Monday, February 29, 2016

There is a place for everyone

Everything has a perspective
Good or bad, happy or sad
In one way its a place for kids
Clothes with latest fashion
No need of any tension
Yet when you see it
Everyone is in same attire
Sometimes a prestige point
When one see and ask about
Yes, this is from Children's place
Where we shop around!
The name sounds so cute
A place for the kids 
But the prices is what makes
Feel, 'gosh' where am I?
Yet when you go in there
The children's cheer and gala 
All over there...
There is a place for everyone
And there is this called ~ Children's Place

~ Dawn 


Jeevan said...

The place looks very colorful in ambiance and clothes in theme of same... sure kids don’t want to miss this place. But sorry for parents :(

Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy said...

masterful delivery.

Rachel Gloria Mayer Walsh Schapiro said...

superb conclusion there.

Roxanne Burns George Arrington-Hans said...

witty words.

Fiza Dawn said...

Thank you All for your kind words and appreciation. I respect your time that you took to read it here.


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