Monday, April 18, 2005

Lost & found...Me..Myself!!

Today...nothing major is as cool as it the usual first page of any book :) know what I mean..!
Something was bothering sitting in mind...don't know was often thinking about poor kids those who are in orphanage...don't know was feeling so sad...and often such times my music comes handy...and I was listening to my fav. Jagjit Singh' just rejuvinates the whole system a purifier :)

I remember last year when I went to India and I came to know about his concert in can a die-hard fan miss such an opportunity...his show was so full...that I was told by some friends that I can hear him listening at the back stage..I was ready for anything just to listen to him singing :) & guess what...I had the opportunity to talk to him when he took out two tickets (for me & my friend-who was calling me crazy) lol & said "chalo bhagna nahi ab pic khenchwali ab acche se wahan saamne seat per baithkar meri ghazalein suno" {now don't run away from here since the picture session is over ..go to the front row and have a seat and listen to my ghazals} ohh gosh...can anyone guess what was that!?! like blessing in disguise:)

Its so true...great people...artists...are so humble and modest!!!! An amazing personality...!!!

I was happy by the time the day ended..:) that is all is about life..I thank god for letting me sleep peacefully & happily..:)

God forbid love ever leave you empty-handed....
But if it does, may it leave you patient & stronger,
willing & wiser, tender & tougher!!!

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KL said...

Cuuuttee..picture. Nice to hear such anecdote with Jagjit Singh. I also like his ghazals very much.

Bombayite said...

tnx for posting on my blogz and glad dat u liked it :))
so wot kinda investment banking do you do..equity or advising other cos??

Dawn....सेहर said...

Kl: Thanks so much! for your nice words.

Thanks for everything :)

Its Mutual Fund industry...and me no advisor but project managing person ;)


flick said...

wow! you had live jagjit!. .lucky you, i just wish i could get such an oppertunity some day. :)

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