Wednesday, April 27, 2005

An evening in East York Collegiate ;)

My day was soooo busy...I was using my time management skills ;) to manage my timeline with the two projects....& finally I decided to leave some work for tomorrow always comes;) "aaj to gaya ..lekin kal hey na;)"
But I never thought my evening would end up so amazing!!! awesome!!! fantuabulous!!! wonderful!!! I can just keep on adding adjectives ....:D
Guess what..? I got a chance to attend a concert ;) and it was not of Bryan Adams or Britney or so...these were students from Kindergarden till grade 5 :) !!! WOW!!! what a wonderful just took me back to my kindergarden days...when I used to perform and my dad used to click pictures..aah!!! "koi lauta de mere beete huye din" was a wonderful evening that I had...its a neighbourhood school where all these kids were celebrating spring 2005. It started with O'Canada ...the national anthem and then one by one kids were rocking....I was so surprised there wasn't a moment when audience was waiting for any was just one by one..& some kids were the program fillers...when the stage is getting set for another show these 4th grade kids came and were dancing on some pretty cool Makarena...& some rap ones.. I could see the same characters what I used to have when I was in KG....remember how some kids used to be in the group because they are told to...and some over acting...some super acting..and some so dull ...I could see all those characters even today on the stage...where someone misses those steps and tries to copy the partner...:) and then someone's costume falling down...ohh I didn't realize how I got lost in that celebration ...that I was on top of my voice cheering those kids...all I could say in my mind is "Dad...I wish I had a pause button that time"...........ohhh I miss those days..:( ...I got emotional but ..I was in full swing..ohh I think some kids were still behaving..hahaha not me;)
It ended with a full of life song..Its Celebration time c'mon!!!! am still on the 8th 19th.. no yaar what so ever that hyper ;)
I really had such a wonderful time today ..felt like to yell loud and tell the world....
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Mirzaghalib said...

Yeh Daulat bhi lelo yeh shohrat bhi lelo
Bhale chheenlo mujhse meri jawaani
Magar mujhko lautado bachpan ka saawan
Woh kaagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka paani

So true, everytime I go to some of these concerts it always take me back to my childhood and make me think of this Geet sung by none other than Jaggu Dada (Jagjit Singh)
Very nice sharing Dawn

Dawn....सेहर said...

aah!!! you added to mine...:)Jagu dada makes me sad when I listen to that one...sach...I don't think there is any other treasure I have other than my days with my papa..!!!

Thanks so much mirzaghalib chacha;)

Abdus Samad said...

Jaggu my favourite....


KL said...

In that picture, which one of them is you ;);)??

Did you remember (in case you had those feelings) how you wanted to grow up when you were young? Now that you are grown up, you want to go back to that age. Similar things will perhaps happen as we grow old - when we will be 40, we want to be 30 and when 50, we want to be 40 and so on....thus don't lament, but live the day....

Oops! what a lecture! :):)

Dawn....सेहर said...

U r so true kl...but I realized this when it ws my 16th...I was so sad ..upon asking I said I can't go back to 10..:( my dad just smiled and brushed his hand over my head...! no am pretty sure no matter what I want to be that 5 yr old baahh!!! :(

From that one frankly I was like the one sitting next to juice drinker guy on left;)..I hv still teachers who r my fan ;) .that doesnt mean I was a book word no way...:).....n am pretty sure that juice drinking guy is my seat partner whos name is Harpal Singh and I hope he doesn't love to draw train :0...
I live like am 5 still ;) thats why keep getting lectures from my mom too :D

btw...which one is u???

KL said...

I am the one sitting on the left-side of juice-drinking - chubby, looking-dumb one :):):)....

Don't worry about behaving 5 :):) - mui does the same thing :):).....not intentionally, but i think my brain is stuck around that time, didn't mature.

Gumnaaaam said...

ooh great, am reading this post on an excellent timing b'coz right now am listening to the song 'Koi lauta day mujko,vo piyaray piyaray din'....:D,but i think only the first line matches to this situation :)

Well am too happy tht am still a child ;)and annual day function is near as well,so am booking ur ticket :D

Mirza-ghalib has added an amazing one, all i can do is post the entire one so,Enjoy ! :)

ye daulat bhii le lo, ye shoharat bhii le lo
bhale chhiin lo mujhase merii javaanii
magar mujhako lauTaa do bachapan kaa saavan
vo kaaGaz kii kashtii, vo baarish kaa paanii

muhalle kii sabase nishaanii puraanii
vo bu.Dhiyaa jise bachche kahate the naanii
vo naanii kii baato.n me.n pariyo.n kaa Deraa
vo chahare kii jhuri.ryo.n me.n sadiyo.n kaa pheraa
bhulaaye nahii.n bhuul sakataa hai koI
vo chhoTii sii raate.n vo lambii kahaanii

ka.Dii dhuup me.n apane ghar se nikalanaa
vo chi.Diyaa vo bul-bul vo titalii paka.Danaa
vo gu.Diyaa kii shaadii me.n la.Danaa jhaga.Danaa
vo jhuulo.n se giranaa vo gir ke sambhalanaa
vo piital ke chhallo.n ke pyaare se tohafe
vo TuuTii huii chuu.Diyo.n kii nishaanii

kabhii ret ke uu.Nche Tiilo.n pe jaanaa
gharo.nde banaanaa banaake miTaanaa
vo maasuum chaahat kii tasviir apanii
vo Khvaabo.n khilauno.n kii jaagiir apanii
na duniyaa kaa Gam thaa na rishto.n ke ba.ndhan
ba.Dii khuubasuurat thii vo zi.ndagaanii

Manish said...

Ohh this one was just wonderful!
U expressed it amazingly
lutph aaya padh ke
great post

was just thinking do i miss my childhood days that much!
nope not really
may be I have changed so much since then
was quite a bit of loner to start with but hostel life changed it all and i become my real self from that point on....

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