Saturday, April 23, 2005

Run when you need to ;)

Ever in a situation you felt where you had to literally run haha!?!
I remember...when I had gone to play hockey & our team had won the match ...I was selected as the captain for Nationals after that match..(its a different story that ...I was forced to get back to studies :( , we all were so happy & excited ! We got into the public transport to reach back to our destination and in the bus we saw a heavy huge guy sitting infront with his back towards us...taking the whole four seater space ...and in all that fun we lost our control and we said 'who is this elephant baby'....and the guy coolly turned back ..........oh gosh!!!!!!!!!!
My situation was just like the one above :)
..... but I apologized ;)
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KL said...

Lovely picture.

Oh! come now - how many of you were there? 4, 5, 6? Together I think you all could have him handled him - one climbing on his back, on his front, one on top of his head and then tickling and punching him. It was quite possible :).

Dawn....सेहर said...

Dear...we were scarred what if he complains to our teacher ;)
that was dangerous ...:) you know how teachers are they will scold on top of that they will report to parents too :(

poori band baj jaati!

Thanks , I know I have one fan for my pic collections ;)

Manish said...

us mote ke hath bhala aap kab aane walin thin!
ha ha ha !
nice to read though :)

KL said...

Oh yeah! that's true. I completely forgot about our wonderful teachers in schools and all those parents-teachers meeting :).

Dawn....सेहर said...

Manish: mote ke haath to nahi aate...yoonhee thore na daudne mein P.T.Usha ka title mila tha school mein..lekin daant se humein hamesha se parhez raha ;)

kl: yes dear!!! how come you forgot...I get goose bumps even now when I think of those days ;)
acche bane raho to jyada prob ho jaati hey...:)

Thanks for all your kind words!

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