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Where there is love there is life....

Love is such a complicated word if you look at it because as it has a binding factor in it, it does have the unbinding peace attached to it. That sentence above itself sounds complicated isn’t it?
Well, I have a story to tell today specially when its a ‘short story slam week’ at BlueBells.
Ruby was a loving personality, basically an independent, free-thinker and full of life. Anyone would love to be her friend, yes when I say anyone it means anyone irrespective of gender, age and even animals would love to be near this person. Love is contagious, isn’t it? That’s how exactly it was. Ruby’s warm and friendly nature attracted many and many would be her friends too. In such a time she met someone and this friendship turned into love. I am sure with Ruby’s friendly nature and caring lead this person to be in love because this person never received that from anyone, not even the so called close ones, that’s how he told to Ruby always. Ruby already being in a relationship didn’t even realize tha…

Yes, I am caged with boundaries to fly

I am caged and they say I am free
I bear it for loved ones sake I bear with the hope things will change I fear loved ones will suffer I fear not to trouble others They say am goddess yet no power They say am the root for giving life But, Truth is am caged In the name of love, in the name of emotions I am caged! They saw the way I took off flying high It made them to fall in love with thy Caught and caged me, only to see me sly I care, I worry and so I relay hoping for dawn Yes, I am caged with boundaries to fly I am caged yet they want me to smile!!
~ Dawn

Hit the ball hard so it bounce back fast and harder...!!!

Life is simple sometimes we make it complicated. I remember writing these lines in one of my blog post long time ago. 

Indeed, life is simple but human mind is very complicated and so does one make the life too.
Things happen for a reason, sometimes you think you are helping but then one need not be helping to all those who need help! 

Yes, everyone has their cup of tea to drink and I should also focus on my cup. There might be many who wants to drink from that cup but we shouldn't change our focus in offering that cup. 

I did and didn't figure out until I was caught that I gave the cup. 
Many times you have to be caught to make realize that mistake. 

The first thing is to accept that you did it and then you process it. There is suffering and pain that you will go through as part of healing. How fast you get out is individual based. 

I am here to rise back... with full force by killing all fears and be that support to life and those who are my loved ones. 
When the world is your loved…

Day of the dead!!!

Been the source of life  Friend too to all One day came and It wrecked it so bad That moment came in  Where earth had to spilt Yet It didn't to my wonder At times one need to be caught To realize a mistake That breaks everything  Hearts, relations and emotions!!

Halloween Nursery Rhyme ;)

Everyone was rushing from one place to the other
Not in a mood to talk or explain any further
Looking at the hustle bustle I wonder
Hours and hours spent on the border
Looking as who's coming and who's little later
It made me worry even if someone says - don't bother!
I kept running here and there looking for ladder
I finally managed to hide under the cloth to look like a feather
When I saw they were not the same either
I got scared and removed my feather
And they still in their costume bringing terror
Until they screamed "Happy Halloween" it brought in thunder
I wonder and wonder why they were rushing from one place to the other!!!!

~ Dawn

That train journey turned my taste ... ;)

My introduction to beef, was something when even I didn't know what it is. I remember once in a conversation when I said, I don't eat beef and my mom broke the suspense.

It seems I was 3 year old or so when my mom and my uncle who was in military were traveling from Pune to Tiruvalla in Jayanti Janata Express. This train and the journey I think I always remember because it was right from my baby time till my high school days journey to meet grandma was always fun.

But this trip I don't even know unless my mom described it to me. My mom and her brother were going to meet their dad - my grandpa who was unwell and serious. There was a passenger on the next berth a catholic christian lady who was carrying her dinner with her. As a natural human behavior in India - we share whether we know the person or not - its a mannerism to ask at least the neighbor before eating yourself. Yes, that was the India I grew up. The lady offered the dinner to my mom - don't you want to know wh…

A country that was secular in thoughts once.....!!!

Sitting here in my house in Niles, looking at the mountains remembering my hometown NDA, Pune. A place where I was only taught about people, unity and love among all. There was no caste, religion or language that separated anyone. 
Parents always supported the ruling government which was then Congress. Being a child who always liked to ask questions, I often used to ask them why Congress? And the usual answer we used to get is about Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru who made all the sacrifices during Independence time frame of India. I somehow never believed all what Mahatma Gandhi said because being a visual person I used to literally think if someone hits on my cheek, I will never show my next cheek rather I will give back. Yes, even today my answer would be that.
But I do believe what Mahatma Gandhi says about people who do crime we should not hate them instead we should hate the crime and not the person. There should be always a chance given to people and everyone has that right. 
When I got my …

This year I will go again to see Ganpati Bappa at a new place with same old feelings ;)

Growing up as a child in National Defense Academy, Khadakwasla Pune is the best thing that can happen to any child and this is not only me saying because I was raised there but anyone who have been in Pune would vouch for this. When I landed in Canada first and met few Indians they always said you lived in the best part of India so US or Canada is not different for you. What I remember from my childhood is about people and only people. They would be from all parts of the country who will be your neighbors for 2-3 years and then a new neighbor from new state with new language and tradition and the saga goes on. Ganpati Bappa is one event where no matter what religion or caste you belong to, everyone is excited to see the small pandals (shrines) or the big everywhere some or the other thing is happening. Either people are decorating the pandals or the Ganpati Idol is being created there itself. Late night lights and music, which many times strict dads used to complain about as kids are no…

Happy Birthday Accha!

