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"Childhood is that wonderful time of life when all you need to do to lose weight is take a bath."

Image going to share a strange story..though its not that I have not heard or seen in movies...but those are for huge family properties & those kinds of disputes.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

This one is about a small family where besides parents they have two intelligent kids..elder a son & younger a daughter..!!!
Parents never planned for anything for themselves but educated there kids as much the kids can ...and the kids also studied well and got into good positions..son went to US ...the gal got married to a guy against her family but she loved her family and always thought the best for them..she thought her brother is the best and as they say she used to respect him and worship him...

Brothers and sisters are as close as hands and feet

..though the brother's wife's entry...seperates him from the parents and forget about sister..she has no place since she got married against everyone's will..:)
This Gal never expected anything fr…

To fail to love is not to exist at all.....:)

The weather is clear today...I dont see any black thick clouds around...which gives me a relief in my mind for the first time that..its not going to rain today ..!!!

Yes..its me who loves rain so madly...but I have seen how anything that gets beyond the limit creates chaos ..whether its medicines, exercise, food, rain, snow or even the summer heat!!!! Its a way of nature to distribute everything evenly and to differentiate the oddness in all!!!!

"Whatever limits us, we call Fate" ....."Know your limits, but never accept them."

I could see the a ray of hope..birds chirping all around the place...I often come I don't hear much of this near my house in Toronto..& my heart gives ample of reasons to justify..:) ...but today is special..:) as the bird who always wakes me up in the morning with its sweet song...just on the window if telling me.."waky waky.."

"A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings …

"They cannot take away our self-respect if we don't give it to them."

Image was raining as usual non-stop...but not as bad as it might be in Mumbai!!

However, I thought of flipping TV channels...may it was the timing that I was not able to find anything better..or I must say of my interest..:) !!
And there is one channel where the Cable Operator...plays the movie & everyone can view it..and this was a moive..which I never even heard of it.."Shabnam Mausi" !!!

When I saw Ashutosh Rana (Indian movie actor) as a 'Hijada' (a human who is neither Man or Woman..biologically..)...I have seen other actors acting this character like Paresh Rawal etc..but not Ashutosh Rana and hence my curiosity grew and I decided to watch this movie.

I really liked the concept that this movie was trying to bring in...its a movie where it shows how these people are discarded part of the society. They are not respected and hence they are not allowed to live a life like other normal human is allowed to. One after the other sufferings n humiliations & how…

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

Its raining all over the least thats what is happening in Pune & Mumbai :) rain is my weakness...I planned an opportunity for myself to go out ;) ....went to the city...& didnt take anyone along who will scold ...if I get wet in the rain ..;) yes...!!...It was fun ...for me but I could see how this rain makes others sad & bored!!!!

I saw few kids who gathered at one of the friend's place & were trying to keep themselves busy with the toys...I really felt that...these weather conditions..when get severe..can damage the fun :( !!

"Children are born optimists and we slowly educate them out of their heresy"

There is a huge park with swing & slides but no cannot go out to play as its cant go out & play like me coz the kids can get sick ...& then we all know how it clings to one or the other diseases!!!!

I felt that..I should also join... by playing with them...& I realize kids are much intelli…

"Nothing that actually occurs is of the smallest importance"

Yesterday.. I went to the city and had really lot of fun having some of the corn puffs & veg. pattice etc...! I liked it as ...after the shopping I was literally...looking for something to drink...and the best I liked was...the moment you come down from the Elivator to the ground floor ..there is this small coffee stall...where you can get coffee, juice ..& 'kokam' Juice besides the snacks..& yes pizza too !
Pizza is something we have when there is no hope of getting good food :)...I remember..during winter time when its heavy snow and you dont feel like cooking and there is no left overs also..that time we remember the Pizza 'Take-Out' order!!! ..:D

'Its not hard to make decisions, when you know what your values are' :)

Anyway, as they say you only value when in need :)!!!

