watched Marathi playwright Kusumagraj’s iconic Marathi play "Natsamrat" which was first staged in 1970. Dr. Shriram Lagu has acted in the Marathi play in the role of Natsamrat for a very long time and I think it was one of those moment when as a kid I saw this on doordarshan black &…

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters...

A journey to grandma’s home.
There was a time when the journey was through train from Pune to Kerala. All strangers in one train get in and the journey starts from Pune touching the borders of Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh to Coimbatore to the lush green Kerala with coconut trees all over… ! Takes me to those days when as soon you get in the train its full of strangers whom you don’t know and yet look to grab the window seats and evening the upper berth to sleep. Those moments to look for stations where the train will stop and you notice people and the fun you see around the people on the station who have very little from materialistic way yet the funny leg pulling and smile made it look all okay and fine. As the train proceeds from one station to the other so does the people inside the train gets comfortable with each other and become friends. It was fun to watch the culture of the city with its food speciality, people, language, dressing of the locals and mother nature…! I always loved …

“The internet is where some people go to show their true intelligence; others, their hidden stupidity.” ~ Criss Jami, Healology

What is Anonymous and Why?
The word itself says something like no name or not want to identify themselves. For me when someone comes with that introduction it means two things: They are shit scared of what they are doingThey are hence shit scared to identify themselves.I want to say that’s another fake way of living. Stop it! People all their life live a fake life and this really speaks about such people as shady. They use all kinds of vocabulary in the world to spread hatred and animosity but then they know they are doing wrong. A person who does wrong things are like thieves, I have seen in movies how bank robbers wear a mask to hide their face so that no one should be able to identify them. But there are some who under the anonymity give some good thoughts and suggestions that can be constructive criticism and I appreciate that.
Also when they put a message or their act together with this so called “Anonymous” name, there is no validity also because they become the sister of their own …