Saturday, April 30, 2005

Happiness sneaks through a door you didn't know that you left open

I got this picture from my friend..:) and I kept on looking at it for a beautiful eyes they have...even though they are animals...Nature has created so many things ...and so perfect ;)....& looking at them ...I said everyone should treat themselves ...:) isn't it? after all..'we' as person do so many things ....many times things get unnoticed by others but hey...we can give a pat to self and treat ourselves ;) what say? :D

Today I treated myself in my own way...where there was peace...inner satisfaction & a smile ...just like the light golden one has in its eyes :)

It reminds me Jaggu's ghazal..aisee aankhein nahi dekhi really in the eyes of the beholder...:)

"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living"

That's all I can think of today....all mix still admiring so many things around me that nature has created ....:) Posted by Hello

Friday, April 29, 2005

Who's Natwarlaal?

Friends....I am a great fan of Amitabh a child :) and who wouldn't be ??? For me I only knew one hero and friend that's Amitabh Bacchan...I remember how we used to have every sunday his movie in the auditorium. We all kids had one reason or say motivation to study and finish our reward for that was Bacchan's movie..:)
I met him when he was shooting for Major Sahab and he indeed is a good person by heart too :)
Hence guys...If Bacchan is riding english or swimming english...or even singing :) yes...I love his voice...amazing!!! am so glad that lately Bollywood started using his voice...!!! why am praising him so much just to say that..guys..I have added another song to my radio blog in his voice ;)
Try and am sure you will never regret ;)
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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Trouble is only opportunity in work clothes

Now a days so busy with my tasks...deliverables and on top of this are the people who just don't want to be serious when I am trying to be ;) hahah yeah...I was busy with this cost benefit analysis calculation ...each time I come up with appropriate figures the other colleague would say me how you got that figure or he will say...I don't think that is correct but please don't believe what I I don't remember half of the things...gosh!!! was at a point where I had to act serious though..each time I loose and blast with laughter...!
Anyway...after this session I had a meeting with my special friend :) yes...its so nice that I can discuss about my work & this Spl friend always finds a nice way to take my mind away from work pressure...he started talking about how the romans invaded and how some of the tribals were wiped out and the technique and strategy that they used in those war days...and I just didn't know how time just flew away...:) often my friend talks about Poonjabi (thats how he pronounces) contractor who is fixing his basement...and I keep wondering how he must be interacting with those people so closely that he knows so much about the culture...I really admire such people who learn about other people's ...culture and understand it rather making fun of them.
My day was a new people :o know what already people have started calling me ..'Trouble'..with caps T :O oh gosh!!!!..its like life began again ;)
Tomorrow is friday but.guess..I will be like the above one ;)...have to behave as am at new place with new people :D ..reputation da mamla hey;)
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Living might mean taking chances, but they're worth taking ;)

Ask Eve. Evolve. Take a chance, take a ticket, take a fast train to the coast...or just jump in the air like the one above ;) .. No guts, no glory. :)..what is chance: a coin with two sides that one tosses into the air as many times as one wants. ...The odds remain the same :) ...It's risky breathing, let alone needing, trusting, reaching out. Life is the leap of faith, the bold declaration of ;) Hope ..:) Posted by Hello

An evening in East York Collegiate ;)

