Sunday, April 24, 2005

Chilling in...;)

The weather is so gloomy this weekend and further next was cloudy most of the time and in some parts it was snowing..gosh! its mid April,...and still spring is hiding somewhere...!!! For me the day was just relaxing.....until I was caught in some still on it..figuring out...I haven't given up on it...damn I am so focussed & determined on one of my buddy say am so stubborn when it comes to my goals ;) Posted by Hello


KL said...

Good for you. Without stubborness and dedication, nothing can be achieved. And, I would like to see women like you succeding in this world.

By the way, I'm definitely going to steal your this photo. You can't blame, can you? If you leave jewelleries/cash in front of a thief, what do you s/he would behave :P:P?

Dawn....सेहर said...

hahaha u make me laugh dear!
Thanks! all yours...what can I say ;)

Manish said...

cute pic again!
abhi 15min pehle tak 21 ki date ki baad ki post nahin dikh rahi thi kisi ke blog mein!
thats why asked abt data loss

Mirzaghalib said...

If April Showers bring May Flowers..then what do April snow bring...hope it gonna bring long summer...Thats what I did mostly this weekend...Chilled :P

Unaiza Nasim said... its damn hot here..! send soem of teh snowy winds..

Dawn....सेहर said...

Thanks guys!!!

unaiza nasim: I don't think you want these to be passed over to you...believe me ...we have been in our turtle necks for more than 6 months...:) & its really chilly!!!

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