Thursday, April 14, 2005

Now I have become death ......!?!

Today...while I was talking to my boss...and our conversation jumped from one topic to other and from one project to other..we often discuss about military..the ways ..the aspect ...the artillaries..types of guns and its range .fast racing war I & II and so on & so forth....and he said something like this...the last line I find the punch line ;) and hence I am adding it to the page..

"If you love it, set it free
If it comes back, its yours
If it doesn't, hunt it down & kill it :) "

I had a good laugh over it as I was noting it in my note book and then he said something very serious...yeah very serious know what...he you know ...

"Now I have become death ..the destroyer of world" -

When he said I was so sure that its from the Hindu holy book Gita..but then he said this one was specifically said by J. Robert Oppenheimer who was involved in the creation of first atomic bomb....and I started thinking....what they must have been thinking when they were making all this destructive things...did they ever thought what and how they will be remembered many questions just went through my mind and I just went back in those world war how things would have been.....!!!! I need to take history lessons more...;)

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