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The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.

How disconnected I feel without my laptop…:(
I never considered my laptop as an electronic system…but it had become part of me..which connected me with my nears and dear ones…I could spend all day and night with my laptop and today…with all my emotions I have to express that I am not able to login to my laptop!

“A thunderstorm is God's way of saying you spend too much time in front of the computer”

Seems like some virus has trespassed my laptop’s property…I am using my friends laptop..thanks to him for supporting me in such a crisis time.

“Hardware: the parts of a computer that can be kicked.”

Guys but the good news is that I have taken my laptop to the doctor ;) yes…one of the System support guy is going to help me and make sure that I don’t loose my data :D…

Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it. ~Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

I felt that all these posts that I add here in my blog, is with the help of my lapto…

What is the opposite of two? A lonely me, a lonely you

They can’t sit quite
And always fight
But either one goes away
The other feels the part
What is it that doesn’t keep them tight?
But still craves to be right ;) ~ Dawn

Don’t know I saw this picture and the quick thoughts that came in was this….may be its individual perception what you look in the picture…:D
Within you I lose myself...
Without you I find myself
Wanting to be lost again.

I miss my friend today….I hope to see my friend soon!!!

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. ~Kay Knudsen

“Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weaknesses”

Happy Birthday Sis Keshi.....let me begin this post with one of the incident that I sure you will like it...dedicated to Keshi...I want to see your reaction..;)It was hot sunny day …and as the time was crossing it was more like a mid afternoon.. though it was not yet noon!
A girl walks in to the parlor and the moment she comes in..a lady greets her and she says I want to do manicure and pedicure!
The lady greeted her and made her comfortable with a magazine…since it seemed like she was a walk-in client.

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” ~ Ashley Smith

The girl was not sure of the shop or the place but seemed very curious and anxious about everything. She picked her nail color and was seated in the spa to soak her feet in the warm soapy water…as the time went her pedicure was done and she was getting ready fo…

“I CAN is 100 times more important than IQ”

I went to Keshi’s blog and I was bitten by this tag bug :D…so here I go..

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.”

Accent: I have this accent where people keep guessing where I come from however, my Canadian friends love it as they say I am Canadian and I do have that accent :D.

Booze: Fruit-flavored Vodka or say cock-tails ;)

Chore I Hate: I Well there is nothing that I really hate but..if someone is two faced then that’s it for me…I try to avoid and ignore :D

Dog or Cat: Love both and had 4 dogs and two cats so far :D they are truly your friends and companions

Essential Electronics: My PC, mobile phone and my digital camera :D.

Fav Perfume: Its Pleasures from Estee Lauders.

Gold or Silver: I love silver and platinum jewelry and I love to wear jewelry as per my dressings…I enjoy this activity :D.

Home: Its still Toronto :D…I just cant change it !

Insomnia: Nothing that I can think of…as I s…

One father is more than a hundred Schoolemasters

Yes, that what I personally feel with the title of my post today!
I have gone to school and got till my masters and even learning today from day to day life, work experience, courses to upgrade…but all had the base which my Dad taught me as a child while I was growing with him.

“He didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.”

I remember when I was a kid, my dad always used to drop me to school and while returning back I used to walk back to home with one of my neighbor who was probably a year or two older to me…!

“Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character”
My direction was always poor so…one day we had a new gal in the class and somehow teacher made her to sit next to me. We became such a good friend the first day itself that when the school got over we both were holding each other’s hand and were walking home. I didn’t realize until she took me to her house and I was all zapped I have to go to my home..! I was totally lost and I start…

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.”

Today as the day was proceeding…I was quite hopeful about a successful delivery of a product…a product that any vendor will feel proud and as a customer …also it will make proud!!! But alas!!! It wasn’t the case..!

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it” ~ Albert Einstein

Some how as a PM I have no trust in the vendor now after so many fixes they keep adding scripts that will mitigate one or the other mistakes of there’s.. And hence I don’t give a green signal to go-live for my project! Its not something any PM would like to do but then…none of the PM’s would like to make a delivery just to meet the deadline and give a crap!

“Trust is like a vase.. once it's broken, though you can fix it the vase will never be same again.”

Even though the launch I had pushed for the week…I was quite feeling comfortable and at peace…that I didn’t make a wrong decision!
After doing all my do diligence…I finally decided to call-out tomorrow morning as an official …

"The only way to have a friend is to be one."

I have been tagged by my buddy Kumar Chetan and here I am… :D
Anyone who is interested can take the tag on from here…its like the love bite ;)
Ok here I go……..

Childhood friend : Don’t know which part of the world they are now...

"In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."~ Martin Luther King Jr. ~

College friend : Yes I am still in touch with two of them just because they got married and the gal is very sincere and loving that we are still in touch

"A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked."~ Bernard Meltzer ~

Hostel friend : Many….and I still miss them a lottttttttt.

"Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light."~ Jennie Jerome Churchill ~

Close friend : My close friends are many…and am glad to mention here that they include my virtual friends too :D...

"A friend is someone who sees through you and still e…

“The real test of friendship is: can you literally do nothing with the other person? Can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple?”

Today I am going to talk about the mix of moments and emotions, when a person goes through. This is about one of my best friend…! He had his movie released and look at the moment that his father who was suffering due to some illness had to part from his family and friends..!

“The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again.” ~ Charles Dickens

I called this friend to congratulate and I hear this sad news as well…but all I felt was since father was suffering it’s a relief for him to part from the body and I think as we grow we as human have to understand and relate to that level of spiritual thinking…where we as human has no hands in to play!

“Every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection”

I pay my deep and sincere condolence to the grieving family and to my dear friend.
I have never seen such a talented, versatile human and I pray to god for his good health and success!

“I am adaptable, flexible, versatile, and ambitious. I …

“The best way to cheer yourself is to try to cheer someone else up.”

World Soccer ….who can be deprived of this sports :D…yes but I do know some of my friends who hate the word also :D….! Yes its all about liking the sport and enjoying it!

“Sports do not build character. They reveal it.”

I am a deadly fan of this…whenever World Cup takes place no matter which country I always remember my days in Canada. We used to have this huge TV in our lunch room and we often used to go for water or some excuse and would wait there to see those…gosh!!!

“These things I warmly wish for you Someone to love, some work to do, A bit o' sun, a bit o' cheer, And a guardian angel always near”
Now, as I read the updates and the scores…its driving me nuts…that I am not there to watch …! I remember when there was this soccer match in Dublin and everyone suggested to get out of the city ASAP…as there are so much violence involved as the fans gets cheering there team…and I think more than teams it’s the fans who take things seriously!

“It would be nice to have someone to che…

“Passion is a positive obsession. Obsession is a negative passion.”

How far a boat can sail in the deep ocean if all are handicap?
Yeah…that’s how you feel when you see your team is with negative approach!
Even before the match if you predict that we are going to loose then what did you played??? You will be surprised to read the below quote from Einstein :D

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” ~ Albert Einstein

I think its better to die in the battlefield rather than running away as coward: D
May be these are too harsh to say here but that’s how I feel when I as a PM trying to motivate the team for the success of the project and one single person with his/her negativity…. creates all the turbulence.

“If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.”

Today, finally the Release Manager asked me…what is that person up to as I always see that person bringing some or the other issues rather than giving a positive approach to it…!!!
It’s the faith in yourself….or el…

There never was a good war or a bad peace.

I had an opportunity to see this movie by Stephen Spielberg…Munich!
I know since this movie got released I am planning and then it kept on getting nominated for the Academy Awards …I suppose 5 times and still I couldn’t get a chance!

“The combat deepens. On, ye brave, / Who rush to glory, or the grave! / Wave, Munich! all thy banners wave, / And charge with all thy chivalry!”

Today I was just about in the Blockbuster to get my free movie when I saw this movie there and said ..Yes, this was something that I was looking for ages :D
Amazingly done…it has shown what happens to the people who actually works in this and the people behind this they seems to live a good life!!!
But the people who actually do this dirty job they just keep fearing for there own life and family.
A very well taken movie with a message to mass that an eye to eye is not the solution…I remember MK Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong” ~ MK Gandhi

and Martin Luther King Jr. who believed in MK Gandhi and took inspira…

“Silence is the true friend that never betrays.”

“Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart.”

Have you ever thought why nature. …sculptures. paintings….looks beautiful to us…? Sometimes we forget that they don’t speak…they are in silence and are created in such a way that one can look in to them to know what they speak but that too with a silence…isn’t that amazing?
In short we prefer silence to speech! If it wasn’t that way then why do we see people who have the privilege of speech and we see that they misuse it by arguments, fights and inappropriate words and notions to hurt others.

“There are times when silence has the loudest voice”
“I have learned silence from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strangely, I am ungrateful to these teachers” ~ Khalil Jibran

I was with the notion that its great to be able to talk as we at least can express ourselves. I have heard people who even though can talk aren’t privileged to speak or express because they are dominated or har…

“Perhaps love is the process of my leading you gently back to yourself”

What happens if you are not a process person and you do try to challenge your own knowledge with someone who is pro in process ;)
Yes guys you make a big booboo out of yourself…and that’s what happened today @ work.

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” ~ Julia Cameron

This person is new to the organization and you can see how excited they are that they challenged the Project Management with UAT test process ….she even came close to where she said..we might delay the implementation date …gosh!!!!
I am the project manager for this and guess what…am not moving the implementation date as I don’t find any solid reason to do so..!

“I do not believe in failure. It is not failure if you enjoyed the process.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

The issue started when they wanted to poke in there nose where they got confused with UAT testing and Training…lol!
Today, there was scheduled a serious one hour meeting with all the product managers, SQA manager, Project Manager, Release Manager, Sr R…