About the sales guy in the 'Vama' shopping center...initially when I was asking him about the tops n trousers/ was the usual experience for as..'if you…

The early bird gets the worm....;)

When I see this picture...truly speaking guys..its like a big this bird has given me such a trouble that it often made me to run from top roof to the bottom and all the time it makes the noise and runs off as soon am ready about to 'click' how cruel is that on poor me..:(
"Cruelty, like every other vice, requires no motive outside of itself; it only requires opportunity"

Today, I had a very good opportunity as I had a very keen eye on this one ;)....I realized that this bird has a nest...:) its a streetlight ..behind which there is a small pipe..and each time I see this bird..brings worms (food) in her mouth and then sits on this cable wire...looks around to see if anyone out there..and quickly she goes to this pipe and again..a final glance to its surroundings...and then goes in to feed!!!

"God gives every bird his worm, but He does not throw it into the nest"

After a while in the similar suspense movie comes out ...flies and sits on…

Where flowers bloom so does hope.....

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.
This flower blooms for some moments only...but imagine how much happiness and fragrance it all!!!! A lesson we can learn from nature itself :)
This clearly shows how the leaf is carrying this life..:)

A flower's fragrance declares to all the world that it is fertile,
available, and desirable, its sex organs oozing with nectar.
Its smell reminds us in vestigial ways of fertility,
vigor, life-force, all the optimism, expectancy,
and passionate bloom of youth.
We inhale its ardent aroma and, no matter what our ages,
we feel young and nubile in a world aflame with desire

Flowers are the sweetest things that God ever made and forgot to put a soul into. ......

Tonight...its was the D-day the right time..right moment...I was rushing with the camera...what a fragrance this flower spreads in the neighbourhood...I clicked in all possible ways....and hence the bloomed flower...just standing on the tip of a single leaf...what a miracle of God's creation...imagine....I could just how a women conceives and then after 9 months...such a is born :)...& the curiosity...of the arrival..was the same as for this flower too :)
We are not born all at once, but by bits. The body first, and the spirit later; and the birth and growth of the spirit, in those who are attentive to their own inner life, are slow and exceedingly painful. Our mothers are racked with the pains of our physical birth; we ourselves suffer the longer pains of our spiritual growth

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud

After a week ago,...I was chasing a bird...and got caught of this bud...which seemed like the about to deliver.... ( as if this leaf...has conceived...)..a flower!!!!! curiosity...took me to the level where ...I came to know that this called in India locals as "Brahma Kamal"...and the speciality of this flower is that it blooms at night around 12 and morning it becomes gloomy...!!! So its like a matter of a moment's show-time :)

"A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love."

This is a sequential picture show...(believe me not a flower show ) hehe...I was shown first... this bud...couple of weeks ago.....

He who sees the calamity of other people finds his own calamity light"

I saw this lying down in a corner..something which is supposed to be dumped but still staying in..:) ! The moment I saw this reminded me of 'Tsunami'....wasn't it something like this..the aftermaths...!!!

When tusnami hit ..I was in Canada..all I could hear or read was through news..and the stories..!!! Lot of people contributed and so did I ..but to my surprise when I came here ..something that I figured out was that in most of these areas...people stopped eating fish..the fishery business went people..saw live telecast ...of the dead bodies which were half eaten by fish and it gives that weird feeling when they see any fish...!!!!

Something no one would have least I never thought of this!!!!

People suffer in so many ways..sometimes its the shock,...nightmere..nausea about things..!!!

"There's no disaster that can't become a blessing, and no blessing that can't become a disaster"

I don't know but today I felt I should mourn …

Symmetry is what we see at a glance...!!

Today am coming after two days gap ..:) yes and that is coz the landline had some problem and hence couldnt check in through dial-up...(goshhhh I miss my net connection...)!!! Around afternoon time..I felt like to call up the telephone services and ask about the fact..and thus I did call...the other end voice of a guy was so innocent that I couldnt yell at him the way an irritated customer should do..:p he said politely ma'am I Will pass the message to the lineman (who is supposed to be the fixer here )..and in the evening I checked still there was no dial-tone and hence I called up the guy and started...yelling with giving specifications and how the customer (thats me ;)...) feels at the other end...and the poor guy...I just felt bad for him...but at the end I told he should not be only bothered about finishing his job But to make sure the task that he has handed over to his next colleague is getting its end result :D...the guy seemed like getting a new lesson..very happ…

"Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing."

