Monday, April 25, 2005

What does love mean to you?

My friend was sharing this story ..about how her neighbours wanted to go for vacation & they didn't know what to do with their pet -fawn. And they really had no clue until they saw this one taking care of the little one..:) guess what neighbours had thier wonderful vacation and these guys became best buddies :)
Sometimes, animals don't think but just act so humanly and we keep thinking :)
Now a days a lot is to be learnt from animals..I thought I must share this with you all :)
We think of cast, religion, language, country and what not..look at this one..! Does love have any boundaries? :)
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KL said...

Yep! Yep! Yep! You are very right. I had this feeling - learn from animals - from early childhood (6/7 years?). I never understood why people say, "stop behaving like an animal." I always discuss that animals behave much better than us - atleast they don't kill us for petty reasons or don't back stab. They openly declare that they are going to defend their territories, kill for food, etc,. Oh! can't put my thoughts clearly hear. I guess I need to write a blog on this.

Mirzaghalib said...

Absolutly Dawn...very well said..animals have been our teachers from the day one....even though we are so called Ahraf-ul-Makhlooq but to me Animals deserve that title more than humans..
Aadmi se Jaanwar ziyada wafadar hai

wordearth said...

We humans often fail to realize
How empty and small we fall in our own eyes
In our daily run to win the bread
Its our ‘own sweet own’ that we often tread

Take a look at them, those creatures so innocent
Their eyes talk love that words can never transcend
Learn those truths that are never told through words
For Intelligence should never defeat your feeling

Unaiza Nasim said...

Is teher love ??? love sure has no limitations of cast, languge, color...but only if it is love..
unfortunately love is fading away with lust...
as once i siad in a debate " pehlay kabhi dil ka mamla tha is dor ney is ko bhi bill ka mamla bana diya hay!"
well written!

Dawn....सेहर said...

Kl & mirzaghalib: Totally agreed & appreciate you support my thoughts :hail:

nuyi: I know inside you a poet is there who always says soft & caress soothing! & well composed! Thnx :)

unaiza nasim: Well said & I don't deny that 'dil ab bill ka mamla hogaya hey'...but I still feel there still exists...'pehale kabhi ka dil' ;) am sure :)

Thanks for all your suppots guys!

Madi said...

cute... by the way ys ur radioblog not playing full songs? just a few secs pass by and the next track startspalying and so on

Manish said...

hmmm again nice pic & what a nice reply from nuyi.
It said it all!

Bombayite said...

wow... really awesome stuff..
I agree doggies are much caring and really good freinds... but I think this doggie must b really happy to have a fawn as a freind and playmate :)

Gumnaaaam said...

Very true,

We surely do learn frm pets,

specially when dogs are considered,all the dogs are said to be the most trust-worthy one's,where as all the ppl on this universe can never be called as trust-worthy,but few r there which can be called , and ur name is on the top of the list :)

Keep up the good work !

Mirzaghalib said...
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