Friday, August 07, 2015

Lets Live And Let Other's Live - even your own life is given to you by someone else - be kind!!!

What is freedom to you? Many talk about freedom and freedom of speech and sometimes they go further to talk about the free country etc. I believe the basic right to breathe in a free environment is something we all bring in as our birthright.

No matter to whom we are born, our parents also let us to grow with certain freedom and they control to some extent only to be more careful and be protective towards their kids. Yet we as a grown up try to live a life that we desired for, whether its to eat, drink or even to travel. It’s all about the freedom of choices that we love to make and we are able to make. If someone is not making these decisions for them because of financial elements etc. then its still understandable because one needs to save money and then make those dreams fulfill and live their life.

But what would you call, when you think you are bringing your better half – whether it’s a guy or a girl doesn’t matter in today’s world. All it matters is if two people irrespective of their individuality, character, likes-dislikes they should not control each other. I mean imagine the life, where a kid is controlled and disciplined to an extent that he or she is looking forward to that day when he or she will be independent and living by earning making a living out of it. The first candy that one buys of with his or her own earned money has a immense happiness and feeling of freedom and satisfaction as supposed to someone buying and allowing you to eat an expensive chocolate.
I am extremely sorry to share a story here where the person has been so much controlled and been taken to slavery that the person didn’t even feel that they are taken away of their freedom. They do not even have a freedom to eat certain food that they want to eat, drink or even do what they would love to do.
If you are not living a life that makes you happy then you are not living. No matter how much you make, how big house you own, the ultimate happiness is in living with freedom. Freedom to speak, freedom to share your opinion, freedom to eat what you want to eat, and freedom to what you want to drink, freedom to breathe basically.

I am totally against women or men who try to control their better half’s to show their power or satisfy their ego – I want to tell them one thing that you are ruining your own life and the person’s and if you have a kid then the kid as well.
People have relationships and people do break off from relationships. In Indian society and some conservative thinking people do believe that it’s a crime to divorce which itself is teaching that no matter what you have, no freedom once you have tied the knot with the other person. This even sounds like a jail.
I mean every relationship doesn’t have to end up into divorce but basic rights of living every human has that right and as a man or woman of the family you must rise and shine to live a life that you got.
I am a feminist yet, I am against those women who boast about their control on their husbands. Its sad and shameful for such women to boast and feel pride in it.
But then, I also believe that the one who suffers is more at fault than the one who is making you suffer.

Being a victim knowingly is no solution and no way to live your life. I believe when you live in a free country, with freedom of speech how worth is to live if you don’t have freedom in your own house?

Wake up people, you have only one life and that too at someone else’s mercy? Shame!
Think of those people who have all their life fought for their freedom, for their rights till the end to make their point across. This is in your home, no one should control you what to do and what not to do as long as you are not harming anyone. For me if I want to drink a glass of wine, or an ice cream its my freedom of choice to make but if I am trying to have these in the middle of the night and my husband is saying its too late to have it – I understand and respect because he cares for me. But if he is saying, you cannot drink because I don’t want you to, then you need to find out what it is? Is he trying to control you? Or is he trying to impose his rules on you? End domestic torture.

"The world is already yours - why try to conquer it?"

Many of them just spend their life in the assumption that they are in control of their life actually everything is controlled by their other half. Whether two individuals earn or not, nothing controls them to live a life with basic freedom such as having vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian food or say, having liquor – everything has to be in moderation, even the freedom and the controlling...!!!

"Control is the inner disease of those who need stability and order to function."

~ Dawn

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