All these days I was talking about my friend, collegemate and over n above international musician Milind we planned to meet I had already missed an opportunity of attending one of his concerts in Pune :(
Any how pretty sure this is not his last..but there is more to come and I will be attending his live concert..:)

It was a short visit to his house but I enjoyed his n his better half's company! We met at Hotel Vaishali...:) any Puneite should know what is vaishali and where is it..and to a Fergusonian...its the home :D !!!
I went to this place and gosh even the waiters remember us :)..I remember I used to rush there only if I was hungry and the mess has no good options for us ;)..and the waiter Vasu...with a chinky eyes when he smiles..though he is a Udupi guy :D.....used to always tease me as I was a bit shy & the moment I used to finish the famous 'Masala Dosa' (Indian Crepe stuffed with potatoes)...he used to ask me 'madam, sho…

Great art is as irrational as great music. It is mad with its own loveliness

Art is a lie that makes us realize truth
Today I went for the handicraft's exhibition..and believe me it visiting each each provinces speciality was on display..:) I brought some pearl jewellery specially from Hyderabad :) ...! When I looked at the crafts and man made items..I was thinking how talented 'humans' are...:) its really worth to look at it and cherish ....while I was going around...I saw these bells..kind of.. different..& unique...and I couldn't buy thinking how am I going to carry all this back Canada...and hence my little heart prompted me to click it and save it with myself forever :D!!! The men are at the orders were getting sold ...the men were preparing at the back...I was amazed ...:)
Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced

Every dew-drop and rain-drop had a whole heaven within it

The dew-bead
Gem of earth and sky begotten

A smile is a curve line which makes everything straight...true! But if a real smile only then the true effect takes place and hence the magic of it!!!

If someone is happy..the person doesn't even have to even tell anyone...his/her face expresses all the feelings..J that's why I love to observe people and read them..:)

Today while I was looking for some topic for my photography and I saw this plant... seemed like had a crystal at the center..and I tried to reach the center but was difficult..somehow I took a stick to poke and find out's a crystal or a bud...curiosity that killed the my surprise it was the dew :D

I have very sensitive feelings towards.. dew.. it's a beauty of mother nature...and I don't believe that its the tears of the sky or so..!
stars of morning, dew-drops which the sun Impearls on every leaf and every flower

For a moment I felt that drop of dew is so safe and secured in th…

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts

Blue...its my favourite color...even though people about Monday Blues...(some what depicting low and sad ..kinda mood). This color attracted me so much..that I couldn't stop to click..:) and when I downloaded it...I saw the small black insect in it think that adds up the thought went on why the insect had to be black..n no other color.....and then I said to myself...It takes both the sun and the rain to make a beautiful rainbow ....
and so true..the blue flower with the thick lines ..a cream inside and to top up with cherry :D a black insect...!! After such a peaceful soothing...experience I had a terrific volley ball match was real fun...I loved it...smashing!!! I was so known for my smashes. & headings...:) Sports is something that I will love till death ....!!
Sports do not build character. They reveal it.
I really love each day and each moment of my life ...:) "Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gard…

Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher

This morning...was a new beginning :)...I was all set for a good and healthy start of my day :) ....I went for a long drive...Gosh!!! I have to say...its scarrrrrrrry.........I was thinking what possible remedies could be there so can make the traffic system like in Canada ;) but guess inner voice were like those two who are debating with eachother...with the pros n cons :D ..when one looks for remedies..the other says of population...then suddenly I saw ..a huge bus, truck and scooters...and cars and cycles...n all possible vehicle the midst of this...pedestrians crossing the lord how people are not worried for their lives...!!!! I really felt that Pedestrians should be given there right of way first....!!! I can just keep on writing on this Pune Traffic...a chilled air flows through in my heart..! Like Madame Curie said.."Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood".
But then I relaxed my mind by doing some photography...! I caught t…

"The world only goes round by misunderstanding"

Image like this picture...which means...some what green but most of it dry :( and sad!!! Many times our modes (ph & chat) of conversation..takes us into such a mode where we dont know what the other end is doing and hence many times a well joke is not entertained long or is always misunderstood :(. I also had the same hardly serious..but then seems like my acting many times tend to feel as if its all Serious :'(( ...

"No one would talk much in society, if he knew how often he misunderstands others"...and the conversation took at such a peak ..where it was useless even to mention that it was a joke :( !! Why it happens ? It never happens with others...then why only here?? Makes me scarred and I often keep thinking...what IF....gosh...what a ghazal to play at this moment ...'fasla to hai magar koi fasla nahi, mujh se tum juda sahi ..dil se to juda nahi' !!! (There is distance but still there isn't, we are far but not far from the heart.…

"The bud may have a bitter taste, / But sweet will be the flower."