My day was soooo busy...I was using my time management skills ;) to manage my timeline with the two projects....& finally I decided to leave some work for tomorrow always comes;) "aaj to gaya ..lekin kal hey na;)"
But I never thought my evening would end up so amazing!!! awesome!!! fantuabulous!!! wonderful!!! I can just keep on adding adjectives ....:D
Guess what..? I got a chance to attend a concert ;) and it was not of Bryan Adams or Britney or so...these were students from Kindergarden till grade 5 :) !!! WOW!!! what a wonderful just took me back to my kindergarden days...when I used to perform and my dad used to click pictures..aah!!! "koi lauta de mere beete huye din" was a wonderful evening that I had...its a neighbourhood school where all these kids were celebrating spring 2005. It started with O'Canada ...the national anthem and then one by one kids were rocking....I was so surprised there wasn't a moment when audience was waiting for any was just one by one..& some kids were the program fillers...when the stage is getting set for another show these 4th grade kids came and were dancing on some pretty cool Makarena...& some rap ones.. I could see the same characters what I used to have when I was in KG....remember how some kids used to be in the group because they are told to...and some over acting...some super acting..and some so dull ...I could see all those characters even today on the stage...where someone misses those steps and tries to copy the partner...:) and then someone's costume falling down...ohh I didn't realize how I got lost in that celebration ...that I was on top of my voice cheering those kids...all I could say in my mind is "Dad...I wish I had a pause button that time"...........ohhh I miss those days..:( ...I got emotional but ..I was in full swing..ohh I think some kids were still behaving..hahaha not me;)
It ended with a full of life song..Its Celebration time c'mon!!!! am still on the 8th 19th.. no yaar what so ever that hyper ;)
I really had such a wonderful time today ..felt like to yell loud and tell the world....
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One time bath in a week ..because of very busy study schedules lol!!!! Posted by Hello

You are doing a beautiful thing!!!!

No guys!! that's not me...:) but my day was really busy and I love it that way...some call me workoholic & some call me career oriented...but I say thats my passion!!!

Though I enjoyed the day but am sure I ruined someone else's day lol ...I had this call from a real estate agent ...probably he was making his cold calls & I was so engrossed in my analysis & cost benefit assesment that when this guy started selling me this listed house...I got so...........mad...all I could say at work and I am NOT interested!!!!!!!!! and I hang up on him..suddenly I realized I do have four other cubicles beside me (oops!) hahaha I was smiling but rest all were silent (lol)!!!

Later, I felt I could have said that with a calm temperament as well..isn't it? But then I started justifying myself....he should understand you don't call people at work at such hour of the day n sell a house ..on the phone gosh!!!blah blah blah!!!!! Everyone has there day I guess...

A promise is all about faith;)
A promise is only as strong as your own faith in your own self, in your own god.
So when you swear, in light of your strengths and inspite of your weaknesses, to struggle and follow through...
You are doing a beautiful thing ;)

Is that a better way to end my day...;) I guess so I can try !!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005

What does love mean to you?

My friend was sharing this story ..about how her neighbours wanted to go for vacation & they didn't know what to do with their pet -fawn. And they really had no clue until they saw this one taking care of the little one..:) guess what neighbours had thier wonderful vacation and these guys became best buddies :)
Sometimes, animals don't think but just act so humanly and we keep thinking :)
Now a days a lot is to be learnt from animals..I thought I must share this with you all :)
We think of cast, religion, language, country and what not..look at this one..! Does love have any boundaries? :)
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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Share with Friends ..always;)

Phew!!!!! finally, I got My Radio Blog..up running..;) Remember I said...busy with some research....yeah ..all day I was relaxing until I was surfing something in the evening and radio blog caught my eyes...thought why not give a try ;)
Do try listening to the songs...I have tried to add all kinds...even English for non-desi's ;) the side bar and do comment with ...suggestions for I will update my list ...hey isn't that we learnt "sharing means caring" :)
Enjoy & now I think I should go to bed ..:D Posted by Hello

Chilling in...;)

The weather is so gloomy this weekend and further next was cloudy most of the time and in some parts it was snowing..gosh! its mid April,...and still spring is hiding somewhere...!!! For me the day was just relaxing.....until I was caught in some still on it..figuring out...I haven't given up on it...damn I am so focussed & determined on one of my buddy say am so stubborn when it comes to my goals ;) Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Run when you need to ;)

