Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Happy 10th Birthday Dear Rahi

As kids grow each year, a mother adds another year of growing with them. My son Rahi turned 10 today and as much I am excited for him to be growing from a big boy to a man, it also gives me immense happiness that his mind is adapting to things around him in a way that his perspective is forming about things that surrounds him. It may be about relationship, it may be about friends, gender you name it and he has a very broadminded look out towards each.

Rahi all I want to say to you is ‘I love this boy’ who is so kind and friendly to people that anyone can be your friend and can come and confide their story with you and they will be sure that you won’t judge them.

As a mother, I always want you to think from your perspective and from others perspective as well so that you can understand what they feel and based on that you can relate and reciprocate to their situation.
Your open thoughts when you share with me, it makes me happy about your pure heart and at the same time I worry for you to be in this world which is not all that good. So, be careful and be conscious of those things and don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

As your name means ‘traveler’, be that traveler who enjoys the journey and while enjoying he learns and gives back memories to cherish.
There will be all kinds of people in the world, but look what you would like to see and be treated as and do so to others as well.

Some may say 10 is not a big number yes, but when I see you in my arms when you were 6 months and now when 10, it's not too far when you will carry me the way I carry you now. It’s a mixed feeling for a mother because it brings back all the sweet memories right from conceiving you to deliver you to all those toddler days and one thing was always common about you - you were always smiling.

Keep that smile always because even if you’re not having a good day, but your smile can make someone else’s day. Be that curious man, helping and considerate one with your passion to sing and meet your favorite singers. Dreams do come true sooner or later you will realize that.
For now, I will say enjoy every part of your journey my dear Rahi (traveler).

A Very Happy 10th Birthday Rahi

A mother's heart is always melting for her children and it's never ending - Dawn

~ Dawn


Jeevan said...

True about his smile and it has a comforting feel and will bring happiness to others. His infant smile is still recallable and in my perspective he seemed to grow fast… and no doubt on his attitude while being a little dawn :)

Keep encouraging him in all ways and I wish him happy birthday

Usha Dawn said...

Thank you Jeevan for your blessings


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