Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"The world only goes round by misunderstanding"

Today....am like this picture...which means...some what green but most of it dry :( and sad!!! Many times our modes (ph & chat) of conversation..takes us into such a mode where we dont know what the other end is doing and hence many times a well joke is not entertained long or is always misunderstood :(. I also had the same experience...am hardly serious..but then seems like my acting many times tend to feel as if its all Serious :'(( ...

"No one would talk much in society, if he knew how often he misunderstands others"...and the conversation took at such a peak ..where it was useless even to mention that it was a joke :( !! Why it happens ? It never happens with others...then why only here?? Makes me scarred and I often keep thinking...what IF....gosh...what a ghazal to play at this moment ...'fasla to hai magar koi fasla nahi, mujh se tum juda sahi ..dil se to juda nahi' !!! (There is distance but still there isn't, we are far but not far from the heart..somewhere in those lines)....
I read this ..& it made me laugh ...lol..."Ever since Eve gave Adam the apple, there has been a misunderstanding between the sexes about gifts" may be am trying to relieve myself..as when a kid falls..even though he cries..he gets up himself...when there is no one to lift !
Love involves a peculiar unfathomable combination of understanding and misunderstanding
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Keshi said...

Well-analysed and well-written Dawn!

Misunderstanding is part and parcel of Love just as much as Understanding is. And you realising that is quite clever...people often think Love is ONLY about Understanding each other...but we have to realise that Misunderstanding is healthy too...that way u clear the clutter and dont do the same mistakes again...n what's more, that makes u stronger and more 'understanding' of each other :)

Cheer up and don't lose ur sense of humor no matter what...

PuNeEt said...

hi... liked your title a lot
"The world only goes round by misunderstanding" ...
Since I've started reading your blog, I feel this is not the typical Dawn's post... i may be wrong, i dont know... or a misunderstanding ;-)>
Hope alls well..
take care

Dawn....सेहर said...

Keshi: Thanks for such wonderful words...and I really appreciate that you liked my thoughts :)..keshi..its difficult to change myself..even if I try :D...hehe thats me ;) Do visit me !

Puneet: hey Puneet now..its time for me to say u..'cheer up' haha..Dawn is never pessimistic or negative in anyway...but yes..Dawn feels sad if Dawn's jokes are misunderstood and someone is hurt..that too my dear friends...Then..I do feel bad..as I love my friends very dearly...am very loyal and protective towards them..so it was my fault where ...I tried to prolong the leg-pulling ..which was bad on my part :p
got it?? so...its the same Dawn..that you have been reading ...kyun sahi bolta??? :D
cheers & thanks for liking the title ;)

PuNeEt said...

"ek dam sahi bool re li hain bheedu" (that was typical mumbai language... ur saying absolutely right pal)
it happens... actually attimes we dont realise that our jokes r hurting some1...
but good to see u back and good to know more about u :-))

Gumnaaaam said...

Misunderstanding.....hmmm....at times its good !
Misunderstandings say ye prove hota hai k dou logon mai understanding kitni hai...;)

woh kehtay hain na 'jitni ziada larai ho utana ziada piyar hai 'lolzz ;)

"The proper basis for marriage is mutual misunderstanding",
-oscar wild-

Dawn....सेहर said...

Yes ma'm :D

Thanks for such wonderful quotes;)

Stand Up for what is right, Even if you stand Alone...!

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