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Feel it and share it with all..!

~ My thoughts on poetry ~
What is poetry? Bunch of words, Here and there Adding one after the other Making some rhymes But then is that it? No, it should have emotions To get some motion the feelings And to generate that feeling We need connections and Make relations so that We bring meaning To the feeling and Emotion in the wordings Yes, that’s the core About poetry! We all should feel it When we read it Embrace it and then Dream it and write it Because there’s poetry In everyone, that needs to come Out of your heart through your pen Or the keyboard and play it Feel it and share it with all!
Happy International Poetry Day 

As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning... :)

It was very nice to follow my daughter’s car this evening. As we were coming from her Lacrosse game, she picked her car and my car was following hers.
It feels good to see your kid growing in front of your eyes, from a tiny baby to a naughty one, to a funny, to crazy, to sensible, to a teenager, to-be an adult... it’s an awesome journey!
I just love the feeling as it felt she was guiding me and I was following her path to home. I want to tell every mother, no matter whether you have delivered or not but it’s all in raising a kid than delivering a kid.

Even though I have a kid who will be soon 18 an adult by law, I don’t myself feel that I am getting old or my kiddo is getting old. I always looked at her as my extension hence the mother-child never came in picture. In fact, my friendship with my gal has grown up so much that I have started feeling like to fulfill my dreams to travel around with my daughter. What would be so best to have your kiddo as your best friend and you are fulfillin…

Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day...! As we all agree there should not be a day or time to appreciate someone because if someone has done something for you good then you must respect and appreciate them always. These days when I see there is so much of hype about gender discrimination, all I want to say is please don’t divide and don’t increase the gap.
I grew up in a family of four. Mom, dad, brother and myself. I always felt we complete the family because for me my dad is there and for my brother my mom. You can call it opposite take care of each other or whatever but that was a team. My brother being the elder was always calm and obedient and I being the black sheep of the family, who always was curious about things and liked to find reasons for everything. I never settled for an answer which says ‘it used to be like that and so you also do the same’! No, I always challenged those situations and I never felt that I am doing certain things because I am a girl.
I remember me and my brot…