Antelope Lovers Shona Stone Statue

From the Shona people of Zimbabwe comes this expression of joy and unity, carved into stone. Two antelopes -- one large, one smaller -- curl together in a touching, delicate expression of love.
Shona artist Regis Mazaura hand-carves native rapoka stone using only hand tools.
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aww thnks..yeh u did:)
KL said…
Woow! these sculptures are beeeeaaauuuu...tiful....Thanks for sharing.
KL said…
Well, at least I've been able to steal your adopted animal ;). Thanks a bunch :)
meyumposts: I am really glad...:) & thanks!!! to let me know about it :))

kl: Thanks for liking the pictures..and yes I am happy at least I could share something with you ;)

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Dinesh said…
Thanx for passing by and posting on my blog..
Keep visiting my blog..
Btw, can we have a link exchange?
Hey there Dawn,
Thanks for visiting my blog, well,all forms of art are beautiful coz they convey emotions...yanyways...have fun and a great day...
flick said…
awe! this ones soo alive, so warm. :))) i love it!
Manish said…
just wonderful!
kalakar apni kreitiyon mein kis terah jaan daal dete hain ye uska ek sakshat namoona hai!
Sylvana said…
I really like this statue. I love simple, sweeping lines.
Mirzaghalib said…
Saadgi mein bhi qayamat ki ada hoti hai....heard about it but after this pic I think I should believe it too :)
Unaiza Nasim said…
Unaiza Nasim said…
Thanks to all for the visit and kind gesture!

Please come again :)

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