Ever in a situation you felt where you had to literally run haha!?!
I remember...when I had gone to play hockey & our team had won the match ...I was selected as the captain for Nationals after that match..(its a different story that ...I was forced to get back to studies :( , we all were so happy & excited ! We got into the public transport to reach back to our destination and in the bus we saw a heavy huge guy sitting infront with his back towards us...taking the whole four seater space ...and in all that fun we lost our control and we said 'who is this elephant baby'....and the guy coolly turned back ..........oh gosh!!!!!!!!!!
My situation was just like the one above :)
..... but I apologized ;)
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Friday, April 22, 2005

Antelope Lovers Shona Stone Statue

From the Shona people of Zimbabwe comes this expression of joy and unity, carved into stone. Two antelopes -- one large, one smaller -- curl together in a touching, delicate expression of love.
Shona artist Regis Mazaura hand-carves native rapoka stone using only hand tools.
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Dancing Family Shona Stone Statue

Today I saw a piece of art ...a very unique creativity and just loved it thought..I must share this over here....Depicting a dancing family of three figures, this scuplture represents the joy of family unity. Handmade by the Shona tribespeople of Zimbabwe.
The Shona tribes are considered by many to be among the world's finest sculptors. Inspired by spiritual beliefs, folklore and daily life, Shonas rarely carve with a pre-conceived idea, but let the stone dictate its own final, unique form.
Depicting a dancing family of three figures, this scuplture represents the joy of family unity. Handmade by the Shona tribespeople of Zimbabwe.
The Shona tribes are considered by many to be among the world's finest sculptors. Inspired by spiritual beliefs, folklore and daily life, Shonas rarely carve with a pre-conceived idea, but let the stone dictate its own final, unique form.
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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Friends are like gems!!!

Love your friends, no matter who they are :) Posted by Hello

An evening with....inducing thoughts!!!

Today, my day was busier than a new project and transitioning tasks explaination...all sorts of things that I can relate to the project took palce. Do I know anything about the project (lol)....I don't know but I knew one thing that I can use my skills on visio ;)
Busy day didn't know how n when it ended and I went for dinner with this spl friend that I mentioned below in one of my post...!
Discussions around culture, cast, religion, movie, sports, bikes, actors (oops!), antiques and its growth..when my friend really kept a challenge infront of me as what I need to do...and It made me think all the way...yes! I do have passion for many things I utilizing it fully to accomplish what I need to be....!!!!! This evening gave me lot of inducement for my thoughts as for my goals...!!!!!

I hope you still feel small When you stand beside the ocean

I find this so true just give a thought to what it says:

If you're ever lying on a beach with
80 billion grains of sand beneath you,
700 thousand ocean waves before you,
60 million stars stretched out above you,
and you're still not at all impressed,
I want you to think about this:
The light you see reflecting from the stars is over one million years old.


But then, just before you start to feel like a mere blip
in the gigantic scheme of things, please remember this:
Yes, you are small, but you're also irreplaceable
and invaluable
and miraculous.
Those stars don't have anything on you.

An excellent evening...with an excellent an excellent Host ;)
I will never forget this evening...its a special page in my diary :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Rain..rain come again!

Today it was raining heavy in Greater Toronto Area...but I still feel it wasn't heavy enough :)!
I love rains and to get wet and play in the rain!
It reminds me of my school days when I used to forget my rain-coat at home (on purpose) and then coming back home all drenched in the rain and playing in the rainy was such a wonderful experience...and after that a heavy dose scolding from mum ...and she trying to dry the water away so that I don't get cold...ahh!!!
It was so fun...and now when it rains here I miss Lonavala.....we used to go from our was a usual place to hang around specially when it rained....!!

