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Thank You 2013… For bringing me from Myth to Reality !!!!

Dear Friends,

Today I am writing this post to thank the almighty (if he is there or to that super natural power).

The year 2013 started with many shocks and doubts for me. Yes, I always boast about my Healthy family and my healthy history and hence I know I will not be stuck by any other disease but the only rare ones such as AIDS (due to some blood transfusion or so) or Cancer.

Having a bloating stomach for couple of months made everyone at home wonder if I am having another baby. When this started getting noticed at home by everyone, the suggestion from my then visiting mom-in law was to show to a doctor and get it checked up.

I felt that's a good idea since I was having issues with some of my dresses that I always wore and my trip to my Gynecologist was seemed the perfect time to discuss as I was not sure what or why bloating is happening.

Discussing with doctor brought so many ifs and buts of situation that she suggested me to have a ultra sound and I am still not sure the re…

Life is in the moment ;) !