"They cannot take away our self-respect if we don't give it to them."

Today...it was raining as usual non-stop...but not as bad as it might be in Mumbai!!

However, I thought of flipping TV channels...may it was the timing that I was not able to find anything better..or I must say of my interest..:) !!
And there is one channel where the Cable Operator...plays the movie & everyone can view it..and this was a moive..which I never even heard of it.."Shabnam Mausi" !!!

When I saw Ashutosh Rana (Indian movie actor) as a 'Hijada' (a human who is neither Man or Woman..biologically..)...I have seen other actors acting this character like Paresh Rawal etc..but not Ashutosh Rana and hence my curiosity grew and I decided to watch this movie.

I really liked the concept that this movie was trying to bring in...its a movie where it shows how these people are discarded part of the society. They are not respected and hence they are not allowed to live a life like other normal human is allowed to. One after the other sufferings n humiliations & how some of there community people fall prey for financial aspects..as basic survival is difficult.

"Ignorance is an evil weed, which dictators may cultivate among their dupes, but which no democracy can afford among its citizens."

And..as the one of the 'Hijada' in the movie says that...when you become the need of the society only then they will respect you until then we will be always treated as a discarded community...I found that in todays world for everyone ..:) dont you think so??

You get respect and love if someone has some motives to fulfill & you are the stepping stone then for sure...you are simply great for that moment & something similar happened in this ...however..the 'Shabnam-Hijada' was strong and loyal in her principles and she stands for election and she wins it :) !! Seems like a dream in India ...I thought..but the dialouges were such that it takes you to the roots of human survival & the ethics of basic living beings..!!!

But ...all I felt is if in North America & some of other countries...gay & lesbians are accepted and there marriages are leagally allowed then why not this community has a right to live like anyother human being? We help and support the handicaps then why not 'Hijada's'????

A feeling ...of injustice, uneducated, humiliation, disrespectfulness & a crime towards humans being done in the 25th century and still we call ourselves 'Educated People'!!!

"The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you don't listen to it, you will never know what justice is."

Actually...we are following our those people who use people for there selfish motives....insane & inhuman!!!!

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." Posted by Picasa


Manish said…
hmmmmm Kinnars have actualy won elections for municiplity & those of MLA. I think this happened in Madhya Pradesh.
Keshi said…
food for thought Dawn...

~~when you become the need of the society only then they will respect you until then we will be always treated as a discarded community~~
I totally agree...this is human nature, unfortunately!

~~You get respect and love if someone has some motives to fulfill & you are the stepping stone then for sure...you are simply great for that moment~~
I'm a living example of that stepping stone for many people in my life...sometimes I just wish I was never here...

Thought-provoking post Dawn!
Slice Of Life said…
there is another film on the same subject which I SAW during a film fest by santosh sivan ( have posted abt it)
many dont realise that it is not their fault..
@ manish: wow thats a news to me ..:) am glad its a real story then !!!

@ keshi: Yes dear everything is so selfish & motive oriented ...disgusting..animals r better!!! Thnx for appreciating the thoughts!!

@ uma: first of all let me thank u for visiting my blog :) & appreciated the likemindedness :)
please do come again!
PuNeEt said…
I've heard about the movie "Shabnam Mausi"... u know I'm a movie freak... but these movies are promoted in such a manner that u dont feel like giving them a look...

U have a very valid point to make :-)
Nice Post...
Keshi said…
Puneet I did explain that 'something' in the post below :) check it out...

@ puneet: I didnt understand the promotion of the movie..wht kind?? & am glad u appreciated my point :D...Thnx
PuNeEt said…
@ dawn...
There is so less footage given to such movies and they are presented as if some 3rd grade movie...
even the name "Shabnam Mausi" sucks... they can be a bit more polished.

u corelate things in a very beautiful manner... :-)>

Thanx a ton for the explanation...
i've replied too ;-)
@ puneet: I agree with you as I never heard of such movie..it was by fluke that I was switching channels n came across!!!

Thanks for all the sweet words :)
Bombayite said…
the real shabnam mausi
I saw her interview, she has some decent work in her area and was very helpful to the jutna around her.. She had guts to take on the mafia...
at least better than the morons we have in BMC here in Bombay :))
@ bombayite: hey Thanks a ton...for giving that link...as more the information ...more awareness...am glad..to see her work..bravo!!!

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