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"You have to crawl into the wounds to discover what your fears are. Once the bleeding starts, the cleansing can begin."

RAPE a word that was shameful to even say or spell…. its getting so common everywhere in the sense from reality to the victim to newspaper to discussion and what not… so sad that it’s the women who are suffering from it and as I read about it, in my mind I try to think and wonder how and why?
I mean I feel like saying to the girl through her mind while she is being attacked – KICK ON HIS BALLS!
Yes, sorry but to get out of this one has to hurt the other person such that the person doesn’t turn back and run after her. The person should run away far from her.
Women need to be tough and be ready to fight back. I mean I know it’s easy to talk about it when I am sitting in front of a computer and writing about it.
But seriously, I have always tried to replay in my mind how it must have happened… and probably I do this because I feel for the person who went through this. When simply by accident someone’s hand slides down your body you give a look and the other person will immediately tell you …

“You wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”

Today was indeed a special day in my life. In the beginning when I was going for a birthday party event, my thoughts were that I will be meeting many new people from Bay Area.

When I reached at the event and heard the stories from these women who had gathered to wish the birthday girl, I was totally amazed and it took me to think.

Who says women is weak? Who? I rather witnessed today the power and courage that these women have and they are real. Women can move the mountains if they have the confidence and those who don't have the confidence its not about their weakness… in fact its the values and mythological aspects that they have been forced upon when they are born.

Girls should be like this… an ideological figure they have made in Ramayana and every girl who is born has to be like Sita (bear all the pains, sacrifice your life for your husband and after all still if husband treats you bad or doubts on your sincerity then he is right) :-) Yes, when the foundation is laid out like th…

Moments are to be Happy ;)

Re-positing as one of my long time reader and friend reminded me of this one today… I had lost some data on my blog and hence its back here again :) Thanks for the reminder…!

I remember I got the Perfect Poet Award on this one by the Poetry blog team.

It was a rainy day  As clouds were crazy  Wild and ready to prey  Sun the naughty one  Playing his game on the way  Chilly wind making two hearts  Close by to be cozy on the day  Hot sip of coffee and the chillness  Had to merge like a ray  The gestures and the silence  Chirping noise of the birds  Exchanging lot of words  That one couldn't hear yet  Leave you on your way  With lot of lingering thoughts  As I drove my car  Haunting words and the sky  Taking deep into the dusk  As if it's going to rain  When I ask myself -  'Why think and be stressed?  Moments are to be happy  Enjoy the journey  As the sunsets  For a new dawn to come 
 ~ Dawn

The simplicity in Identity

Happy New Year wishes to all my friends.

New Year has come again and it's running into its teens now. Today I met a friend at work, it was our casual meet after last year. Since our lunch was done, we went for a walk and it was good to know a person whom I felt was a normal, down to earth and simple.

I meet many people in life, through many avenues and its rare that you think about that person when you are alone. It's not that I didn't think of other friends… all my friends are dear to me and I often think about them when they are not with me…but this one left with the deep thoughts as the person's simplicity amazed me.

Talking about many things, about life, health, music - it felt like talking to human. After a long time I felt connected to a person where I felt their pain is my pain. Their happiness is mine and so are the thoughts too.

As we discussed things about life, eating habits, I felt there is a similarity in thinking too.

Felt good to be connected with this …