Bheega bheega mausam hey
Bheega bheega sa aanchal
Mann mein ek oomang hey tu,
Kaheen kuch oodasee see bhi
Ese mein koi sathi ho tu,
Mausam ka kuch aur maza hey
Baharon ki yeh mausagi jo
Intezaar tera karwati hey
Kyun na koi aisee baat ho
Ke deedar-e-yaar aaj ho hee jaye
Bheege se iss mausam mein
Kyun na aaj hum bhi bheegjayein
Bheege aanchal mein hee sahi
Hum tum ek ho jayein kaheen!
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Rain drops on the window pane...!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ah, skin, wide smiles, clear eyes..the future so bright. If only we could bottle it, sip it now & again, and stay forever twenty-one, forever ten, forever I liked being five. :) My Fergusson College...thanks to Milind to share this with me :) Posted by Hello

Some weird thoughts...cropping in!!

Today ....mind was just wandering with how we meet somewhere..someone...and mere the thoughts and personality makes you believe that yes...there is no difference within no matter where you are born and what you eat..what you do...! We are human..haven't we often read & heard of ..yeah my colour of the blood is red ;) how about yours?? lol

Just jotting down the weird thinking and the mind how it wanders sometimes...all over the place!!

What does it mean to be here? What does it mean to have friends? What does it mean to get dressed, to have a meal, to work? What does it mean to come home? What is the difference between living & the dead?

I sometimes wonder if the "dead" are not more present, more comfort, more here than most of the living. :)

Then I think...but it's morning (Dawn) :) Within my hands is another day. Another day to listen & love & walk & glory. I am here for another day ;)

I think of those who aren't.

I guess by the end of reading this may doze-off :)

Reminds me of my mom's advise!!!!

Meet new people, even if they look different to you..! Posted by Hello

A Discovery within...!!

Ever this happened to talk to so many people in your daily life and you don't even realize among all these people you have someone as special friend...with whom you discuss as what you are....a slight element of you and when you find that person does the same with you...I think..there a bond ..which has already formed :)

Yes...I have also formed a bond...and I often realized this whenever I was talking to this spl friend..but was not able to believe I felt it ...:)

I often discuss about everything i.e., Me & Myself (so self centered) lol; but I do and the same is well received by this spl friend too and I also listen to this spl friend...the fun & jokes that we crack ...all implies Yes..I do have a spl friend :)

The ancient wisdom, "To give is to receive", is usually interpreted as giving first to others. Yet love sends warmth in all directions, and if giving is receiving, receiving must also be giving.
The real question is, What can be truly given?

Monday, April 18, 2005

Lost & found...Me..Myself!!

Today...nothing major is as cool as it the usual first page of any book :) know what I mean..!
Something was bothering sitting in mind...don't know was often thinking about poor kids those who are in orphanage...don't know was feeling so sad...and often such times my music comes handy...and I was listening to my fav. Jagjit Singh' just rejuvinates the whole system a purifier :)

I remember last year when I went to India and I came to know about his concert in can a die-hard fan miss such an opportunity...his show was so full...that I was told by some friends that I can hear him listening at the back stage..I was ready for anything just to listen to him singing :) & guess what...I had the opportunity to talk to him when he took out two tickets (for me & my friend-who was calling me crazy) lol & said "chalo bhagna nahi ab pic khenchwali ab acche se wahan saamne seat per baithkar meri ghazalein suno" {now don't run away from here since the picture session is over ..go to the front row and have a seat and listen to my ghazals} ohh gosh...can anyone guess what was that!?! like blessing in disguise:)

Its so true...great people...artists...are so humble and modest!!!! An amazing personality...!!!

I was happy by the time the day ended..:) that is all is about life..I thank god for letting me sleep peacefully & happily..:)

God forbid love ever leave you empty-handed....
But if it does, may it leave you patient & stronger,
willing & wiser, tender & tougher!!!

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Birthday Time!!!!

Yesterday...I heard some sad news..people's sad demise...and I was wondering how strange is the game of life...its just like the world time differences..when its dawn at one place its actually setting down at the other end...what an irony!!!
April 17th....I know more than one person who's b'day is today :) isn't that amazing...that I do know and am thinking many more there would be whom I don't even know...but then my heart wishes to all those whom I know...& I don't know...
Happy Birthday!!! to you all..........
Let the music move you
let the moment take your hand
let it lead you out into
the middle of the dance floor and
embrace you.
Dive off the high board,
ride with the top down
thrive like a wildflower
and sing ;)
(who cares what you sound like)
with a voice all your own.
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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Some moments to cherish...which vibrates the strings of heart..!