A man who always taught me 
To live and enjoy the present,
Who very casually asked once -
Whats tomorrow and where is yesterday?
Nothing is constant and nothing as concrete
What is today is what you have
Enjoy the moment and forget it all.
A lesson he taught which I never forgot
My reason to smile and be happy is his advise 
Good or bad I always thank for the present
That my dad gave me stays with me all my life
A man who taught me not to worry
As worrying will waste your present too
Tomorrow if its comes, we will see it then
Live your life for your loved ones
As money you can earn anytime
Its like that dust which comes and goes
But the people whom you love
Will stay with you forever.
On his 79th birthday, I thank him
For being that guiding lamp in life
I only have one wish for him
Think of the best moment of your life
And celebrate that moment every breath of your life
As no matter where I am in life
You are always there with me!

Happy Birthday Accha!

Lets Live And Let Other's Live - even your own life is given to you by someone else - be kind!!!

What is freedom to you? Many talk about freedom and freedom of speech and sometimes they go further to talk about the free country etc. I believe the basic right to breathe in a free environment is something we all bring in as our birthright.
No matter to whom we are born, our parents also let us to grow with certain freedom and they control to some extent only to be more careful and be protective towards their kids. Yet we as a grown up try to live a life that we desired for, whether its to eat, drink or even to travel. It’s all about the freedom of choices that we love to make and we are able to make. If someone is not making these decisions for them because of financial elements etc. then its still understandable because one needs to save money and then make those dreams fulfill and live their life.
But what would you call, when you think you are bringing your better half – whether it’s a guy or a girl doesn’t matter in today’s world. All it matters is if two people irrespective of t…

Let everything happen to you Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final... ;)

The other day I had a chance to watch Mission Impossible in Tulare, California. When you are out of town, mostly you think watching movie is supposed to be a task that you should do in your city.But, I think if you have time and you are a movie lover then place doesn’t matter.
I had a chance to watch “Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation” at Galaxy Theater. Something that I had experienced in India and was surprised to see the seats with all the automatic settings for all your comfort along with the tray to keep your popcorns and eatables. I remember long time I had written an experience in India and literally felt that this is how one should enjoy movie.
I had my pleasure of the same and that too watching Tom Cruise – one of my favorites once upon a time.Yes, when I say that his movies have always made me to like him. This time, I was wondering how Tom Cruise would be as he crossed 50 and to tell you the truth he looks younger or rather I would say he doesn’t look older. The movie started…

Happy sixteen, till now I don't know what it mean...!!!

This was the day when 
The stream of strength Followed with me to walk When I was thinking "am alone"! A journey which I chose A journey she walked without knowing The trust brought us together To fall and rise like a true dawn! Feeling of togetherness A time well spent on relation Which made us best friends Only to grow together once again! I know the time will come To say goodbye in life But am sure she will carry the relay Being a living extension of mine! A girl who is always there for me A girl who comes and shares everything Crazy, silly, witty and funny Sometimes like my mommy I enjoy even today the childhood As you treat me like a baby Happy sixteen, till now I don't know what it mean As numbers never meant anything to me Live the moment and explore life As by now you know it all Good or bad it all makes sense When only you think it is right ;)
~ Dawn

Spring has sprung someone said,....

It was the darkest clouds
that I had seen
When the dangerous thunder 
blink in between
It scared me to death yet, 
gave me a view to be seen
It was worth a glance as 
I needed that shock to align
The dawn came in early for me 
I guess, not to be mean
The scent of the flowers, budding 
new leaves with bees been 
It brought that sunlight inside, 
spreading the light to shine
Time to be merry and not whine 
The fragrance, the beauty, 
the little things which felt are mine
The feeling of joy and assurance
Its another day and a new lifeline 
Spring has sprung someone said,
Shred the dry leaves and grow like mine
The new buds and new dewdrops 
Bringing the magic to nature with rain
Aha! nature has its ways to undress 
And make love to the divine!

~ Dawn

Karsh is Krazy

The weekend had begun in a classical science fiction way on Friday evening with the pure magic of Karsh Kale’s breaking the rules. Yes, he loves to break the rules and guess what? Music lovers love it more and more as each time he breaks the rule. I mean one can think of playing certain instrument based on the ragas and jam the session. But Karsh Kale is known for his musicianship who bridges between the time, space and era in one single round. Believe me, you got to experience it for once at least in life time.

I happen to watch him twice by now and last time even though it was an awesome composition and orchestration, the sound system wasn’t that good. This year, he totally turned things ups and down. I mean you got to give that chance to self to mesmerize a moment that is being created just for you. It was such an auspicious feeling as I just felt am just born now and its long way to go in this feeling to be nurtured forever.
A feeling one cannot put it in words, as something that…

Coordination of moods is the essence of rapport...!!!

It was raining outside. The rain drops falling from the roof sliding through the ivy leaves were falling on the window pain. The music that it created a homely feel even though there was no one in that huge house Chitra’s dream house, except Chitra. Her face was in shock because she still couldn't believe that her husband is no longer in this world yet when he left he died in the arms of the woman whom he loved and that was not Chitra.
Chitra wondered where it started and she couldn't see anything far that she could go back to think. They got married very happily but always they fought. Chitra portrayed it that its love and hence the fight. Though Chitra's husband Pavan always told her something is not right because you are never happy with me, no matter what I do.
Pavan was a self-respecting man and he earned every penny through hardship. He never cared about what type of job it is, as long as he was doing things legally correct he made sure to do the hard work and very soon…