In school I was a great fan of William Wordsworth...he was a true nature's & romantic poet...! I remember as a kid I used to sit near the pond and stare at the water...the ripples it used to produce due to the small dried leaves falling in to it ...and many times the squirrel while eating the fruits n nuts..some of the crumbs used to fall in the pond water...I myself never knew in those times which part of the world I used to be...often...I was not there even though physically I was very much present...and believe me...we two gals ...sitting next to eachother...but with one talks except...the nature :)!!!!
one of my friend 'Maitry Suman' used to tease me by the name 'William Wordsworth' when I try to search through my camera's reminds me of my childhood...where my mind always wandered whenever I was near nature...!!! Now a days am studying for my exams...while trying some of picture taking techniques ;) ! My mum loved this…

A soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone

This flower is real and its Rose...a true Indian local one :) but has become so special with the camera ;) ...yes now a days am practising my thought & belief of beauty in each and every element that God has created :) When I looked at this rose ...its a simple one..sides burnt or eaten by insects...but the capture of each aspect of it ...has given a different look out all the way..:D guys..its not about my photography..its the camera ;) I think by now Canon should pay me for there free marketing !! Besides capturing beauty am going around the city...sometimes shopping..clothes..or sometimes trying to find the converters so that I can use the Canadian appliances here ;)...driving reminds me was not scooty..its Kinetic Honda ...:D gosh...when I saw scooty...oh gosh i said nope!!!! My craze for bike has made people to encourage me to drive this Kinetic Honda hehe ...driving is not a problem but then..I dont want to spend my vacation in plasters oops!!!!!!
Besides that...…

Superstition is to religion what astrology is to astronomy; the mad daughter of a wise mother

How many of you believe in astrology? & how many of your life revolve around it..???? Its so strange when I see and hear certain things...and more when I see people's faith in it. I also happened to be at one of such place and the guy said ...I have lot of struggle in life in career...:) & I think any ambitious person will have to one will keep trying to reach high :D. I didn't felt anything...then he peace of mind ...but then through out I will have enough etc...c'mon...I think its all in one's belief...& what one's priority is...! As a child I always believed in 'Karma' (the deed) & rest falls in place accordingly.

'Do not worry about the future for it is not yet come. Live each day in the present and make it beautiful'. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined
The stars never lie, but the astrologs lie about the stars
Look what MK Gandhi says: I know noth…

Pune's Traffic is the topic today ;)

Today I went for shopping...:) again the 2-wheeler (scooty), guess what...I ws wearing helmet here they have enforced law that for two wheeler commuters..both (driver & the back seat passenger) have to wear helmet or else................cops are waiting!!!!!!! ;)
I thought in City Pune 2 wheeler is the best to commute...looking at the heavy traffic..but seems am wrong .. lol!!! Today while sitting at the back seat..I was wondering...what If I was in the driver's seat..gosh....a cold feverish kinda breeze or what....all someone in my mind said...'my Insurance would have gone license would have got suspended indefinately....ofcourse many accidents to add to it..:) !!! The above pic is still a cleaner and neater view....this is a normal and soothing traffic :D. When I drive in Canada...I thought how safe we looking at the blind spot etc...But here..GOSH!!!!...its real multi-blind spot I was just wondering....raining heavy...ditc…

"Experience teaches us at the expense of our illusions"

Here it seems marriage season on full swing...even though its monsoon time :D...I always wondered how come...!!??!! but hey..should there be any time and moment to celebrate ..;)..I guess not!!!! :D and also a common thing when the Groom is going to marry the Bride ..he goes with the procession either sitting on the horse or in the car and ...the hillarious part is the wonder why its so can breathe the gun powder in the air...gosh!!!! Another thing I this is not about the marriage but the riding/driving part...gals they cover there head so well that only eyes can be seen (wow..can be fooled anyone)..recently law has been in place to wear helmets..! Seems that's a big relief!!!! ....Somehow...I couldn't cover myself so well as I would get suffocated...may be am so much in pollution that one feels suffocated with fresh air hehehe...!!! Rains...have decided now to fall in instalments ;) as now one can see the sun and guess w…