Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Feel it and share it with all..!

~ My thoughts on poetry ~

What is poetry?
Bunch of words,
Here and there
Adding one after the other
Making some rhymes
But then is that it?
No, it should have emotions
To get some motion the feelings
And to generate that feeling
We need connections and
Make relations so that
We bring meaning
To the feeling and
Emotion in the wordings
Yes, that’s the core
About poetry!
We all should feel it
When we read it
Embrace it and then
Dream it and write it
Because there’s poetry
In everyone, that needs to come
Out of your heart through your pen
Or the keyboard and play it
Feel it and share it with all!

Happy International Poetry Day 

~ Dawn

Friday, March 17, 2017

As long as I am breathing, in my eyes, I am just beginning... :)

It was very nice to follow my daughter’s car this evening. As we were coming from her Lacrosse game, she picked her car and my car was following hers.

It feels good to see your kid growing in front of your eyes, from a tiny baby to a naughty one, to a funny, to crazy, to sensible, to a teenager, to-be an adult... it’s an awesome journey!

I just love the feeling as it felt she was guiding me and I was following her path to home. I want to tell every mother, no matter whether you have delivered or not but it’s all in raising a kid than delivering a kid.

Even though I have a kid who will be soon 18 an adult by law, I don’t myself feel that I am getting old or my kiddo is getting old. I always looked at her as my extension hence the mother-child never came in picture. In fact, my friendship with my gal has grown up so much that I have started feeling like to fulfill my dreams to travel around with my daughter. What would be so best to have your kiddo as your best friend and you are fulfilling the dream that you always had which is to travel around the world.

I am really excited to see my kid getting to be an adult and somewhere I am looking for my company to do things that many times you put away for one or the other reason. 

I like this growing up again, people can think whatever because we girls are going to rock ;-)
As a mother or parent we all strive for safety and well being of our kid and I believe as nature's way is to quit when the right time comes. I also felt that, when she drove ahead towards the home, I slowed down because I know she is heading the right way and will reach safely to her destination... it's time to let go and fly high!!!

"Sometimes you just have to jump in a mud puddle because it's there. Never get so old that you forget about having fun." - Tom Giaquinto, Be A Good Human

~ Dawn

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Happy International Women's Day

Today is International Women’s Day...!
As we all agree there should not be a day or time to appreciate someone because if someone has done something for you good then you must respect and appreciate them always.
These days when I see there is so much of hype about gender discrimination, all I want to say is please don’t divide and don’t increase the gap.

I grew up in a family of four. Mom, dad, brother and myself. I always felt we complete the family because for me my dad is there and for my brother my mom. You can call it opposite take care of each other or whatever but that was a team. My brother being the elder was always calm and obedient and I being the black sheep of the family, who always was curious about things and liked to find reasons for everything. I never settled for an answer which says ‘it used to be like that and so you also do the same’! No, I always challenged those situations and I never felt that I am doing certain things because I am a girl.

I remember me and my brother’s birthday times we both used to have clothes stitched and at times we both used to wear it to go and watch children’s show (kid’s movie) and it used to be trousers and shirts. There was nothing specified that I should wear a frock or skirt. Probably those are the things that dared me to do things which was not common with girls in India. I used to climb the guvava tree that was in front of my house and play with boys. I did all that a boy would try to do or learn such as bicycle riding or bike riding, to the extent that I became a field hockey player which mostly parents wouldn’t send their girls because they feel what if the girl break their leg who will marry them!

I give so much credit to my mom, the woman in my life who brought me up with certain values that I cherish even today. Its true that my mom was very strict when I was a kid, she was like a strict principal of a school. She would be so strict in making me eat all the vegetables whether it’s cauliflower or bitter gourd I should finish and the reasoning she would give that time is to have beautiful skin or long thick hair. I feel as a mother how much a mother should do to teach her kids because if you make the learning fun then kids adapt fast but then there are some lessons for which one should be strict.
My life as a high-school kid was amazing, I enjoyed my freedom and being me. When I started my college, I decided what to choose as a subject instead of my parents pushing me into something. My mom only had one thing to share with me and that was to be financially independent.

I remember my mom had a condition where she said she will marry my dad only after getting into a job. This was in 1965, and I am sure then there was bigger discrimination between men and women. But I guess those days everyone just gave in to whatever role society decided for them. Sometimes, even if there are certain society and cultural impacts one should speak up for their rights and wishes to be fulfilled.

I remember as a kid I was very sure of what I want and when I want. I was very open in asking what I want and my dad being the best man in the world always fulfilled those for me irrespective of what time it is. I think that skill and nature I get from my mother who was determined of what she want and she made sure she gets it.

I truly believe the woman who always taught me to be financially independent, the same message is applicable for today's women as well.
I have only one wish, that if we raise our kids as kids and not as boys and girls then lot of selective teaching will stop and kids will pick what they want to learn and do in the world.

Let’s treat everyone as equal. If you treat a woman great then you must treat the man too as great – because there is no difference as human other than biological differences.

I want to wish every woman a Happy International Women’s Day and say let’s not discriminate anyone!

~ Dawn

The storm is coming!

The storm is coming it's gonna take us all, That's what it says.. At least the image shows, The one who was painting this...