Come forth into the light of things. Let nature be your teacher

This morning...was a new beginning :)...I was all set for a good and healthy start of my day :) ....I went for a long drive...Gosh!!! I have to say...its scarrrrrrrry.........I was thinking what possible remedies could be there so can make the traffic system like in Canada ;) but guess inner voice were like those two who are debating with eachother...with the pros n cons :D ..when one looks for remedies..the other says of population...then suddenly I saw ..a huge bus, truck and scooters...and cars and cycles...n all possible vehicle the midst of this...pedestrians crossing the lord how people are not worried for their lives...!!!! I really felt that Pedestrians should be given there right of way first....!!! I can just keep on writing on this Pune Traffic...a chilled air flows through in my heart..! Like Madame Curie said.."Nothing in life is to be feared, only understood".
But then I relaxed my mind by doing some photography...! I caught this couple in pink ;) and grabbed my camera..! When I looked at it..I really felt these are like couples living on that branch where they have green leaves which provides food and the thorns...too showing the reality of life..! Like the two sides of a coin. What a big lesson we all can learn just from our own surroundings...nature..and still we humans - the most intelligent animal on the planet..try to run away from problems and the facts. "Life is like a taxi. The meter just keeps a-ticking whether you are getting somewhere or just standing still".
Wow..that quotes for both todays traffic and reality of life ;).

Well...these flowers also remind me of my Botony practicals..where I used to spend hours peeling the flower and trying to find a stigma & ovary :) how things have a different look as we grow ..! This picture teaches me a lot of reality in life and I find so much of peace in mind :)...that no one is different....its the individual they react to that situation. I am content!!!!
The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it :-)

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PuNeEt said…
Wow... this post is fantastic...
When I was reading about the traffic part I was actually laughing... coz I face that every day.
But then your second para changes the whole tempo...wonderful analysis and those quotes are worth remembering...
Your pictures are getting even better with every new post
Thank you so much for that boost am ready to click some more ;)

Keshi said…
Gosh u have some great words of wisdom Dawn! Thanks for sharing em all with us...I like the line where u wrote,

~~When I looked at it..I really felt these are like couples living on that branch where they have green leaves which provides food and the thorns...too showing the reality of life..!~~

U got a magical mind...keep em coming!

wordearth said…
I've Been quite lathargic lately...

But your blog and words sure makes one feel great.... it does to me..

To look around and realise that it was always there, but you never noticed,
Nature... Beauty... what poets have expressed through their words.

Your words are always poetic, its a real gift to see, enjoy and express all at the same time and that too with such finesse.

You always wrote well, but when I read a few of your blogs together today I see that your words are growing, maturing and refining with each posting to express your thoughts which I know has the depth to make words find new meanings....

Keep writing... and we will keep reading
Manish said…
Hmmmm aaj to fiza hi badal gayi idhar ki .... :):)

I totally agree with what Keshi has said abt ur post & specially liked the lines quoted...

Wonderfully expressed!
keshi: Dear...thank you so much for all the good words and so glad that you all are there to read this..imagine without you all ..wht would be these :)...I hope you understand how imp you all are to me :)
Keep coming !

nuyi: :) I have no words...!! But I said..until u speak no one will know the existance.."Eyes that do not cry, do not see" Thanks for commenting!

manish: Thanks...:)
I like to hear frm u always since u r my critic ;)
Keshi said…
even without us reading ur blog, ur toughts r still does not have to be validated by anyone but u...u rock!

keshi: you are just amazing..dear :) thnx

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