Ever it happened to I heard a ghazal and I liked it so much that I quickly wrote down the first couplet ..thinking that it will be easier for me to find the whole still looking for is..

"Rehata nahi hey chaand kabhi chaandani se dur
Kya aap reha sakenge meri zindagii se dur? "

{Like the moonlight is never away or parted with moon, will you be able to live parting me?}

something like this it says...I am just trying to put forth the meaning though I might not be able to bring the essence with which the poet might have wrote...Ifind it very touching...and hence I asked one of my friend to find this for me...he couldn't get it but he gave me another song...which is like this...

Bikhri huyi narm si……..
chandni lehron ke ghar ja rahi…..roshni
lamha lamha
lamha lamha
choo rahi hain sard hawayein
tanha tanha lag rahe hain apne saye…..
yaad aaye koi……
Bikhri huyi narm si……..
chandni Shabnam shabnam raat mein,
sapne humare nam huye Bheenge sapne dekh ke,
chand sitare kam huye
Ab sabhi ke dil mein ek hi betabi
Ek hi bekhudi….. Bikhri huyi narm si……..
chandni Madhoshi hai mehki huyi,
khushboo ye kiski aa rahi dil ke mausam ko
huyi meethi meethi bechaini ab yakeen hain dhadkanon ko
sab ye nishani bas tere pyar ki…
Bikhri huyi narm si…….. chandni

It is a IndiPop album sung by Arnab Chakravorty...can be heard at this link..;) I really enjoyed it...hope you too my belief is music is something which has no boundaries..of cast creed...or language :)Â

Friday, April 15, 2005

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Awake! for Morning in the Bowl of Night
Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars to Flight:
And Lo! the Hunter of the East has caught
The Sultan's Turret in a Noose of Light.

Dreaming when Dawn's Left Hand was in the Sky
I heard a Voice within the Tavern cry,
"Awake, my Little ones, and fill the Cup
Before Life's Liquor in its Cup be dry."

And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before
The Tavern shouted - "Open then the Door.
You know how little while we have to stay,
And, once departed, may return no more."

Now the New Year reviving old Desires,
The thoughtful Soul to Solitude retires,
Where the WHITE HAND OF MOSES on the Bough
Puts out, and Jesus from the Ground suspires.

I met a friend and he gave me Rubaiyat of Omar Khayaam - the book as a gift to read and now he is a very dear friend of mine...!! Each word I read and mesmerise it and I say 'thank you, dear'! Posted by Hello

I love people when I love them for being people, and not for being young or old or beautiful or hip. I wish I could love what humanity has built just because humanity has built it: streets, power lines, buildings, cars. It's easy to love nature. Why? I have been taught that God made trees. But is that all God made? Art, grace, melody, beauty, are a way of looking. Why isn't traffic music to me, and music noise? Posted by Hello

This is taken in UK-Scotland...its called the spring field. Nature is so beautiful...with one glance the beautiful earth...mountains and the sky....its high but could be reachable if we decide to...!! This pic always give me strength and peace altogether!!! Posted by Hello

You get your fill to eat but always keep that hunger...

Hunger is the wanting:

to see more
to feel more
to touch more
to crave, desire, search out, find, hold more.
I want to keep that hunger....
And sometimes hunger hurts more.

But as they say go on, go west young man, young woman :)
Plow the land,
plant the seeds,
grow the food for the whole wide world. :):)

All I can think of is may you never take one single breath for granted...
so breathe out and breathe in & soak it all up!!!

One should be prepared....always!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Am crazy about bikes...that too the racing ones ;)

2005 Ducati Multistrada 1000S
Ducati has developed an even more advanced machine on the basis of the 1000 DS, made to measure for riders who appreciate the Multistrada mainly for its sports abilities. The difference between the 1000 DS and 1000 S DS lies in the special equipment of the latter, like its special handlebars, multi-adjustment suspensions, and carbon fibre body parts, taken directly from the Superbike world.

Just like the entry level model, the 1000 S DS is also new for 2005. It shares all fairing and instrumentation components with the basic 1000 but its overall appearance is clearly influenced by the presence of various racing components. The high level of equipment of the 1000 S DS is designed to enhance the more sporting nature of this universal bike. Sports performance is ensured by suspensions that are mechanically and aesthetically identical to those of the 999 S as any motorcycle enthusiast is bound to notice. Further distinguishing details on the S version include its variable section aluminium handlebars, carbon fibre front mudguard and timing belt cover. The 1000 S DS is available in black and red.

The sports handling of the Multistrada 1000 S DS has been achieved by the more professional suspension setup. No changes have been needed to the already powerful and flexible engine. The engine therefore remains Ducati's most highly developed twin spark air-cooled L-Twin, delivering 92 HP at 8000 rpm....that's one of my so many passions...;) I just love the sound...zhoom zhooooom ...something happens to me :D

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As a child I grew up with many pets and I was fortunate for getting the pets..what I asked from my parents. I had 3-4 dogs of fine breeds...then we had cats just similar the one is posted below -the mother & the child...we had both mother & daughter...mother was my mum's and the daughter was mine ;) she was cute I grew up I had rabbits or bunnies -a couple, then squirrel...! They say its good to have a pet as learns to care and share when as a kid you are growing. Today...I was in a pet shop to buy one and I was not able to decide the priorities have so much changed that the emotional aspect is kept aside and I was thinking logically as the least effort it should take to manage. The guy at the store was suggesting right from the insect -Cricket...lady bug..& all that reminded me of my biology lab in ! I dont want that one at home...and eventually I decided upon having this fish which is low maintainance haha ! that's what the guy Mick said. I got it home and named her Betzy....she looks beautiful though purple-blue colour...the geographic origin is of Thailand (Siam) wow ...;) and its scientific name is Betta Splendens....! A journey towards new companionship :)
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Now I have become death ......!?!

Today...while I was talking to my boss...and our conversation jumped from one topic to other and from one project to other..we often discuss about military..the ways ..the aspect ...the artillaries..types of guns and its range .fast racing war I & II and so on & so forth....and he said something like this...the last line I find the punch line ;) and hence I am adding it to the page..

"If you love it, set it free
If it comes back, its yours
If it doesn't, hunt it down & kill it :) "

I had a good laugh over it as I was noting it in my note book and then he said something very serious...yeah very serious know what...he you know ...

"Now I have become death ..the destroyer of world" -

When he said I was so sure that its from the Hindu holy book Gita..but then he said this one was specifically said by J. Robert Oppenheimer who was involved in the creation of first atomic bomb....and I started thinking....what they must have been thinking when they were making all this destructive things...did they ever thought what and how they will be remembered many questions just went through my mind and I just went back in those world war how things would have been.....!!!! I need to take history lessons more...;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Milind Date is one of the most versatile musicians from India. Today, he has carved a niche for his excellent abilities of bansuri bamboo flute playing and composing. Having the background of the historical city of Pune, he started learning Indian classical music from well-known Pandit Ajit Soman. Since 1989, Milind is fortunate enough to be under the wings of world famous bansuri virtuoso Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia for the advance training.
Milind is known for his versatility and performances in various genres with equal expertise. He has worked with some of the best musicians from verious parts of the world, and is touring a lot for performances.
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They should tell you when you're born: have a suitcase heart, be ready to travel...

This morning I read Shweta Nanda’s article on empty nest. I applaud her to acknowledge something like this and not shy away because of th...